The Prince, the Pauper and the Musicians

By: NoctisStella20

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. They belonged to each of their creators and companies.


A/N: Okay, so as you know it, this is just a regular fan fiction for fun. No big deal out of anything, just fun. However, there would be some "musical" interludes in the story to make it more interesting. So, if can, drop in your critiques and things like that and I'll be happily reply or read it by any chance! Your comments are much appreciated.

This fan fiction is a rewrote from my last crossover story, Pauper, Prince and Musicians, where I found the storyline to be a bit, "bleh"… and I can't really write a good musical interludes. In addition, the title really had not changed much but the storyline had changed drastically! Yet, I'm keeping it up the same as the one I had from the last crossover story. I apologize if there is also any grammar mistakes in the story because English is not my first language. Other than that, enjoy!


Prologue: The Fallen Kingdom


A long time ago, in a faraway land, there was a kingdom named Radiant Garden.

Okay, you know what? Screw this. That opening is kinda old, don't'cha think? The land, ruled by the king, where everything starts out peacefully then fall into a deep, deep, trouble once a tyrannical second-in-command took the ruler's position away from him… la-de-la, same old stuff. A bit clichéd, don't you think?

wait… that did actually happen in this kingdom.

Introductions aside, you would probably want to know who's narrating this prologue. Name's Axel, got it memorized? Good! Because the story that I'm going to told you guys will contain adventure! Romance! Comedy! And ooh, PLOT TWIST, I like the sound of that. Never seen any good stories with plot twist, but the writer's gonna give it a try. This is a bit off-topic, but I'm also the leader of the musicians in this story, so be on the lookout, boys and girls!

Okay, now where was I? Oh yeah, Radiant Garden. This really huge kingdom is ruled by Ansem the Wise, the big kahuna of this land. He's everything that you want for a king: benevolent, wise and eagerness to improve the kingdom. He's also blessed with a little tyke named Sora. Why in the name of Kingdom Hearts did he name the prince, SORA? It sounds like a girl!

Radiant Garden's troubles started when an old coot named Master Xehanort is in the house, bringing his disciple, Vanitas, along with him. According to the rumors, they were invited to become the part of the royal government after Master Xehanort single-handedly defeated the monsters, the Unversed, that had been plaguing the town. Folks, if I tell ya, I'd say it's a sham, but there was no evidence of that.

Everything was fine until one night, when the palace is in a huge uproar when the king suddenly collapsed. The castle doctor, Crocus what's-his-name, told them that the king is gravely ill and it was a terminal disease that he had never seen before. Never the less, this left an opening for Master Xehanort to impose heavy taxes and horrible laws in the most corruptive way according to him. Vanitas was no better. Either he's spreading chaos and violence everywhere or he's giving anyone a 'penalty' for not paying their taxes. Of course, it is all done without any suspicion from the king, leaving these poor guys to mourn and furious at those bastards.

From that day on, Radiant Garden is in under a constant turmoil. The folks could only hope that once Prince Sora is crowned as a king, he would set this kingdom straight. But Master Xehanort does everything in his power to make sure that the prince and those 'all-high-and-mighty' people the castle remained clueless about the situation. Looks like there's no hope here, people… or is it?

See guys, there's something that Master Xehanort and Vanitas are not aware of. One morning, Prince Sora had a fateful encounter with a peasant while he was out on the streets. The only thing is, the peasant…

is nearly identical to him.

Shocking, huh? Let's call him, Ventus. Afterwards, the two became inseparable. They had this idea that the two would switch their identities for a week and went back to their normal lives a week after, just because they're curious. Those guys continued their routine for years without having their cover blown from each of their sides, strengthening their friendship as each year passed.

So there you have it! You think that this prologue is over? Well, the real story starts right here, ladies and gentleman. And trust m - everything is going to be as exciting as seeing Stitch swallowing three pipes with each of a Goomba in it. As of now, I welcome you into this story, once and for all!