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My beautiful husband and I were lying on a beach in the middle of the tropics. There was waves crashing on the shore and the sun was shining bright. I was laying face up in my bikini soaking up some rays with my sunglasses on. Edward was next to me holding my hand. He must have thought that I was asleep because he rolled on his side so that he was now facing me and he ran a hand along my arms and down to my hip where he held it there. His face was nearly on my neck because I could feel that slight ticklishness from his presence so close to my body.

"Baby wake up." He purred in my ear nearly melting me to the bone. I smiled slightly loving the effect his voice had on me. All of a sudden his hand on my hip shook me a bit more roughly and my eyes snapped open. I wasn't on a beach. There were no crashing waves. My sun was nothing more than our table lamp next to the bed and Edward was standing next to the bed, looking down at me not lying beside me. "Sorry sweetie but he's hungry."

That's when I noticed the screaming baby lying in the bassinet next to our bed. I took a deep breath and shifted so that I was now sitting up in bed. Edward walked back toward the bassinet and picked him up. Aiden was still only 2 weeks old. Thanksgiving had just passed last week and Edward and I were trying to set into a schedule with Aiden.

I glanced over at the clock it read 1:45 am. "It hasn't even been a full hour yet." I was trying to rub the sleep from my eyes.

Edward began walking back towards me. "I know, I said I was sorry." He smiled sheepishly and I had to chuckle lightly. "I've tried everything else. I checked his diaper. I turned on the mobile. I rocked him in his chair, and even tried singing a lullaby. I honestly think he's hungry." Edward placed the baby in my arms.

Aiden was still screaming bloody murder. I was amazed we didn't have two, two year olds inside the room yet. I laid him in my arms in the position for feeding. Edward picked up the boppy pillow from beside our bed and put it in my lap. I gently laid him down on the pillow in my lap so I could remove my arm from my nightshirt. Aiden was red in the face completely from screaming so much.

Quickly I began to nurse him and an eerie hush came about the room as he was finally content. I looked down into the face of my baby boy and smiled. He really was quite cute. His soft little bronze locks of baby hair were sticking out in all directions just like his father. Right now his eyes were shut but his actual color had begun to fade in. I believe they were going to be brown from the looks of it. His tiny little hand had locked around my finger like it always did when we were nursing.

I looked over at Edward who had laid down on the end of the bed and covered his eyes with his arm. "You alright down there daddy?" I asked him with humor.

He slowly moved his arm and looked back up at me. "I'm exhausted."

I rolled my eyes but smiled at him. "Tell me about." I patted the bed next to me and he crawled up from his spot and laid his head back against the pillows. "When did he wake up?"

"1:30." Edward didn't open his eyes, nor move even an inch. "He's quite fussy love."

I laughed out loud. "Sleep, Edward. I'll put him back to bed." He still didn't move. I noticed that Aiden was no longer sucking and was fast asleep. I quickly put back on my shirt without moving too much and risk waking him up. Then trying not to wake Edward as well, I slid out of bed and walked to the bassinet in the corner of our room. I laid Aiden down in it and grabbed his little blanket, covering up his small form. I made sure that he was out before making my way back in to bed.

Ever so slowly I drew the comforter down and stuck one leg in at a time trying to make as little movement as possible. "Bella you don't have to tip toe I'm not asleep." I smiled meekly at being caught but jumped into the bed quickly.

"Sorry if I woke you."

"You didn't I just wanted to make sure that you weren't the only one up with him if he became a screaming child again."

"Edward honestly you should sleep. You have to go to work in the morning. It isn't right that you are up all hours of the night."

He shifted and moved closer to me. "Bella stop worrying about it. We have a newborn baby in the house. Neither of us is actually supposed to get a good night's rest. I'll be fine in the morning. Besides, you have to watch three young children all day and I know that isn't an easy job."

"Well they can keep you active. But I get a nap when they do most days." Edward was lying directly next to me just like in my dream. However instead of lying on the pillow, he moved his head over and placed it directly on my stomach. He re-closed his eyes.

