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21 Years Later

"Hah!" The young man swerved out of the path of the saber, the sharp tip barely missing him. He thrusted his own weapon towards his opponent, the other gracefully dodging the attack. He grunted in exasperation. He paused for a split second to wipe his brow, but that was enough for his adversary to find an opening, and land a touch. The young man looked down to where the saber touched his chest, and sighed heavily, slumping where he stood. He removed his mask, revealing light chestnut hair and vibrant violet eyes.

"How come I always lose to you?" He was granted with a light, feminine laugh as his response. His opponent removed their own mask, letting poker-straight raven hair fall to their shoulders. Chocolate brown eyes twinkled in mirth as she patted her friend on the back.

"Come on, 'Sir Sammy'! It was just a friendly match! No need to get your panties in a twist!" The girl exclaimed. 'Sir Sammy' just shook his head at her, the odd flyaway curl at the front of his head matching his movements.

"But I always win!"

"I'm the exception."

"Shut up, Maya." Suddenly, the young man's wristwatch began to beep insistently. He smacked his forehead and groaned. "Aw crap! We're late for the gig!" He shot a pointed glare to the Latino girl next to him. "I blame you for distracting me."

"I blame you for not being able to lose gracefully."

"Shut up."

"Make me, Piano Lad!" She mocked jokingly. He shook his head once again, but this time a small smile on his face. Ever since he was a young child and had first played Jonathan's piano back at the Home, people had called him 'Piano Lad' as a play on words from Billy Joel's famous song, Piano Man. It was the first full song he had ever played on the piano, and it had always been his favorite. He remembered the day he first played it perfectly.


He was only five at the time, and Jonathan had come into the playroom to call him for dinner. The small boy sat at the piano in the corner of the room. He had only ever used the instrument to sing silly songs with the younger children, such as Sam. The boy had always had a keen interest in music and had declared he would be the best pianist in New York early on. Now, he sat on the bench, trying to recall the song that had inspired him to finally try playing. He played it over in his head a few times before even touching the ivory keys. Jonathan leaned against the doorframe, seeing if little Sam would live up to his own expectations.

The boy then reached up, and began to play the piano.

What a sound it made! Jonathan let his jaw drop as the familiar tune floated by his ears. Sam played with the skill of a pianist at least three times his age! He had heard someone play the song at a local piano bar, and that man, a professional, sounded like an amateur compared to the five-year-old. But what really floored the old man the most was that the child was playing without sheet music!

He let Sam finish the song, then immediately began clapping his hands. The little piano protégé whipped his head around to see who was so impressed by him. Upon finding it to be his caretaker, his face flushed bright red in embarrassment.

"I – I'm sorry," he cried. "I d – didn't think you would l – let my play, so I did it behind your back! I'm s – sorry, Jonathan!" The small boy stammered. The graying man chuckled good-naturedly, and strode over to the boy. He patted his soft chestnut hair, and smiled warmly down at him.

"Don't be, Sammy. That was some of the best piano I've heard in a long time! Maybe I should start giving you lessons, though I don't think you need them. Would you like that, Sam?" He asked. Sam's features lit up in joy and he rapidly nodded his head.

"Yeah! I'd love that!" Jonathan chuckled at the boy's eagerness.

"Alright then! How about we have your first lesson after dinner? Then the other boys will be able to hear you play, too." The child nodded again just as vigorously, then latched onto the old man's leg.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" He cried as if it were all one word. "I won't let you down!"

/End Flashback\\

It was one of his fondest memories. But now was no time to reminisce his childhood. He and Maya had to get to the club before their band mates and manager killed them.

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