Chapter 1: The Dream Come to Life

'Where am I?' thought a girl, standing alone in darkness.

"Buttercup…or should I say Matsubara Kaoru…you're weak and can't protect anyone or anything." said a voice.

"Who the hell are you? I don't need you to be tellin' me things like this!" growled Matsubara Kaoru.

"Trying to deny the truth eh? Bad mistake."

Flames appeared out of nowhere and surrounded Kaoru.


"Do what you can, but there is nothing that you can do."

"Shut up already! I'm not afraid of some voice that's too chicken to Show me its true form!" Kaoru shouted.

The flames suddenly died down and a small 5 year old girl appeared.

"You shouldn't have said that." the girl grabbed Kaoru's arm, "Your mother shall be the first one."

"No!" Kaoru sat straight up from her bed and noticed she was in her room.

'Just a dream…it was just a dream…' Kaoru checked her arm and saw a hand print of where the girl grabbed her arm, 'Wait…if it was a dream…why's there a mark?'

"Yo Kaoru! Time to get up lazy!" shouted her older brother, Dai.

"Shut up!" Kaoru changed her clothes and wore a jacket, 'Don't wanna worry them…if they see it they'll ask…'

"How's my darling and children today?" smiled Matsubara Mitsu.

"We're fine honey, right kids?"

The kids just groaned. They all eat in peace until Mitsu stared coughing.

"Mama! Are you alright?"

Mitsu didn't answer and continued to cough. Soon she coughed blood.

"Dai call the hospital!" ordered Tokio.

Dai immediately ran to the phone and made the call. About 15 minutes later, the ambulance came and took their mother to the hospital.

"M-Mom's gonna be alright right?" asked Shou.

Kaoru, Dai, and Tokio didn't answer, they just watched Mitsu get put into the ambulance and driven away.

'What have I done? Why didn't I notice it sooner?' Kaoru clenched her fists, 'Why didn't I try to do something about this?'

"You kids can stay home from school. After seeing your mother like that, there's no way that you can go to school today."

"I'm going." Kaoru looked at her dad, "Besides my friends might worry about me and I kinda don't want that."

"Me too."

"Ok, but if something happens, just come straight home."

"We're not kids anymore." Kaoru ran back inside the apartment to get her bag and run back to get to school.

'Mom will be alright…Mom will be alright…there's nothing to worry about…that dream was not real and it was a coincidence.' Kaoru convinced herself as she walked to school.

"Kaoru!" shouted Akatsutsumi Momoko, waving her arms.

Kaoru was too busy thinking and convincing herself to notice that Momoko ran up to her and shouted in her ear, "Hey Kaoru!"

"Gyah!" Kaoru rubbed her ears, "Jeez Momoko what do you want now?"

"Are you ok?"

"I'm fine." Kaoru looked back and saw Gotokuji Miyako running after them. "Hey Miyako!"

"Good morning Momoko-san, Kaoru-san." Miyako smiled then looked at Kaoru, "Aren't you hot Kaoru-san?"

"Of course not, now let's get to school." Kaoru looked away from them and continued walking.

"She seems a bit off doesn't she Miyako?" asked Momoko, a bit worried.

"Yeah we should ask her about it later." suggested Miyako.

During school, Kaoru seemed to be staring off space and not really paying attention to class.

'What am I supposed to do…? There's no way I can try to fight this enemy if I don't know anything about her…and I don't want to drag Momoko and Miyako into this…' Kaoru sighed and stared out the window.

Miyako watched her worriedly since it was her turn to watch Kaoru, an agreement between her and Momoko to take turns taking notes and watching Kaoru.

'I wonder what's wrong with Kaoru? I've never seen her this dejected before… We should try to ask her later and if that doesn't help I should talk to her alone sometime…' With each passing minute, Miyako seemed to be getting more and more worried about Kaoru.

"Miyako." Momoko whispered to her, "It's my turn to watch her."

"Oh…" Miyako barely realized the time, "Hai."

"School's almost over and the notes this time seemed kinda easy so I think you'll get it."

"Un. Thank you Momoko-san." Miyako gave one last glance at Kaoru before taking the notes where Momoko left off.

"How was she?" asked Momoko.

"She's still the same, just staring out the window and sighing. So no change there." informed Miyako.

"I see…"

They continued to take turns watching her until the end of school.

"Kaoru, come on time to go to Professor Utonium's place." said Momoko, getting her stuff ready.

"Eh? Oh yeah…" Kaoru put her things away and got up, following them to the Professor's place.

