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Naruto Uzumaki: Fairy Tail's God Slayer

Chapter 4: Fairy Tail! Erza Returns! First Real Mission! Part 1

Kingdom of Fiore


Magic Council

"THOSE IDIOTS OF FAIRY TAIL HAVE GONE AND DONE IT AGAIN!" A council member roared, slamming a newspaper on the table they were now seated around, instead of stood on a large rotating magic circle. "THEY DESTROYED HALF THE PORT! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?"


"Don't jinx it…." Another, more calmer voice, spoke up and almost sounded fearful. "I feel like they really might do that."

"Anyway, I reported to the government that they did it to arrest the criminal Bora." The same one that slammed the newspaper down said.

"Oh Geez…"

"I like those idiots, though." Siegrain said with a chuckle, leaning on the table in a carefree manner as opposed to the rest of the council.

"YOU JUST SHUT UP!" A council member called Org shouted. He was a true hater of Fairy Tail for their supposed idiocy.

"It's true that they're a bunch of idiots, but it's also true that they have a lot of skilful mages."

"That's why we're quite at a loss as to what to do."

"Indeed a tricky subject."

"Just leave them be." Siegrain said absently whilst putting his feet on the table and leaning vack with his eyes closed.


"If you don't have idiots like that…this world wouldn't be fun." Siegrain explained with a chuckle.

"I agree with Siegrain-sama." Ultear added with the same serene smile.


Ultear just smiled as she was once more playing with her crystal ball. "Fairy Tail is a very interesting Guild. How can you not be curious in wanting to know just what they will do next?" She asked with a giggle. 'Or rather, I'm personally interested in what Naruto-kun will do in the future.' She thought to herself.

Magnolia Town

Fairy Tail

"Wah…" Lucy breathed in awe, staring up at the massive building with the large board with 'Fairy Tail' on it at the top of the front door. "It's huge!" She exclaimed, wide-eyed of excitement and open-mouthed. For as long as she could remember she had wanted to join fairy Tail and now that she was stood right in front of the doors, Natsu and Naruto one either side of her, it felt like her heart was about to burst from her chest out of sheer joy.

Naruto grinned from beside her at her excited and joyful expression. "Welcome to Fairy Tail Lucy." He clasped her shoulder getting her to look up at him with the same expression.

"Come on you two!" Natsu shouted back as he and Happy ran up to the doors, eager to see everyone again.

Naruto nodded at him as he and Lucy walked up to the doors just as Happy and Natsu opened them. Stepping inside the Guild Naruto took notice that the place was as busy as ever with waitresses hurrying around to quickly serve their customers. Various mages that he recognized sat around in their own groups, drinking, laughing and simply enjoying each other's company.

"Once we see the old man we'll get you signed up and make you an official Fairy Tail mage." Naruto told Lucy as she nodded absentmindedly while looking around the inside in awe.

"Mira-chaaan! Three beer this way, please!" A mage with a strange hat called out.

Mirajane, who was wearing wears a maroon dress with pink trimmings that revealed her ample cleavage, a blue tear drop shaped necklace, and a white flower bracelet, turned to the voice with a smile on her face. "Coming right up." She called back cheerfully.

"Mira-chaaan!" A mage named Wakaba Mine called out with a pipe in his mouth a hair that stretched past his forehead like a bread roll.

"Yes, yes, what is it?" She asked, turning to face him as he took the pipe out of his mouth and blew puffs of smoke out in the shape of hearts.

"Let's go on a date next time." He declared, holding his hands held out and eyes closed.

"Ah! Hey, don't be sneaky!" One of his friends shouted from the same table.

Mirajane sighed as her body lit up with yellow lights before being enveloped in smoke. When it cleared, it revealed a large woman with a chubby face and hair done up in some style. Too be honest…she wasn't pretty. "You have a wife, don't you?" The transformed Mirajane asked with a smile.

"DWAAAAH! DON'T TRANSFORM INTO MY WIFE!" Wakaba shouted, looking away in horror with wide-eyes and a gaping mouth.

"Ah." Mirajane sighed as she transform back to her own beautiful self.

"WE'RE HOME!" Natsu shouted, stomping forward with Happy and leaving Naruto and Lucy behind.

"Home!" Happy chimed, lifting a paw in greeting.

"Natsu, Happy, welcome back." Mirajane greeted with a pleasant smile.

"Oh, no hello for me?" Naruto asked with a grin, walking up to Mirajane with a smile.