"Now I'm comfortable." He murmured and I had to laugh. I began to run my fingers through his hair and I felt him let out a sigh that seemed almost therapeutic. He relaxed way more afterwards. "I love you my wedding bells."

I smiled before reaching to turn off the lamp and shutting my own eyes. "I love you too."

I slowly opened my eyes hearing Aiden begin to whimper. Edward hadn't moved at all. I checked over on the table at the alarm to see how long I was out this time. 4:55. Well at least it was a few hours this time. I tried to move away from Edward's sleeping form but when I moved even slightly his grip around me tightened and I was immobile.

"Edward you have to let me move." I was trying to push him away as Aiden got louder and more into actual crying than just making noises.

"uuuunnnnnnnggggggg" Edward groaned not moving at all.

"You have to move." I pushed him trying to roll him onto his side and I at least succeeded in freeing myself. I quickly jumped to my feet and padded over to the bassinet. I pulled the little one up and he stopped crying. I sighed relieved that he seemed to be at least a bit happier now than he was earlier this morning.

I sat in the rocking chair in the corner feeding him hoping that if I did it quickly he would fall back asleep. Of course though that was not my luck. He finished eating and then sat there staring at me.

I smiled down into his tiny face and stroked his hair. "Hey Aiden. Are you awake now buddy?" He yawned and stretched his tiny little arms outward from his blanket. I grabbed hold of his tiny little hand and kissed his fingertips. His wide eyes were staring directly into mine and I felt like he was reaching into my soul, quite the feat for a 2 week old baby.

I got up and walked around for a little bit rocking him and he eventually closed his eyes. I moved around for a little bit longer to make sure he stayed asleep and then I placed him back in the bassinet. He didn't stir even a little and I sighed in relief. The alarm now read 5:15. I moved my way back towards the bed. Elli and Mason shouldn't wake up yet so I was going to head back into a slumber before I for sure had to wake up.


Literally does he have to take up the entire kind size bed? He had not moved and was sprawled across the whole thing lankily. I sighed and sat down on the edge next to him.

"Edward move. You are taking up the whole bed." He obviously didn't even hear me. I picked one of his feet and through it towards his side of the bed trying to make at least a little room for myself. As soon as it landed however, he moved it back to how it was.

I took a new approach. I tried to push him or roll him over to his side of the bed. Do you have any idea how flippin heavy he is? Okay so maybe I liked his toned muscles and hot physique but I didn't realize that that would make it impossible for me to move him. Running out of options, I decided to get evil. I really didn't have another choice.

I moved so that I was as close as I could get to him. As you would when in the middle of a "tussle" I rolled on top of him so that I was face to face with him. Amazingly enough he wasn't even aware of my presence yet. We were lying horizontally on the bed now, perpendicular to the headboard, not parallel. I moved so that I was straddling him and moving my hair out of my face I leaned down and peppered kisses along his neck. I put his hands in mine and brought his arms above his head. He no longer had any control, not that we could do anything. When I brought my mouth to his I felt his mouth lift into a smile. I broke the kiss and moved my moth to his ear to whisper into it.

"Baby." I nearly purred.

His eyes snapped open and he looked up at me. I smiled innocently. "Do you think you could move over so that I fit in this huge bed as well?"

He groaned and began to move away from me as I giggled and allowed him to. I crawled back into my spot on the bed and he layed his head down on the pillow. "You're going to kill me Bella. It's only been 2 weeks."

"I know and I'm sorry but you left me no choice." We were laying facing each other again.

He scoffed. "No choice? You know very well babe that there are plenty of other ways to wake up your husband."

"Honestly I tried. I tried to move you, you either moved back or I wasn't able to move you. What was I supposed to do pour water on you?"

"No I definitely liked your awakening better than being drenched."

We fell into a brief silence. They were never awkward between us but I couldn't help wondering if he was slightly irritated with me.

