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Naruto/Fairy Tail Crossover


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Naruto Uzumaki: Fairy Tail's God Slayer

Chapter 1: A New Path

Border of Hi no Kuni and Oto no Kuni

Two boys, each thirteen years old stared across from each other as they stood within two statues, to be more precise, the craters they had formed on the side of the statues. These statues were replicas of Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha in memory of when they had fought for control of the village. In that battle, the Kyuubi had been present for most of it under Madara's control, however despite the high advantage, Hashirama had come out of it victorious, and Madara was believed to have died. In memory of their battle, two giant statues were built on opposite sides of the waterfall, Madara on the left, the side of Oto no Kuni and Hashirama on the right, the side of Hi no Kuni.

However, now these two boys had practically destroyed the valley in their own battle. The first boy, Naruto Uzumaki, was a genin from Konohagakure, a member of Team Kakashi, and the third Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. The first two being Mito Uzumaki, wife of Hashirama Senju and the second being Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto's mother, though the young teen did not know this. The second boy was Sasuke Uchiha, one of the last surviving members of the Uchiha clan, an almost extinct clan. He too, was a member of Team Kakashi.

Naruto was a teen with the height of 4ft.8; he had bright blue-eyes and spiky, blond hair. However, Naruto's greatest physical characteristic was his whisker marks, passed on from the demon imprisoned within his mother at the time of his birth. Naruto's outfit consisted of an orange jumpsuit with blue on the upper shoulders area as well as up and down the front, a white swirl with a tassel on the left side, a red swirl on the back, a big white collar, orange pants, blue sandals, and a blue forehead protector.

Sasuke stood at the height of 5ft, just a bit taller than Naruto. Sasuke had spiky black hair with a blue tint, and onyx eyes. He had lighter skin than his older brother, Itachi, had. Like many other members of his clan, his hair hung over both sides of his face to roughly frame his cheeks. His clothing consisted of a blue, short-sleeved shirt with a raised collar and the Uchiha crest on the back and white arm warmers along with white shorts.

At the moment though, both Shinobi had altered their appearance due to special means. Naruto now looked more like a beast due to Kyuubi's chakra shroud enveloping him. Having the Kyuubi grant Naruto more of its usual chakra, it had enveloped Naruto's body as a bubbling chakra-construct, taking on the shape of a one-tailed fox, that had all the initial Jinchuriki form's physical traits, but the black rings that surrounded his more berserk-looking eyes were also present. In this form, Naruto could use his elongated, sharpened claws instead of his fists, and run at greater speeds on all fours, making him more like a beast. The chakra itself in this form was noticeably denser almost like having a mind of its own

Sasuke, who had been given a Cursed Seal by Orochimaru of the Sannin, had managed to access level two of it changing his appearance greatly. The second level of the Cursed Seal had turned Sasuke's skin dark grey, his eyes yellow, lengthened his hair without losing its style, blue venom lipstick seemed to appear on his lips, and gave him hand-shaped wings on his back that gave him the ability to glide and momentarily hover.

You may be wondering why two teammates would be fighting to such lengths away from their home village. Well, the answer to that would be that Sasuke had left the village to gain power seeing as how he didn't think he was getting it in the village to kill his brother Itachi. Naruto and a small team had been sent out after Sasuke, his team had been attacked by other Shinobi and had no choice but to fight them leaving Naruto with the mission to bring Sasuke home, however, as the battle pressed on, Naruto began to realise his friend, was no longer his friend.

Many would see Naruto as being dumb, stupid and overall a pain in the ass. To those who Naruto personally, they would see the true Naruto hiding behind a mask to protect himself due to years of abuse, both physically and mentally from the villagers due to his burden. Naruto was by no means a genius, but he was smart. He knew his father was the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, all it took was creating a Kage Bunshin having it Henge into the Yondaime and stand beside him. Simple as that. However, after bringing Tsunade Senju back to the village to be the Godaime Hokage, Jiraiya, or as he affectionately called him, Ero-sennin, had revealed the truth to Naruto, including his mother, Kushina Uzumaki. However Jiraiya didn't know a lot about Kushina so Naruto was unable to learn that his mother was in fact the previous Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi.