Mirajane turned to Naruto and smiled brighter at seeing him. "Naruto! I thought you were away on a different job?" She asked, though happy to see him back, a contrast to the times where she would begin fights with him. Now though after Lisanna's death, Naruto along with Elfman had become somewhat of a rock to her and as she had told Erza, Naruto was something more than that. After spending time with Naruto after her sister had passed away, she had forced herself to stop being blind and face facts.

Naruto smiled and gave a nod. "I was but I had to pick up a weapon I'd had forged in another town and whilst there I checked up on Natsu. Erza's most likely on her way back and will be back in a day or two." He explained.

Mirajane just smiled and nodded while inwardly cursing Erza for being able to spend time with Naruto on a more personal level. 'I wonder if Erza spoke to him about what I said…' Before she could reply though, a mage had stood up laughing.

"Natsu! You overdid it again. I read about the Hargeon Town incident…in the newspa… " He was unable to get any further Natsu's foot slammed straight into his face sending him flying into several tables.

"BASTARD! THAT INFO YOU GAVE ME ON SALAMANDER WAS FAKE!" Natsu roared at the now twitching mage, buried under what was once a table.

Mirajane sighed but smiled at the display. "My…now that Natsu is back, the Guild might be torn part soon." She said with a cheerful tone.

"It's already being torn apart!" Wakaba shouted from behind Mirajane.

Lucy couldn't help it as she stared as if in a trance from where she stood at the doorway. She just looked around as Natsu began fighting with anyone and everyone, destroying everything in his way. She also took notice of how Mirajane had moved closer to Naruto when he had walked up to her almost on a subconscious level.

"Stop Natsu someone!"



"Who…" Lucy breathed with excited eyes.

"Owwww…Happy came flying this way."


"I really…came to Fairy Tail." She whispered to herself, still in some form of shock at having come so far.

Naruto turned to Mirajane, ignoring the fighting for now. "Mira-chan, where's the old man?" He asked, taking notice of the masters' absence since he was usually sat on the bar.

"Hmm?" Mirajane looked at Naruto. "He's around somewhere, doing what he does…whatever that is anyway." She laughed lightly. "Why?" She asked, tilting her head to the side and Naruto just stared at the way she looked just by doing that action.

He wasn't blind to a woman's beauty, not after his many years of living anyway and whilst he had always found Mirajane a beautiful woman as she grew up, he had simply brushed off any less than friendly thoughts. The main reason had simply been his true age, while he may look twenty he would always be much older and he wasn't sure if it was morally right to be with someone so much younger than himself, even if back at Konoha it was fine. He had tried to do so with Erza at first when she became a beautiful woman, but those feelings just rose and became something more until before he knew it they were lovers. Now though after Erza speaking to him about Mirajane, any friendly thoughts were knocked aside in favour of thoughts involving making out and much more with the woman.

Shaking his head of such thoughts, he looked back at the still dazed Lucy. "Oi! Lucy!" Naruto called out to his fellow blonde. "Come over here." He waved a hand in a gesture. Lucy looked over to Naruto and quickly walked up to him with her suitcase wheeling behind her. Naruto smiled as she stood beside him. "This is Lucy, a soon to be member of Fairy Tail." He grinned at Mirajane.

Mirajane smiled at Lucy who was currently looking at her in awe. "It's nice to meet you Lucy, I'm Mi-."

"Mirajane." Lucy breathed in awe at being in the beautiful woman's presence.

Naruto chuckled at Layla's daughter and turned around to face someone. "See ya later Lucy, Mira-chan here will help you out with what you need." He waved back over his shoulder.

Lucy turned to face him with a nervous look. "Huh? I-I thought you was going to help me." She said, nervous being in such an active Guild for the first time and not being with the person who had helped her out so much already.

Naruto glanced back and smiled. "Don't worry, Mira-chan knows how to make you a member better than I do, you're in good hands here." Naruto assured her with a smile. "I have an appointment keep." He grinned as he headed for the person he had his eye on.

"An appointment?" Lucy asked Mirajane who giggled.

"He calls it that to make it sound more official but it's really that…" She pointed over to Naruto who just sat down opposite a woman with long wavy brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a bikini-style top, exposing her large breasts, although she wore metallic bracelets on her arms. She wore knee-length black shorts with a belt on her lower body, as well as high-heeled shoes. A belt diagonally crossed over her chest, holding up a tail of feathers behind her waist which turned out to be a purse for storing her cards.

