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Notes - this is the first fanfic I've done in a while, and it's not even a full fanfic, more a series of shorts and drabbles that could become stories - I will be taking requests for additions to the collection or expansions which will become stories in their own right.

The rating may change depending on what drabbles get put in here, and I will note any pairings before hand etc.

Also italics are a certain samurai's engrish.

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1) Trampled

The flash of a blade, a splash of red and another body fell to the ground with a dull clatter, the victor moved on without looking back, onto his next opponent, but something was missing, there was no adrenaline rush, no passion, nothing. Masamune was bored, and in the middle of a battle too. Kojuurou, needless to say, was very confused; this was not like Masamune at all. Then again it was a very simple battle.

Something in the corner of his eye caught his attention; he focused on it just to be sure, and smiled. The easiest way to keep Date Masamune from getting bored...

"Masamune-Sama." he motioned in that direction so his master would see.

The glint in his eye and cocky smirk were back and Masamune charged "Lets Party!"

Kojuurou sighed, and raised an eyebrow, Yukimura Sanada had noticed the pending attack, and true to form had counter charged, so how had Sarutobi Saskue managed to end up getting caught in the middle of the two? He really should have known better.