Now though, as Naruto stared across the expanse bridging the two statues, he could see only one of them was leaving a live today. As much as he wanted to somehow knock Sasuke out to follow through with his promise to Sakura, his third teammate, he could see Sasuke was aiming to kill him and he had too much left to do than to simply die at the hands of his ex-friend.

"This is the perfect setting…isn't it Naruto?" Sasuke asked over the large gap, bringing Naruto out of his thoughts to glare at Sasuke with his slit eyes. Sasuke shook his head as he smirked. "Yes…that's right…like I said; the time for talk is over… Well, finally it's ending…this battle." Naruto simply growled at his former teammate, now knowing he had to attack with everything he had or all could be lost.

Naruto held out his chakra covered hand and began to pull chakra into the palm of it, forming an orb of chakra. 'Your right Sasuke, it's ending, one way of the other.' A the other side of Naruto, Sasuke had grabbed his left wrist and aimed at the ground where it began to spark with lightning before literally exploding with purple lightning, an effect of the Cursed Seal, turning the usual blue lightning into a more vile colour.

Both Shinobi stared at each other before bounding out of their respective craters, soaring past the waterfall that ran between the statues, diving towards one another, their jutsu in their hands. Naruto's in his right hand which was coked back and Sasuke's own jutsu in his left, also cocked back. As they finally neared one another, they thrust their hand forward, each calling out their respective jutsu.



As soon as the two just clashed, an explosion rocked the very foundations of the Valley of the End, causing the statues either side of them to crumble even more than they had. Blasts of pure chakra and lightning pulsed from the mixing of the two jutsu, sending shockwaves all around them. However, something happened to the two jutsu as they poured everything they had into it. Due to Naruto using every inch of power the Rasengan had, a sphere of pure black chakra began to form around them, solidifying causing the waterfall to flow over it as it grew large enough to actually make contact with the walls and break them away.

Inside the orb of chakra, Naruto looked at Sasuke's murderous expression and sighed, deciding to push everything he had into the attack. With a loud roar, Naruto pushed against Sasuke with the Uchiha copying him. However, that seemed to be the breaking point as cracks began to run along the outside of the large orb of black chakra until it…exploded.

The very same chakra shot up to the sky, parting the clouds whilst also destroying the Valley of the End at once. And just like that, it was gone in the blink of an eye, leaving nothing behind besides a war torn valley, shreds of clothes, orange and blue and spots of blood. Neither Uzumaki nor Uchiha were there.

Unknown Location

White Expanse

"Huh…?" A raspy voice spoke as Naruto blinked rapidly to clear his vision as he pushed himself up from his prone position. Looking around, still slightly dazed, all he could see was white. Not even walls or a door, simply white space as if there was no ending. "What the hell…is this?" He asked himself as he slowly pushed himself off the ground. Wait ground? Looking down his eyes widened as just like everywhere else he looked it seemed like there was no solid ground, just space. Though the fact he was walking said there was something keeping him up.

"Maybe we can help you." Naruto immediately spun around at hearing the female voice and once his eyes lay upon the people before him, his jaw dropped. Three beautiful women stood by each other.

The middle woman had the appearance of a thirty year and was the perfect image of a goddess, standing at 5ft.7 inches tall, weighing approximately 110 pounds. Though of relatively slender build she was none the less well toned, curved and feminine, her skin was rather fair, though it did possess a slight olive tint to it. She had very long, down to her lower back, straight white hair. She garbed herself in an azure blue kimono, oddly befitting the white hair that spilled down the opening at the back. Her blue eyes shone with amusement as she looked at him.

On the right was a similar dressed woman, a slender body as the kimono pronounced her curvy body though she left the top more open revealing more of her large breasts. Her skin was slightly more tanned than the middle woman and had long red hair flowing down her back. Her eyes though were crimson and had pupils almost looking like slits. She too stared at him with something akin to amusement and mischief.