Momoko and Miyako got on either side of Kaoru, looking at her, "Kaoru-san… we're your friends right?"

"Yeah Kaoru aren't we your friends?"

"Hn? What brought this on?" Kaoru looked at them nervously, "Of course we're friends."

"Then why don't you tell us what's wrong then?" Miyako held Kaoru's arm, "If you need space to think you could tell us instead of acting like this…"

Kaoru broke free from them, "Look I'm fine I just have a lot of things on my mind…" she sighed, "I'll see you in school tomorrow I think I'm gonna go home and rest…" and with that the raven haired girl ran in the other direction.

"Ah Kaoru-san!"

"Matte Kaoru!" Momoko looked at Kaoru's disappearing figure then at Miyako, "We should just leave her alone for now shouldn't we…?"

"Hai…" Miyako stared off into the direction that Kaoru ran off to and soon followed Momoko to the Professor's place.

"Hello girls how are you today?" Professor Utonium smiled then noticed Kaoru was missing, "Where's Kaoru?"

"Kaoru…went home…" Momoko looked at Miyako.

"She's probably tired from all the battles we did with all our enemies…"

The Professor didn't seem convinced but went along with her theory, "You could be right but you two should go home too. You all need your rest and a little extra could be good for all of you since we've been fighting with them day and night with no rest."

"Hai we'll see you then Professor." Momoko and Miyako left to go home themselves.

"Maybe Kaoru will be fine tomorrow Miyako." Momoko looked at her after a few uneasy minutes of silence.

"Eh? Oh yes hopefully she will…" Miyako looked up to talk to her then looked down again.

"Oh come on not you too Miyako~! Kaoru's already too much but don't you go on being depressed on me!" Momoko tried to cheer the blonde up.

"I'm not getting depressed Momoko-san. I'm just worried for Kaoru…"

Momoko sighed, "I'm worried about her too she's our friend after all."

"Yes you're rig-…" Miyako didn't get to finish her sentence as their transformation belts was going on and off, "A monster attack already?"

"Professor? What's up? Who's attacking and where?" asked Momoko.

"Seems like Mojo teamed up with Fuzzy! They're attacking kids in the park a few miles from you two! I'm trying to call Kaoru but it seems like she's already fighting so hurry up!"

"Eh? Buttercup's already there? We're on our way to help her!" Momoko looked at Miyako who nodded and they transformed together, flying to the park.

About half an hour ago:

Kaoru ran to the park and sat on the swings to think about what was going on in her head, 'They're my friends I should've told them…no I don't want to tell them and get them worried over nothing…but they're my best friends they deserve to know…' As she was thinking Mojo met with Fuzzy in the park and were fighting about how to take over the city. Soon after the AmoebaBoys came in to tell them how stupid they were being and they got into an argument.

Thinking that it was a show, many children surrounded them and bugged Mojo and Fuzzy to perform something.

Looking up, Kaoru saw Mojo and Fuzzy with the kids and didn't feel like doing anything just yet, 'Why today of all days…? Since they're not doing anything to harm the kids I'll let them off…'

Not a second after she thought that, Mojo went crazy and brought out a laser gun and Fuzzy started slapping the ground, leaving marks. All of the kids got scared and ran away back to their parents as Mojo started shooting in random directions and Fuzzy just slapped on everything he could see.

'Great…might as well send them flying and let off some steam…' Kaoru transformed and held her hammer warningly, "Yo Mojo! Fuzzy! Get out of here before I send you two flying like usual!"

"Geh! It's the green powerpuff da mon da!" Fuzzy turned to look.

Buttercup positioned her hammer, getting ready to run but little did she know, a shadow appeared behind her, "Kaoru… Your brothers are next… then your father… then your friends…I will make them suffer to death…"

Buttercup paled and looked behind her, hoping that what she heard wasn't real and didn't see anyone, 'Was I imagining it…?'

"Prepare to die mojo!" Mojo aimed his gun at Buttercup, charging it to full power before firing.

Buttercup looked at Mojo, seeing his gun fired straight at her and Fuzzy charging at her, 'There's no way I can fight Fuzzy and dodge Mojo's laser gun at the same time!' She positioned herself so that when Fuzzy got to a certain point she'll jump on him and hopefully dodge Mojo's gun at the same time, 'This'll be risky but I gotta try!'

"Your brothers will break their legs. Your father will break his ribs and arms. Your friends will die."

"Shut up!" Buttercup closed her eyes tightly and jumped up, Fuzzy grabbed her leg and slammed her into the ground, "Not this time da mon da!"

