Title: Enough is Enough
Author: GLyN
Pairing: Loke/Lucy Heartfilia
Fandom: Fairy Tail
Disclaimer: Nope. I do not own Fairy Tail or its characters. If I did, it would probably turn into a shoujo manga or something. :P

At first she tried to ignore it.

It was one harmless little gesture. He showed her his Light of Love. Light flashing from his hand, spelling the words, I love Lucy. That's Loke for you. Only he can come up with flashy declarations of love immediately after a very intense battle. Since he did protect her like he told her he would, she let him be.

"Stellar spirits can be such a handful." Lucy silently told herself as she shrugged the whole thing off.

Loke gave her his drop-dead gorgeous smile. Lucy simply rolled her eyes while ignoring Happy's usual, "He liiiikes her!"

There he goes again with one of his antics, she always thought, trying to control the blush crawling up her cheeks. She turned away, focusing more on serious matters at hand.

He didn't stop there. Every single time she summoned him, he would show off. He would use cheesy lines like, "Love gives a stellar spirit power". Most of the time, their enemy would laugh on how ridiculous Loke can be but of course, the lion did not fail his master. He would protect her at all costs.

Still, Loke kept on doing his showy acts of love for Lucy. He gave her flowers after beating up his opponent. Lucy's face instantly went red like a tomato. He didn't stop with just flowers. There were chocolates and stuffed animals too. Sure, the gifts were nice but c'mon! He could've picked a better time to woo her. It came to a point where it's plain annoying, especially with Happy and Bixlow teasing her back in the guild.

Lucy couldn't ignore his advances any longer. She had to put a stop to it.

"So you plan to use the master/owner card now?" Gray glanced at his blonde friend as she took a sip of her coffee. They were having a casual breakfast in the guild, waiting for their friends to show up.

"That's the plan." Lucy wrinkled her nose and stuck her tongue out from its sizzling warmth then handing the cup to her friend.

Gray understood her silent request. "What ever happened to your I'm-not-your-owner-but-your-friend thing?" Frost suddenly appeared all over her cup. A sly smile now on Gray's face satisfied he did a good job.

"Well, this is a different story." She hastily snatched her cup from his hands, examining the ice-solid drink in her cup. Frustration now evident on her pretty face and it's not about the coffee.

"I've know Loke longer than you have. He's harmless. He does that to all of his girls." He raised his hand towards Mira, ordering his usual meal. Lucy's eye twitched at his remark. She didn't like to be included in Loke's girlfriends.

"It would be harmless if there weren't mages out there to kill us that very minute!" She slammed her fist on the table. "Do you know what he said last time? During our last job?"

Gray sighed, clearly showing signs of disinterest. "Look, let him do what he wants. He helped you defeat your enemies, right? So what?"

A pair of blue ears perked up. Happy flew in joining their conversation. "Aye! I know that one! I was there, you know." Natsu followed closely behind him, his arms stretched out letting out a huge yawn.

"G'morning Lucy." Natsu greeted weakly, grabbing a chair beside the girl and sat down. Frowning, his stomach suddenly screamed for food. Mira heard the signal and prepared his special breakfast.

Lucy shoved her completely frozen cup to Natsu and murmured, "Gray overdid it." She then quickly averted her gaze to the cat hovering above her head. "You. Shut it."

Ignoring Lucy, Happy noisily cleared his throat, attempting to impersonate Loke's voice. "Princess, are you tired?" Lucy grimaced as the cat continued on.

"You've been running through my mind all day."

The table broke into boisterous laughter. Gray clutched his sides, found it hard to breathe. Natsu now wide awake pointed his finger at Lucy and laughing his heart out. Happy rolled around the table, trying to control his fits of giggles. The last thing on their mind was Lucy's feelings or her wrath.

If looks could kill...

"Shut up, you jerks!" Lucy yelled waving her fist at them. Everyone at the guild turned to look at the group of friends and their animated laughter. Lucy felt steam come out of her ears. "That does it!" She gritted her teeth and reached for the gold key in her pocket.