The woman on the far left too was similarly dressed as her friends though while she wasn't as curvy as her friends, she still held the body of a goddess and even gave off a regal aura. She had night black hair that framed her face perfectly and also fell down her back. Her eyes were also black as she stared him with a small smile.

Naruto though, stared at them each with a raised eyebrow. "Who are you people? And what the hell is this place?" He asked, deciding to just be blunt.

The middle woman stepped forward with a smile. "My name is Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess. On my right…" She gestured to the black haired woman. "…Is Tsukuyomi, the Moon Goddess. And finally on my left…" She gestured to the woman with red hair. "…Is Oinari, the Kitsune Goddess. And two answer your second question; this place is the…place…between planes of existence." The now identified Amaterasu explained.

Naruto looked at each of them with a raised eyebrow before sighing. "Right. Let me guess you're here to guide me to Hell. So I'm dead then?" He asked them.

"Why would you go to Hell?" Amaterasu asked, wondering why the young man thought that.

"I don't know." Naruto shrugged. "Maybe it's because I house the Kyuubi and knowing my bad streak of luck I'd have to pay for its crimes, slaughter and whatever else it did because it's a part of me."

To Naruto's confusion, Oinari laughed at his explanation before sobering up. "I'm the Queen of all Kitsune, including the Kyuubi and I can assure you the Kyuubi is no more." She told him making him wide-eyed. "However, just because it's dead, does not mean its power is gone."

Naruto didn't reply straight away and instead looked down at his stomach, pulling his jacket up and channelling chakra into where the seal would be. A moment longer and no seal appeared making take in a gulp of air as he realised what this could mean. "I don't understand, I thought if I die, it dies and vice-versa?" He asked the Kitsune Goddess.

"First off, I'll tell you that you now hold the Kyuubi's chakra for yourself." Oinari pointed out before carrying on with a grin, revealing a set of fangs. "Now to explain, when your and the Uchiha's attack met with each other, it grew too powerful until somehow tearing a hole in the very fabric of reality. Even the three of us don't understand how this came to be but it's clear the techniques you two sued and the enhancements to them clearly had a side-effect. The hole in reality pulled you and the Uchiha, ripping you apart, molecule by molecule. The Kyuubi sensing you was going to die which would result in it dying itself, tried to force as much chakra as it could into body to survive, however, the poetic irony of this is that instead of the Kyuubi surviving, it destroyed itself by giving you everything it had by accident, out of desperation, until he was left defenceless and simply ceased to exist." Oinari explained completely.

Naruto frowned in thought at the explanation. 2If I have the Kyuubi's chakra and it no longer exists, does that make me a demon?" He asked them seriously.

"No." Tsukuyomi answered him with a soft voice. "But there was a side-effect to this transference of power." She pushed almost dramatically as her sisters glanced at her and Naruto. "You're immortal."

"…Eh?" Naruto asked dumbly. He gulped as thought of being immortal. "What do you mean by immortal?"

Amaterasu sighed and began to explain. "You gained everlasting youth which is another name for immortality, in the sense that you will stop aging once you the twenty year old mark and therefore cannot die from old age, however, you can be killed through other means, such as severe injury, very severe injury." "She paused, tapping her chin with her finger. "You will be able to take a lot of damage, you could be stabbed and still keep going, you will heal much faster, almost instantly, but should you be beaded, then there's no coming back from that."

"I see." Naruto muttered, clenching fists. "Should I see this as a gift of a curse? Being able to help my loved ones much easier or having to watch everyone die around me whilst I stick as a twenty year old?" He asked, gritting his teeth.

"Kid, we know immortally can be a hard burden to bear." Oinari spoke up with a slight growl. "But when has having a burden ever stop you before?"

Naruto sighed as he closed his eyes, absorbing everything as much a she could. "What does this mean for me them? Why am I even here?" He asked, opening his eyes.

