He had to pass Blaine's apartment every day to get to the bus stop, and he pretended that he didn't notice, didn't remember the days when Blaine would be waiting with a bouquet of flowers or a cup of Kurt's favorite coffee or just a bright smile and a hug. He pretended that Blaine didn't live their anymore, because he still loved him and he knew that he needed to move on.

Who stayed with their first boyfriend for all of their lives? It was unrealistic and they both needed to move on and live their lives and see what loving other people was like. It didn't mean they couldn't end up together. It just meant that they needed to see what it was like to not be together all the time. Nothing had been wrong with their relationship. Kurt loved Blaine and he was happy with him, but it was fair to see what the rest of the gay community in New York was like, and frankly, there were a lot of gay men in New York.

Kurt dated around for a few months and tried not to notice when Blaine's apartment went up for lease, because it meant that Blaine had moved and he wasn't nearby anymore and he had so obviously been avoiding Kurt that Kurt didn't want to talk to him if he didn't want to hear it. So he kept pretending not to remember, because that made it easier not to hurt, and he kept going on dates with guys who were all missing that something that he couldn't explain, and he kept telling himself that he hadn't broken his own heart, and he forced himself not to wonder if Blaine was hurting too.

Time passed in the agonizing slow way that it only does when someone's heart is trying to heal, and eventually six months had passed and Kurt was in his studio a dress on a mannequin and pins held between his teeth as he carefully ripped the seam on the sleeve because it just wasn't working. His phone rang and he put it on speaker, talking around the pins. "Kurt Hummel."

"Kurt, it's Finn. I need you to come to the station."

"Kinda busy, Finn." Kurt informed his stepbrother. "Why would I need to pay a visit to the NYPD? Are you trying to get me to bring you lunch again, because I told you that I'm not doing it anymore."

"Kurt." Finn sounded exasperated. "It's not about food. Just… come, okay?"

Kurt sighed. "Fine. After I finish this."

"Now, Kurt."

"What are you, my father? Alright. I'm on my way." Kurt pulled the pins out of his mouth and stuffed them into a pincushion. He locked up his studio and hailed a cab, thankful that it was a short ride to the police station. Finn was waiting for him when he got there, tall and looking sharp in uniform, an evidence bag in his hands. "I'm here, Finn, what's this about, and why are you holding a bag of… is that heroin?"

Finn nodded. "Yeah, we did a gang bust and found them after someone. Guy's pretty beat up, and he had this on him."

Kurt watched his brother shrewdly. "You're not telling me something."

"That's because it would be easier to show you. Come on." He led Kurt to and observation study for an interrogation room. Kurt looked through the two-way mirror and sank into a chair. The man in the interrogation room had looked up as though he felt Finn and Kurt's eyes on him and Kurt saw bruises and scrapes, a sluggishly bleeding lip and long hair that was matted with blood. He was unnaturally thin and had purple, bruise-like circles under bloodshot eyes.

"Finn… I have to talk to him."

"I can't let you do that. Addicts are dangerous."

"He won't hurt me."

"Kurt, he's not the same person anymore. You never know what he'll do."

Kurt looked at his brother through tears. "Finn, it's Blaine."

Finn chewed his lip. "I'm going in with you."

"I need to talk to him alone."

"This is the only way you'll get to talk to him at all. Take it or leave it."

"He doesn't have anything dangerous on him, no weapons. Wait outside the door. If he does anything remotely threatening, I'll call for you. Please, Finn. I need to talk to him alone." Kurt pleaded.

Finn sighed. "Fine, but I want my Sergeant in here, just in case."

Kurt nodded. He waited for what seemed like forever, until Finn stood by the door, his gun drawn, and told Kurt he could go in. Kurt opened the door and slipped inside. Blaine hadn't looked up from where he sat, staring at the table, and Kurt slowly walked to the other chair. "Blaine…?"

Blaine's head shot up and he stared at Kurt, his mouth open. "Kurt?" His once-beautiful voice was raw and hoarse, and it brought tears to Kurt's eyes. He sank into the chair across the table and reached over to take Blaine's hands.

"Blaine, what happened to you?" He asked gently.

"I… I don't know. It's all a blur. We broke up and I… I don't know, Kurt." Blaine whimpered.

"Yes you do. Think back, Blaine. Really think about it."

Blaine stared at the table, talking slowly. "We broke up, and I…. starting drinking. And then I started really drinking, and I quit my job… I couldn't afford my apartment, so I moved. I was in a bad neighborhood, and I had bad neighbors, and then… then…"

"Then someone told you that they had something great that would make you forget." Kurt finished, knowing where this story went, crying silently.

Blaine nodded. "And so I tried it. I figured… what the hell? And it worked and… now I'm here."

Kurt was crying like he hadn't in years. Oh God, Blaine. What did I do to you? Why did I think that we needed to break up when we were so happy together? "Blaine, I'm going to go and talk to Finn, and you're going to sell your apartment and you're going to come home with me. I'm going to fix this."

Blaine shook his head. "Don't. I'm not worth it."

"You used to think you were worth it."

"I wasn't. I've never been. I-"

"Blaine." Blaine looked up at him, and Kurt squeezed his hands. "I want to."


"Because you need it, and I need to help you, okay? I need to do this. Please don't tell me I can't." Blaine nodded slowly and Kurt kissed his forehead before leaving the room, where Finn was pacing, tense and frustrated. "When can he leave?"

"Kurt, he can get charged a two thousand dollar fine and 3 months in prison for possession alone. The fact that he's obviously a user gets him more time or rehab. We can't just set him free."

"You're not. You're releasing him into my care, and I'm going to take care of him."

"You think I'm letting my brother take a heroin addict home with him? You're out of your damn mind."

"Finn Hudson, I didn't ask if it was okay with you, and frankly, I don't care if it's okay with you. If I hadn't broken up with him when nothing was wrong in our relationship, he wouldn't be here now, and it's my fault this happened to him and it's me who is going to help him. Do not condescend to me, Finn Hudson, or you will regret it." Kurt snapped, glaring at his brother. "He's not some murderer, Finn, and he doesn't need to be treated like one, and I'm sure that if I call Rachel, she'd agree with me."

Finn groaned. "I'll talk to Sarge." He disappeared into the observatory and Kurt sat on the bench outside the interrogation room. A half hour or so later, Finn came back out and handed Kurt a series of release papers. "It's going to cost you three and a half grand."

"I have the money and then some." Kurt replied.

"There are extenuating circumstances, and I'll be checking up on his progress. I'm coming over later to see how he's settling in and I'm on call at all times if anything goes wrong. I'll give you the full rundown tonight. For now, make sure he gets a decent meal."

"I will." Finn went in and retrieved Blaine, and Kurt took his hands. "You ready to go?" He asked gently. Blaine nodded, casting Finn a terrified look and sidling closer to Blaine. "You didn't threaten him." Kurt said darkly.

"Just made sure we understand each other." Finn said, casting Blaine a look that had him trying to hide behind Kurt.

Kurt rolled his eyes. "As you can see, he's so dangerous." He slipped an arm around Blaine. "Come on, Blaine. Let's get you home."