"Well, well, well, back for more, huh?" The woman asked Naruto with grin as she hefted up a large barrel onto the table.

Naruto grinned as he stared at the youthful woman. "Where else would I go for some fun, Cana?" He asked with a smirk growing.

Cana laughed and titled her head. "Hmm, I like the sound of that." She practically purred, licking her lips. It was no secret that Naruto was one of the most sought out men, both for his popularity and his looks, even in his own Guild. Cana though, just found it fun and entertaining to flirt harmlessly with him. Never mind to annoy Erza for the heck of it.

Naruto laughed and picked a bottle of alcohol up, whatever it was he didn't know, but it smelt good. "I'm merely here for the drink Cana-chan. Besides, Erza would kick my ass." He chuckled as he filled an empty glass up and set the bottle down.

Cana snorted at that. "You are whipped old man." She chuckled, knowing he wasn't offended by calling him an old man since she had done so ever since he had joined the Guild which was around the same time she had been there for five years. It had become a routine between them, and Cana would never admit it to anyone but Naruto was the one person she could open herself up to, so friendly banter between them was purely innocent. 'If I didn't know him as well as I do, I'd say he used that filthy magic Charm to make everyone like him, though one can't blame a girl for taking a liking.' She thought to herself.

Naruto, unaware of her thoughts, took a drink of his beer. "Believe me Cana-chan, if you were me, you'd find that wasn't such a bad thing." He grinned as she lifted her barrel and drank straight from it before putting it down a sigh of content.

She grinned at him as wiped the side of her mouth her thumb. "Whatever old man, now drink up, you need to catch up to me since your lagging behind after leaving on your little love trip." She taunted with a smirk.

Naruto just chuckled and smiled at her. "Never change Cana-chan; this Guild wouldn't be the same without you." She smiled genuinely at his words before nodding discreetly as if some hidden message and began to challenge him in a drinking contest.

The entire time, Lucy and Mirajane had been watching them laughing, talking and drinking. "They seem close." Lucy noted.

"They are." Mirajane smiled at her. "Cana used to be somewhat shy when she first joined Fairy Tail. I don't know the full story but I do know that Cana had been bullied once or twice and Naruto had found her crying afterwards. He helped her with her confidence and such and ever since then she's looked up to him as a brother and he saw her as a sister. Naruto was the one who got Cana into drinking at the age of thirteen." She laughed lightly.

"Eh? Thirteen?" Lucy asked shocked, looking back at the two who were now talking like old friends.

"Yup." Mirajane nodded, watching the pair as well, temporarily ignoring Natsu who was beating the crap out of someone. "On a job Cana had killed someone from a Dark Guild by accident and had felt guilty to the point that she became devoid of anything. 'While we don't like to kill, sometimes we don't have a choice if it's to save someone at the present or someone that person may hurt', he had told her. He had then told her that some people did things to take their mind of such things, like smoking, reading and even drinking like himself. Cana hated smoking and wasn't much of a reader…and now she loves alcohol more than anything, though she never has gotten drunk that I'm aware of." Mirajane explained with a smile, remembering the time he had told her a similar message.

Lucy smiled at that. "He seems to help everyone here, doesn't he?" She asked.

"Yep, it's just who he is." Mirajane giggled. "It's one of the reasons everyone loves him."

Before Lucy could say anything to that, a young man entered her vision. He had spiky black-coloured hair and black coloured eyes, his eyes instead being solely the colour of his black pupils, and his body was toned and muscular. His member stamp is below his collarbone on his right pectoral muscle, dark blue in colour and all he wore was a necklace which looked like a sword with a stone in it) and a metal bracelet as well as a pair of boxer shorts, only.

"Did you say Natsu's back?" He shouted out with a smirk. "Hey, let's settle our fight from the other time!"

"Gray, have you been walking around like that?" Cana asked from where she sat, pointing at his boxer shorts.

"Hack! Shit!" Gray shouted, looking down at near-naked body as Lucy stared at him in shock for not realizing until it was pointed out.

"Another one of those undignified guys…." Cana grumbled getting a snort from Naruto. "…That I really hate." She finished, picking up her barrel and practically inhaling it.

"Says the woman drinking straight from a barrel of beer." Naruto commented with a grin.

Cana pulled away from drinking, and placed the barrel on her knee and wagged a finger at Naruto. "Uhuh, it's this 'says the beautiful woman drinking straight from the barrel of beer'." She corrected with a smirk.