Amaterasu sighed heavily at this. "You will need to leave your world, as it is now you can no longer maintain a physical body in your world due to your very existence, mind, body and soul being ripped from it. These are the laws that predate even us. We can do more than simply lead you to where a greater destiny awaits you and train you to be ready." She spoke solemnly, knowing how hard it would be for the young teen.

Naruto stared at her in horror, anger and distress. Never seeing his friends again? Never returning home? Never being Hokage? Was this all his life held? Pain and loss? "So that's it, huh? I get played a bad hand when I was born and since them all I'm good for is being the whipping boy for pain and loss? Wow, you guys are really making me motivating to just being a bigger pawn for whatever game it is you guys are playing." He said, sarcasm literally dripping from his tone.

Amaterasu sighed once more and her sisters let her do the speaking much to her annoyance. "Naruto, I can understand where you're coming from. But you can also look at this a good thing as well. You will be able to start a new life in other world, start from scratch, leave all burdens of being the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi behind and be your own man. I won't go and say everything will work out for the best because frankly I'm no seer, I'm a Sun Goddess and I can't see the future. But what I can see is darkness lurking in the new world you will be going to. Whilst there, you can make new friends, find new loved ones and even have some lovers." She smirked as he blushed but was glad he seemed to be cooling down.

Naruto sighed in resignation, choosing to ignore the lovers bit even if his cheeks were red. "You mentioned you'd train me. How? And what in?" He asked, wanting to know the specifics before anything else happened.

"The world you will be going to will be dangerous and you'll need to be powerful. I will be teaching you how to be a God Slayer and to use what I like to call, the White Flame of Amaterasu and other techniques, but we'll explain about those later on." Amaterasu explained with a grin at how powerful Naruto would one day be.

"God Slayer?" Naruto asked confused, something that was happening a lot lately. "What's that?"

"We'll explain it all fully when we leave your world for good and take you where you're meant to be." Tsukuyomi answered with a sigh.

Naruto went wide-eyed realising he would never see anyone again and turned to Amaterasu with a pleading look. "If we're leaving this…world the, can I say goodbye to one person? Please, just give me this one thing." He pleaded.

Oinari sighed. "Who do you want to see?" She asked, getting ready to send him down to his world for one last time.

"The one person I see as a mother." He answered simply.

"Fine, but I'll only be able to send you down there for a short time, you won't have your physical body so you'll be more like a spirit. Don't take too long." Oinari explained and with a wave of her hand, Naruto vanished.

"Are you sure this is ok?" Tsukuyomi asked with a worried frown.

"Yes, Naruto needs to say goodbye to give him some closure. He's going to have a difficult life ahead of him where he's going." Amaterasu explained with a smile. "Besides, he isn't the only one who needs closure." Tsukuyomi and Oinari remained silent, simply waiting to take Naruto to the new world.

Hi no Kuni


Hokage Residence

"…When I got there, it was like a war zone. However there was no sign of either Naruto or Sasuke, there was the chakra residue of the Kyuubi and Sasuke's Cursed Seal all over the place. It was like they had just vanished. For all we know they could be…dead." Kakashi explained to Tsunade who was holding her head down and if Kakashi had to guess she was holding her tears in for when he left so she could cry later over the death of the 'son she never had'.

"…I see." Was all Tsunade could possibly say whilst gripping a piece of Naruto's clothes that Kakashi's summon Pakkun had picked up for proof there had been a battle.

Kakashi bowed his head solemnly at the potential loss of two of his students. "I'm sorry Tsunade-sama. I should never have taught Sasuke the Chidori. I never knew he would use it against his teammate." He apologized, ashamed of teaching an assassination jutsu to a mentally unstable young boy with only revenge on his mind.

"…No…I should never have sent a team of genin after that Uchiha." Tsunade gritted out, practically spitting out the name Uchiha. "I should have never sent Naruto." She murmured almost lifelessly. "Your dismissed Kakashi, I know being here is the last place you want to be right now."

Kakashi bowed his head once more. "I'm sorry Tsunade-sama." He apologized once more before leaving in a puff of smoke.

