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I stood staring uncertainly at platforms nine and ten. Supposedly there was a platform in between them but no one had told me how to get to it because it wasn't there. Maybe I had dreamed the wizard who had come to see me. Or more likely, they hadn't built it yet. I mean, I managed to find Diagon Alley fine. If a place like that existed then Platform nine and three quarters had to exist…right?

"Hold Lizzy's hand Aiden," a man scolded his son. The little black haired boy grabbed his older sister's hand. She looked about my age…and she had an owl. She must me a witch. I watched as the three came closer. They stopped a little in front of me. The father gave me a quizzical look.

"Can't get on the platform?" he asked. I really wanted to tell him that I could get on it but I knew now was not time to be self reliant. I needed to get to Hogwarts or I would be stuck in that god forsaken orphanage for the rest of my life. I shook my head.

"No problem," the man said kindly. "All you have to do is go through the brick wall between platforms nine and ten. Best do it at a run if you're nervous."

"I'm not nervous," I said and to prove it I walked casually up to the barrier and walked through as though it was an every day occurrence. I hated to admit it but the platform was fantastic. The curly gold sign that said Platform Nine and Three Quarters, the scarlet steam engine with Hogwarts Express written across it, all of it.

There were students and parents covering the platform. Many were talking to their friends, saying farewells to parents, loading their trunks onto the train and a great deal more. I went to the nearest car and loaded my trunk in. Then I went in search of an empty compartment. I really wanted to be alone. Yet where ever I looked there was at least one person in it. Finally I chose a compartment with two other first year boys in it.

I didn't ask to join them. I sat down and opened the textbook I brought with me. They stared at me but I ignored them. No one ever liked me before and I didn't expect things to change at Hogwarts. I read the index looking for an interesting topic then flipped to it. The other two grew bored and started talking to each other.

"Did you hear about Grindlewald, Antonin?" the one next to me asked.

"No, what is he up to now?" Antonin asked.

"Grindlewald is making Mudbloods wear blue stars so that they are easily recognized. I suppose it makes them easier to kill," the other said.

Curiosity was getting the better of me. Who was Grindlewald? What was a Mudblood? Weren't the Jews just forced to wear blue stars?

"Wait, I thought it was the Jewish who were forced to wear the blue stars," I blurted. The two boys stared at me.

"That's the cover story. Grindlewald is using the muggle, Adolf Hitler to control the Muggle world while Grindlewald takes care of the wizarding world," the one called Antonin asked.

"Are you a Muggleborn?" the other asked.

"Er…I don't know what a Muggleborn is…" I confessed. The two boys looked at me funny then went back to talking to each other. They were completely ignoring me. I knew wizards wouldn't be any different. I sighed and went back to my book. I tried not to take it personally. I had never had a friend and I didn't expect to make any. After all you can't miss what you never had.

The compartment door slid open. The girl from the platform, Lizzy, or something peeked in. She saw the two boys beside me.

"Dolohov, Lestrange," she said curtly. "Good summers?"

"Better than the Blacks, did you hear what happened?" Lestrange asked.

"How Marius is a Squib?" Lizzy asked. "Yes I heard and I think it was cruel of them to ditch him in the streets like that."

"Wait, some kid got ditched by his family?" I asked. Lizzy looked at me.

"Happens all the time unfortunately," she said. "Parents are ashamed of children, children are ahamed of parents, siblings are shunned, the pureblood world is a mess."

"Only because blood traitors keep butting in," Antonin blurted. Lizzy glared at him.

"Shut it Dolohov," She looked back at me. "You can come sit with me. I have a compartment to myself and I promise not to insult you."

I shrugged. "Sure," I got up and followed her. I heard Dolohov and Lestrange laugh as we left. Lizzy opened a door to compartments down and sat against the window. I sat on the opposite seat.

"Sorry about them," she apologized. "Purebloods tend to be very rude. I'm Lizzy Lutokas by the way. Who are you?"

"What's a Mudblood?" I asked avoiding the question. I hated my name.

"A horrible word for Muggleborns," Lizzy scowled. "Witches or wizards with non-magic parents,"

"Who's Grindlewald?" I hated feeling like I didn't know anything. This questioning was really bothering me.

"He's a dark wizard," Lizzy explained. "He decided back when we were little that he was going to rule over the muggles and wizards alike. He Imperiused that Hitler guy to do his bidding and now Europe's in turmoil."

"Imperiused?" I asked confused.

"Oh, he's controlling Hitler with magic," Lizzy replied. I found this strange. Why would he hate the non-magic folk to the point of genocide? It was madness.

"Why is he so against muggles?" I asked. Lizzy shrugged.

"No one really knows, do they? Most say he decided it was time to come out of hiding and put the muggles in their rightful place. I think he just likes killing people and bullying to make himself feel important. He probably got bullied in school."

I sat in silence taking it in. So this world war that all my primary school teachers had been talking about was because of some psycho wizard with crazy plans. Somehow that didn't seem so crazy. After all, didn't all the papers say Hitler was self loathing and trying to rid the world of everything he hated in himself?

"So I guess you're Muggleborn?" Lizzy asked.

"I don't think so," I replied slowly. "My mother died after she had me but my father's still out there somewhere. I'm hoping can find him somewhere at Hogwarts, some genealogy book,"

"What makes you think he's a wizard?" Lizzy asked.

"I can…do things…things that others can't…" I said carefully. Lizzy looked unimpressed.

"Like what?" she demanded.

"Dumbledore said I had unusually good control over my magic for my age. Would a Muggleborn be able to do that?" I asked hoping it was no.

"Not usually, it's rare but it can happen," Lizzy replied. Not quite what I was looking for.

"So, what is your name?" Lizzy asked again. I sighed. It was no use. I could avoid the answer no longer.

"Tom Riddle,"