"Hey Guys!" Shouts Rachel ambitiously. "Welcome to my party, here are your wine coolers" She hands them over. "I'm not drinking, designated driver" Explains Sam. "I'll have them!" Santana grabs them and then gives Sam a little cheeky snog. Sam's eyes are drawn over to Quinn sitting on her own in the corner. He was still in love with her, even if she did cheat on him with Finn.

"LET'S PLAY SPIN THE BOTTLE!" Shouts Rachel. As everyone is sat on the floor playing spin the bottle, extremely drunk, Quinn and Sam are left on their own as designated drivers. Sam wants to pluck up the courage to speak to Quinn, but he's still hurt.

He decides to go and sit next to her. "What do you want?" Says Quinn, confused to why he is even near her after what she did. "I know we have issues, but can we at least talk?" asks Sam. "Sure." Quinn still loves him. "Why did you kiss Finn?" Sam wants to investigate. "I thought there was a spark. Turns out there isn't. He obviously loves Rachel, he just doesn't realise." Explains Quinn.

Sam stares into her eyes, remembering how beautiful they are. He pulls her closer. Their lips touch. Everyone around is too busy to notice. Sam completely forgets about Santana. "Break up with her, let's forget about Finn, I want to be with you." whispered Quinn. Sam thought about it, he didn't know what to do.

Minutes later everyone finishes spin the bottle and they all return to their partners/friends. Santana comes over, "What are you doing with her? She cheated on you, remember?". "Look Santana, I don't think we can be together anymore." Sam said. "Ugh fine, me and Brittany are going to get our sweet lady kisses on anyway." Santana walked off, Quinn and Sam were left alone.

At that point, they both realised they loved each other more than anything.

"I never meant to.." Sam covered her lips gently with his finger. "Ssssh, lets go." They walk out the door together, as a couple again.

"I love you Sam."

"I love you too, forever."