As soon as he left, Tsunade let the tears fall, splashing onto the desk as she hiccupped, gripping the last remaining piece of clothing of Naruto's clothes. "Damn it gaki, you weren't meant to die. You was supposed to get strong and…take the hat from me." She murmured and inwardly cursed the necklace she had given him and then herself for giving it to him.

"Wow, tears for me, I don't know what to say." Her head snapped up in shock at the familiar voice and her eyes widened even further when she saw Naruto standing on the other side of her desk, looking just like he did after the battle with Sasuke. Like he had been beaten to death and stabbed repeatedly.

"Naruto…?" She asked tentatively. "Is that…really you?"

Naruto smiled, almost sadly. "Yup, it's me." He gave a nod.

Before Naruto could stop her, she had already jumped over the desk and rushed to hug him. Just before she reached him he closed his eyes as he felt her pass through him. Tsunade herself blinked in shock as she seemed to phase right through the smaller blonde causing her to stumble in order to stop and turn around to see Naruto's body flicker and ripple as if he wasn't really there but just a mirage.

"W-What?" Tsunade asked, confused as hell at what was going on.

"Sorry I should've warned you before your tried that." Naruto apologized, scratching the back of his ehad sheepishly. He sighed though when he saw Tsunade still looking at him in shock and confusion. "It really is me only not…physically."

"So, you're dead." Tsunade noted, lowering her head, thinking she was either seeing things or a he was a ghost.

"No." Tsunade looked up quickly and Naruto was sure he heard her neck crack at the speed. "I'm alive, but I don't belong here anymore. I don't understand it completley but, I can't exist in this world, or that was what I was told anyway." Seeing her con fused look he shrugged. "I was told that I was needed elsewhere, in another world, where I can start a new life. The Kyuubi's dead, killed itself actually which is ironic considering it was trying to save its own ass." Seeing Tsunade beginning to cry, he felt his own tears pricking his eyelids. "I wish I didn't have to go, I still have so much to do here and then there's Hokage but…" He looked away for a moment and Tsunade understand instantly.

"…You want to…start a new life, where no one knows you as the Jinchuriki." She finished for him. She clenched her hand as Naruto looked over to her. "But I don't want you to leave! You're the reason I even came back to this village and became Hokage! Without you here I have no reason to stay here!" She exclaimed in frustration, sadness and anger.

Naruto smiled sadly at her and wished he could hug her to ease them both at this new change. "I wish I could stay but, people need me elsewhere and I know I'm going to miss my friends and everything else here but, like you said, I get to start clean, I won't be resented for being who I am and from what I'm beginning to understand about this new world I'm going to its going to be quite fun." He grinned for a moment and Tsunade chuckled along with him. "From what I understand, when I died and the Kyuubi managed to somehow bring me back at the cost of its own life, I know longer have a place in this world." Seeing her slowly crying he smiled sadly. "Just so you know you're the mother I never had and no matter where I am, I'll always think of you and I doubt I could ever forget about you." He smiled through the tears that were slowly rolling down his face and he didn't bother trying to wipe them away.

Tsunade knowing he would be leave forever, decided to come out and broach a certain subject with him. "Naruto, if I'm never going to see you again, then you should now about your parents, your father was-"

"- Minato Namikaze." Naruto finished and almost laughed at her gaping look. "And my mother was Kushina Uzumaki, I know. Ero-sennin told me after we brought up back. I won't say I'm happy about my father being who he is but, I just have to deal with it and believe he sealed the Kyuubi within me for a reason." Tsunade gave a nod while inwardly promising to beat Jiraiya for telling him and not informing her he had.

Naruto seeing her still looking down smiled sadly once more. "Tsunade, this village still needs you. I need you to look after this village and my friends. I know you never really wanted to be Hokage, but this village needs you now more than ever. With Akatsuki, I have no idea how they'll react to Kyuubi being killed."

Tsunade gave him a nod and smirked through her tears. "I'll protect the village and your friends with everything I have but, do one thing for me? Lose that damn mask you hide behind, if you're starting off in some new world, then be your real self, like you are now." She almost begged, preferring this more relaxed and serious Naruto than the goof ball version, though she did find it cute.

