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Chapter 3

A dog-eared slip of paper was slapped onto the table, right beside Remy's bowl of cereal.

"Morning to you too, Dad," Remy greeted as he picked it up. "'Milk, cereal, orange juice, double-A batteries, 40-watt florescent light bulb, cleaning supplies, 6-pack of beer, pack of cigarettes,'" he read aloud and gave the other man an uncertain look. "Uh…Dad?"

Django dragged his feet over to the kitchen counter, to where an empty, dusty coffee pot that hadn't been used in ages sat. He reached for the cabinet above it and pulled out the foil pack of instant coffee powder that sat inside. "Hot water?" he asked, his voice still raspy from having just woken up.

"Kettle's on the stove," he said before taking another bite of his breakfast, deciding it would be best to wait until his father had gotten his first serving of coffee to ask about the list.

As Django plopped himself down on the seat across Remy, his overflowing '#1 Dad' mug of coffee spilling some of its contents onto the table, he asked, "Where's the paper?" as he looked around with half-lidded eyes, as if he was disoriented.

"Paper boy hasn't come yet." By that time, Remy had already finished his breakfast. He wiped his mouth with a paper napkin that he had pinned underneath his plate. He held up the slip of paper his dad had given him. "Dad, this is the shopping list I gave you two days ago."

Django made a sound in his throat that sounded a little like a deep hrrr, just like the one made by a motorcycle accelerating in place. "Should stop paying that kid. Never delivers the paper on time." These, among other things, were what he muttered before taking a sip of his coffee.

"Dad." Remy leaned forward and snapped his fingers in front of the man's face, jolting the other man out of his stupor for the most part. He held up the paper. "What is this?"

"Oh, right." Django groaned and rotated his neck. It made popping sounds at certain places.

Remy made a face of slight disgust, which went unnoticed.

"I need you and Emile to run down to town today and run a few errands."

"…You want us to buy the things I asked you to get two days ago, with the addition of cigarettes and beer?"

He shrugged. "Pretty much."

Remy leaned back again and sighed, looking over the list once more. "Why can't you be the one to do this again?"

"Bernard's been arrested again. " He nonchalantly took a sip then continued when he saw the concerned look on his son's face. "Petty theft. The usual. Called me to bail him out around an hour ago."

Remy visibly relaxed. "I thought he finally worked up the courage to kill that neighbor of his he always complains about. What'd you say to him?"

"Told him to take care of his own problems." He huffed. "Wish I could follow through, though, but I can't. Being his big brother, I've gotta look out for him. No matter how much he deserves being in jail for a while." He shook his head, mumbling, "Kid never learns…"

A little background: Bernard is my Dad's youngest sibling, so he's my uncle. It's very weird when you take into consideration that I'm seven years older than him.

Since he basically didn't really have any real parental guidance to speak of (You can't really blame Grandma and Grandpa. After their fifth kid or so, they kinda stopped caring), he grew up a troublemaker.

"Troublemakers end up in jail," was what Dad always used to say to scare me and my brother from getting in with the wrong crowd, and yes, this much is true. Bernard has been to the police station no less than nine times. And that's only considering the times he's actually been caught doing something illegal.

"By the way," Django interrupted Remy's train of thought. "Where's Emile? You have to open up shop at 9." He glanced at the clock. "It's 8:30 already."

Remy pocketed the sheet of paper and took his plate and empty glass to the sink for washing. "He'll be down any minute now."

"How do you know?"

Remy, with his back turned to his father, allowed himself an amused, little smile.

It takes a very long time for Dad to notice patterns. It's been a year since he let me and Emile have free run of the shop so he could open new ones in nearby towns to employ our relatives at. It's been a year since we've been put in charge of opening the shop up at 9 and closing it at 6.

But it's been seven years since Emile has started sleeping in until 8:30, only to barrel into the kitchen, eat a serving of cereal in under two minutes, and rush back upstairs to bathe and prepare. All done before 8:45 rolls around, giving us ample time to motor on over to the shop and get ready for a day of business.

I wonder when Dad will notice.

As if on cue, heavy footsteps hastily plodded down the hallway and into the kitchen.

The owner of said footsteps rushed over to the fridge and grabbed the carton of milk before going over to the table, where a place had been prepared for him. A bowl, a spoon, a glass of orange juice, and a box of corn flakes greeted him, all set out by his little brother. He voiced his gratitude for that.

After a few moments, in the intervals between shoveling spoonfuls of food into his mouth, Emile turned to Django and jovially said, "Good morning, Dad!" His smile fell a little, though, when he saw the look on the older man's face—it looked like he was very perplexed indeed. He swallowed. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Remy wiped away the last drops of water from his plate and placed it inside the plastic cabinet beside the sink. He hung the dish towel on the handle of the oven, and as he exited the room, he gave his dad a smirk that clearly said I told you so.



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