They stayed quiet most of the way there until Kaoru broke the silence.

"Miyako, how do you feel about me?" she looked towards the blonde, half-expecting to be rejected.

"Like I said earlier, I admire you."

"What about us as friends?"

"I really care about you like you're my sister." Miyako tilted her head to the side as Kaoru groaned and slapped her head.

"Uhm… ok now a tougher question." Kaoru blushed and looked at her straight in the eyes, "What would you do if I asked you out?"


It's been a week since Kaoru and Miyako felt slightly uneasy with each other and Momoko picked up on this after the 4th day.

"Miyako? Did you and Kaoru have a fight or something? You two were avoiding each other like crazy." Momoko looked worried for her, "If you did tell me and I'll beat her up…if I can."

Miyako shook her head, "It's ok Momoko-san, we didn't fight. It's just…" Miyako blushed slightly.

"Just what?" Momoko looked at her, "She asked you out?" she joked and laughed lightly until she saw Miyako's beet red face, "No way!"

"S-She asked 'What would I do if she asked me out' and I never answered her." Miyako blushed a bit more, feeling embarrassed, "Some friend I am…"

Momoko felt a bit bad but wondered why Miyako didn't just answer here then and there. It could be that Kaoru could be joking, but she wasn't sure at all even though she clearly remembered the first day they met and introduced themselves, and Miyako said that she admired Kaoru while blushing.

"Ah Momoko-san can you please not tell anyone this time…?" Miyako looked at her, "I don't want anyone spreading rumors…"

"Oh sure but Miyako…" Momoko looked at her seriously, "I may be stupid but I know when you like someone. I think you like Kaoru more than Takaaki."

"Eh…?" Miyako was dumbstruck, she didn't know who she felt for more, "D-Do I really?"

"I've seen the way you two looked at each other." Momoko sighed, "No fair now I'm the only one without a date~"

"I'm sorry Momoko-san." Miyako giggled, "Guess I should go see her."

"Yep. I'll meet you two back at the lab then." Momoko left, leaving Miyako alone.

Kaoru was practice dribbling outside in the schoolyard, waiting for Momoko and Miyako to come out.

"Ah Kaoru~" Momoko saw her, "Miyako's gonna come out soon so keep waiting for her alright?" she slapped her back, "And don't make her cry! See you~" Momoko ran to the lab before Kaoru could stop her.

"Jeez Momoko." Kaoru put the ball away and got her stuff which she put aside, "Wait… why didn't she come out with Miyako and why'd she run off?"

Miyako came out a few minutes later, blushing a bit, "Hey Kaoru-san…"

"Hey." Kaoru waved, "Know what's up with Momoko? She just bolted."

"Because she wanted us to patch things up a bit…" Miyako walked up to Kaoru and held her hand gently, making Kaoru blush, "I'm sorry it took me this long to answer you."

"Y-You mean…"

"I'll go out with you." Miyako smiled at Kaoru's innocent, yet blushing face, "If you don't mind that is."

"Of course I want to go out with you." Kaoru looked at her sheepishly, "To tell you the truth, if you rejected me I was gonna say that it was a joke."

"Eh~? How mean~ Playing on a girl's feelings like that~!" Miyako scolded her.

"Hahaha wari (sorry)." Kaoru scratched the back of her head, "Ready to go to the lab?"

"Yep~" Miyako held onto Kaoru's arm gently and walked with her.

Momoko grinned seeing Miyako hold onto Kaoru, "Hehe finally going out~?"

Miyako blushed lightly and held onto Kaoru tighter while she glared at Momoko and a tinge of pink on her cheeks.

"What's it to you?" Kaoru growled.

"Makes me want to find a date too~" Momoko ate her chocolate cake, "Ahh~~ So good~"

"Enjoy it while you can Momoko!" Kaoru jumped at her and tickled her, a giggling Miyako soon followed.

"Waahh~~" Momoko laughed loudly, "K-Kaoru~! Miyako~! Stop~~" Momoko laughed more.

After a while, Kaoru stopped and helped them up.

"You two are mean~" Momoko whined, causing both Kaoru and Miyako to laugh.

"That's what friends do right~?" Miyako hugged Kaoru.

"Yep this is what friends always do!" Kaoru grinned.

Momoko laughed and hugged them, "And we'll always be friends till the end!"

The trio laughed, wishing that this moment could last forever.

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Miyako nuzzled her in her sleep, getting comfortable.

Kaoru rushed and grabbed her before she fell, "You alright?"

"Oops…Sorry Kaoru..." Momoko apologized as she went to her seat.