Naruto chuckled and scratched his whisker marks sheepishly. "You got yourself a deal…okāsan." Tsunade almost burst into tears again at the affectionate term.

Tsunade gulped in a breath as she saw his legs beginning to fade away. "Naruto, you were the son I never had, good luck where you're going and give me some grandkids." She laughed softly as tears rand own his face while his cheeks lit up in a blush. "Goodbye…sochi." As she watched Naruto finally vanish with a tear-filled sile, she noticed some tears splash on the ground. Narrowing her eyes at them, she walked over to them while rubbing her eyes. Bending down she touched her finger to the tears and found that they were in fact real somehow. Truly realising she would never see Naruto again she collapsed into a heap and began to cry even harder.

She wouldn't be found until Shizune entered the office in the morning to see her collapsed on the floor.

Unknown Location

White Expanse

In the infinite white space, Naruto reappeared whipping his tears away from saying goodbye to one of the most important person to him. Shaking his head to clear his mind, he looked ahead of him to see the three goddesses waiting with calm expressions. "So this it then?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Amaterasu stepped forward and smiled slightly, knowing he was in pain of leaving everything behind. "Yes. Before we can take you to your new world, we will be taking you to our realm to train you in everything we know. When you turn twenty you will stop aging. At that time we will be forced to send you to a place called Earth Land. The world where you will live." She smiled Naruto nodded.

"What will you be teaching me?" He asked wanting to know what he would be able to do.

Amaterasu smiled as she held up a hand. "When we're through with you, you will be able to use my White Flame as easy as you can breathe." Her hand suddenly came to life with the so called White Flame. Even from where he stood, Naruto could feel the raw power and heat coming from it as it burned on her hand. It looked just as it was called, white fire, a beautiful but obviously deadly fire. "My White Flame is what is known as a type of magic called Caster Magic. A form of magic where the user, this being you or me, uses the magic stored within them and releases it."

"Awesome." Naruto whispered in awe as Amaterasu shook her hand, dispersing the fire and showing Naruto how her skin was just as clear as it had been earlier. However, something clicked in his mind to what she had just said. "Magic? That's real?" He asked shocked.

"We will explain that later on, in your training." Tsukuyomi stepped forward next. "I will be teaching you how to use a form of magic called Requip, a Holder Type magic that allows users to store items in pocket dimensions. In my case, these items would be swords or other types of weapons, most importantly, my unique and personal sword, Sword of Tsukuyomi" She held her hand out and a complex seal lit in the colour blue around her hand before a shape began to take form in her hand. With a flash of light, the seal vanishes revealing a sword in her hand. It resembled a normal katana. The only decoration was the dark blue tsuba, which was a hexagon instead of a rectangle. The two sides parallel to the blade were long, whereas the four sides above and below the blade were shortened, making it into almost a diamond or prism-like shape. The handle was also dark blue. "This is my personal sword, as stated by the name of it, I will grant you the usage of this amongst many more. I will also be training you in the art of sword-fighting."

Naruto stared in awe at the beauty of the sword and began to feel more pumped up about this new world he would be entering. "Beautiful." He uttered getting a smile full of pride from Tsukuyomi for the praise towards her sword.

"Whatever." Oinari said, waving her dismissively towards her sister who glared mildly at her. "I won't be doing any of that special stuff, but I will be training you into how to use the Kyuubi's power. Now that you have immortality, the transformation won't cause you damage anymore so when I'm through with you, you'll be able to transform up to the ninth tail, that's a promise."

"…I see." Naruto nodded taking everything.

"…Are you ready Naruto?" Amaterasu asked, stepping closer to the blonde. "Once you say yes, there will be no coming back."

Naruto stared the Sun Goddess in the eye with an aura exuding determination and confidence. "Let's do this." He said, getting a smile from them as Amaterasu clicked her fingers and they vanished from the white expanse.

To Be Continued in – Chapter 2: Twenty-Seven Years Later

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