"Die mojo!" Mojo fired the laser straight at Buttercup as she tried to get up.

"Buttercup!" Bubbles and Blossom flew in, "Bubble Champagne!"

"What mojo?" the bubbles didn't stop the laser but it delayed it just enough time so that Blossom could get Buttercup out of the way in time.

"You ok Buttercup?" asked Blossom, worried.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine thanks…" Buttercup stood straight and looked at her teammates who nodded.

"Buttercup you get Fuzzy! Blossom and I will handle Mojo!" Bubbles flew fast towards Mojo, throwing her wand at him as Blossoms kept hitting him with her yo-yo.

"O-Ou!" Buttercup looked at Fuzzy and smirked, "Swing Sonic!" She swung her hammer and hit him on the side, 'causing him to fly into Mojo, "Now you two!"

"Strawberry Ice Cream Shoot!"

"Balloon Popper!"

"Megaton Dunk!"

"This isn't what we agreed on Mojo!" Mojo and Fuzzy flew away.

"Agreed…?" Buttercup looked worried.

"Buttercup? Hounto ni daijoubu…?(1)" Bubbles looked at her worriedly.

"Yeah you look a bit pale." Blossom added.

"I'm fine." Buttercup looked to see the clock, "I'm going home now. Ja!(2)" Buttercup flew away as fast as she could.

"Buttercup!" Blossom and Bubbles sighed, "We might as well go home too."

"I agree."

Blossom and Bubbles de-transformed and walked home.

"See you tomorrow!"

"Yep see you!"

Buttercup flew to where her brothers would be practicing and de-transformed.

"Dai! Shou! Where are you two!" Kaoru ran around their practice field, looking for them, "Dai? Shou?"

After looking for a few minutes, Kaoru was about to go home until she heard some groans a few feet from her.

"K-Kaoru…?" a deep groan was heard.

"Dai!" Kaoru ran as fast as she could and saw both her brothers on the ground and they couldn't move.

"Shou!" Kaoru carefully carried him on her back carefully and tried to help Dai, "What happened to you two?"

"Our…legs…broke…" Dai managed to get out painfully.

Kaoru wasted no time and called an Ambulance, telling them where they are.

About 15 minutes later, an Ambulance came to carry the two away, "Why is this happening…?" Kaoru went home to find her dad, or rather trying to find him, "Please no…"

"Dad! Where are you?" Kaoru looked through all the rooms and even the bathroom, but there's no sign of her dad.

Suddenly the door opened, revealing her father, "Hey Kaoru what's wrong?"

"Dad!" Kaoru ran towards him and hugged him tightly, "Dai and Shou's in the hospital... they broke their legs…"

"What? Hmm… I'll go to the hospital and talk with them… why don't you spend the night at your friends place? It could a long time till I come back home and I might spend the night there with be with your mother and brothers." suggested Tokio.

"A-Alright…" Kaoru went to her room, grabbed some stuff and called Miyako first since her place was bigger.

"Hello this is the Gotokoji residence. How may I help you?" Kaoru instantly recognized the voice as Miyako's grandmother, Kiyoko.

"Uhm… This is Matsubara Kaoru….I was wondering if… Miyako's there and… I could spend the night..?"

"Oh Kaoru-san? Miyako is in her room doing her homework right now but sure you can stay over."

"Thank you very much." Kaoru hung up the phone and brought her stuff over to Miyako's place.

"Tomorrow your dad will be in an accident, breaking his ribs and arms."

Kaoru looked back, "I won't let that happen!" Kaoru ran towards Miyako's place, hoping that maybe she could help her.

"Miyako-san? Kaoru-san just called and she's on her way over here right now." Kiyoko went to her granddaughter's room.

"Hai thank you grandma." Miyako got up and put her homework away and cleaned her room a bit, 'This could be a good chance to talk to her alone…Hopefully I can talk with her.'

Little did she know, the shadow that was haunting Kaoru went to see Miyako from outside her window.

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Translation Notes (for those who don't know)

(1) – "Hounto ni daijoubu?" = "Are you sure you're alright?"

(2) – "Ja!" = "See you", "Bye Bye", etc.

Now for a small preview:

"You don't have to do this alone Kaoru-san. We're your friends and we're here to help you."

"Easy for you to say but you're both going to die soon…"

"I can promise you that we won't."

"You promised that you two won't die you liar!"

"Kaoru… We're still here with you don't believe into the illusion!"