"Ah! She's gonna do it!" Natsu exclaimed, a huge grin plastered on his face.

"This is gonna be fun!" Gray stood up, trying to catch a better view of Lucy.

"Aye!" Happy had the exact smile as Natsu's. The three were beaming with excitement.

Lucy stared at her key for a second, organizing her thoughts. She shouldn't lash out on Loke like that. Gray was right about him being harmless but he was getting on her nerves. Taking a deep breath, she held the key in front of her and closed her eyes.

"Open! Gate of the Lion! Loke!"

Droplets of light appeared, his image slowly appearing. Lucy's eyes traced the contours of his black shoes up to his messy ginger mane. She greeted his dashing smile with a scowl. His warm eyes met with hers that flamed with fury.

"Your prince is here. Is there something wrong, princess?" He asked in a soft voice, calming the spirit mage down.

She felt shivers to her spine as his lips curved to a weak smile. Her knees felt weak against his smoldering look. She narrowed her eyes, attempting to put her feeling at bay. She planned on scolding him after all.

"Look, could you please stop it with the roses, the chocolates, the stuffed animals and the other gifts you plan on giving me?" She spat out, her eyes locked to his trying to read his thoughts.

Loke ran his fingers through his mane, a confused look on his face. "Why? I thought you liked them."

"I do... but you're overdoing it." Lucy pleaded. "I'm not saying I hate them. Just tone it down a bit."

"Tone down my feelings for you? That's gonna be hard." Loke shrugged, shoving his hands in his pocket. Gray whistled at Loke's remark, earning a glare from the mage.

"Uh... yeah. Just tone it down, okay?" Lucy felt her cheeks turn red at the countless eyes glued to them. "Better yet, stop giving me gifts when we're in a middle of a job."

Loke smirked and took a step closer. "Anything you say..."

"Hey, what are yo—" Lucy held her cheeks, hiding the obvious blush. She didn't want them to think she's starting to fall for him.

Loke held out a long stemmed rose, his eyes glistening behind his blue shades. Loud cheers were heard from the crowd, Lucy's face turned to a deeper shade of red. She glanced at her friends, pleading for help but their eyes sparkled with amusement with gigantic smiles telling her they won't let her live it down.

Lucy felt his hand reach for hers, slowly opening it and placing the rose. She let out a sigh and closed her eyes shut.

Using her most menacing voice to intimidate him, she cried out, "Ano sa..."

Before she could say anything, Loke got down on one knee. His lips pressed gently on the back of her hand.

The cheers and whistles went louder. Before Lucy could react or throw a fit, Loke smiled at her and began to fade away. "...my princess." He told her then vanishing to thin air.

Lucy stood still, aghast at what happened. Despite that, Gray and Natsu came up to her to congratulate apparently to mess with her some more. Happy flew rolling his tongue in his usual, "You're soooo together."

"So much for your resolve. Talk about being a pushover." Gray chuckled, patting Lucy's back.

"Lucy's no pushover! She's just in love, right?" Natsu snickered at his friend, still staring into space.

Lucy trembled, her feelings all mixed up with what happened. She was embarrassed since the whole guild witnessed the show. She was angry at her friends for making fun of her. She was frustrated at herself for clamming up and not yelling at Loke.

"Don't worry Lucy, you can call him whenever you want to. I'm sure he'll be there in a jiff with a rose in his mouth." Happy teased, letting out a toothy grin. Lucy grumbled and admitted defeat.

"I give up." Lucy declared and rolled her eyes as she headed to her seat.

On the table, her cup radiated with its newly acquired warmth from Natsu's flame. She sighed in relief. She still had her cup of coffee, the only good thing left to brighten up her morning. Taking a sip, she suddenly yelped as the boiling liquid stung her tongue.

Great. I'm back where I started.

Thanks for reading! I originally intended this to be a part of a 30 kisses challenge but I decided to include this in my series of Loke/Lucy oneshots. There's not much romance to it, right? Sorry. I'll try to update with more fluff.. LOL. This pairing needs more love!