"I'm sorry Edward." I stated it plain and simple. I didn't know if he wanted it but I would give it to him anyways.

He didn't answer me other than to grab my waist and pull my body as close to his as it would go. I nestled my face into his chest inhaling his scent that automatically put me at ease.

"I'm not mad at you Bells." I looked up at him, and we stared into each others eyes.

"You're sure?"

"Absolutely. There is nothing in this world I would rather wake up to than your beautiful body on top of mine and those perfect little lips on mine." He touched his finger to my lips and I smiled.

"Edward?" I whispered.

"Hmm?" It was a barely audible response but I heard him.

"Kiss me." And boy did he. It was passionate yet delicate.

"WAAAAAAAAAAA!" Aiden's screams filled the room in an instant. This time they were really loud and we broke apart immediately.

"He ate less than 15 minutes ago. What in the world is going on with him." I stated pushing myself back off the bed. Edward crawled off the other side as well and walked to the side of the bassinet where I pulled Aiden out of it for the third time in the last few hours.

I cradled his body in my arms and bounced him gently. He continued to scream. "Hey baby boy it's okay. Mommy's got you now." I paced back and forth in the room trying to subside his crying.


We both turned around quickly at the sound of Elli's voice. "Hey baby girl. What are you doing up already?" Edward walked over to her and knelt down in front of her so that he was at her level.

"Aiden waked me up. Whas wong wit him mommy?"

"Nothing is wrong with him Elli. He's just a little tired this morning. Why don't you and Daddy go back in your room and try to sleep some more sweetheart."

Edward scooped her up into his arms and got to his feet. Before he could make a move Mason was in the doorway to our bedroom as well.

"Geez he wikes to scweam doesn't he?" Mason obviously wasn't as happy about being woken up by Aiden as Elli was. He had on his crabby face. I could tell already that the rest of the day was not going to go well. "Make him stop." Mason complained covering his ears.

"Come here bud. Lets go back to bed and mom will try to make Aiden quit crying." Edward said grabbing his hand and turning his around to go back out the door.

"I'm not tired now dough. I want bweakfast." Mason snapped and it was really snotty. Oh goody the attitude I had to look forward to today. Aiden's crying was getting slightly less loud but he was still crying.

"He's onwy a baby Mason." Elli scolded and I had to partially laugh. "Daddy I get down?" She looked at Edward and he gracefully put her back on her feet. She quickly ran over to me and pulled on my pajama pants.

"Yeah honey?" I looked down at Elli.

"I see baby Aiden?" She asked completely innocently.

I nodded my head and moved to sit on the bed. I patted next to me and Elli quickly climbed up next to me and sat on her knees looking over my arms at Aiden.

Aiden looked at Elli and immediately stopped crying.

"Hi baby." She whispered quietly. "No more cwying. Mommy and Daddy don't wike cwying." I nearly cried watching the exchange. Aiden grabbed her little finger in his hand like he always did mine and Elli smiled widely. She leaned over and kissed his head really gently. She turned back around still holding his hand and faced Mason. "See Mason he just a baby."

Mason was now in Edward's arms and he frowned at her.

Edward chuckled and looked at Mason. "Alright Mase, how about we go make everybody breakfast? You can make mommy's and give it to her." His face lit up at least slightly. Edward left the room and down the hall. I looked at Elli and she smiled at me.

"Okay baby girl lets head downstairs and go sit in the kitchen. We can let Daddy and Mason make breakfast today okay?"

"Okay mommy." She climbed to the edge of the bed and turned around onto her stomach before sliding down the side of the bed to her feet on the floor.

I watched her run down the hallway quickly dragging her baby blanket behind her. I got on my feet and shook my head. I looked into the bundle in my arms and noticed that sure enough little Aiden had decided now would be the perfect time to fall asleep.

Oh what a joyful day I had to look forward to. I rolled my eyes at myself and followed my daughter down the stairs.