Naruto chuckled, downing his own drink. "My apologies, oh beautiful woman." He apologised with a grin, feeling at peace just from the silly banter.

Cana smiled beautifully and patted his cheek almost mockingly. "There's a good boy." She smirked as he swatted her hand away.

"HEY! NATSU FIGHT ME!" Gray roared at Natsu, forgoing his nakedness for the moment.

Natsu glanced up from where he was currently hitting someone and took one look at Gray. "Come back after you're dressed." He stated bluntly. Gray roared and dove at him.

"What rubbish!" A deep voice rung out from behind Lucy who jumped as a dark figure loomed behind her. She looked back to see Elfman, Mirajane's brother looming over her at an impressive height with spiky white hair and blue eyes. He was wearing what looked like a blue coat and blue pants. "Yapping in the middle of the day…you're not little kids, you know…so fight with your fists to show your manhood!" He exclaimed, moving to fight them.

"Get outta the way!" Gray and Natsu shouted, punching Elfman away before the man could blink.

"Hrmm?" Another person spoke up, gaining Lucy's attention. "It's so noisy here."

"Ah! Loke, one of the top ranked 'mage you want to have as your boyfriend'!" She exclaimed with a small blush. Loke had short dark orange hair and his attire consisted of a green jacket with a fluffy white collar, a light red Hawaiian-like shirt and black trousers.

"I'll go join their fight." He said just as two women, fan-girls, appeared at his side hugging him to which he placed his arms around their shoulders with a grin.

"Good luck!" Both women swooned.

'And his image is officially corrupted.' Lucy thought, a book in her hands with men's profiles in it and a red cross through Loke after seeing him being a womanizer. Beside her, Mirajane giggled at her book of potential men. "What's with this place? None of them are normal." She muttered to herself. She looked over at the growing brawl and turned to Mirajane. "S-Shouldn't you stop them?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It happens all the time." Mirajane answered unfazed as the Guild now looked destroyed with everyone using tables and chairs to beat the living shit out of each other. "You don't have to worry about it. Besides…" She stopped talking as a bottle of whiskey flew through the air and smacked her head causing it to tilt to one side, smile still on her face.

"KYAAAAH! MIRAJANE-SAN!" Lucy screamed frantically, seeing blood run down the side of her head from where the bottle had impacted.

Mirajane just smiled at her as if nothing was wrong. "…Isn't it fun this way?" She asked, finishing what she had been saying.

Lucy's eyes bulged out. 'It's scary!' She exclaimed mentally.

Suddenly Gray slammed into a table beside Lucy startling her as the table was crushed. However, she became even more shocked when she saw Natsu holding up a pair of boxer short with a large smile on his face. Knowing she shouldn't, she turned to see Gray stand up and look down at his now completley naked body. "AAAAAH! MY UNDERWEAR!" He shouted, spreading hios bdoy out wide, revealing everything to Lucy.

"DON'T FACE THIS WAY!" She screamed, placing her hand over her eye. Yes, her single eye, leaving her other eye to look at Gray. Most likely her subconscious perversion appearing before she could stop it.

Gray finally noticed Lucy and casually walked up to her and held a hand out. "Lady, if you don't mind, please lend me your under-" Before he could finish, Lucy's fist was implanted into his face sending him sprawling.

"NO WAY WOULD I DO THAT!" Before Lucy could so much as blink she had been lifted off the ground and in someone's arms.

"Ah geez…people with no elegance are really troublesome, don't you think?" Loke asked Lucy in his arms with a charming smile. "By the way, which modelling agency do you belong to?"

Lucy just looked like a deer in headlights. 'What is this?' She asked herself, wondering how so much could happen in so little time.

"Men should fight with fists!" Elfman shouted; back up after being knocked away.

"I said you're getting out way!" Natsu exclaimed, punching Elfman in the face, throwing him back again much to the larger man's annoyance.

"Aaaaah, so noisy." Cana grunted, turning away from Naruto to face the crowd as bottles and tables flew around. "I can't even drink peacefully with the old man." She snickered mentally as she heard Naruto mutter under his breath. "It's time…to end this!" With a flick of her wrist, a card with a cross on its back appeared in her hands glowing with energy.

Gray seemed to agree as he held out his left palm and slammed his right fist into it, gathering energy around his hands. "I've had it!"

"NUOOOOOOOH!" Elfman yelled, following their example and holding his right arm up as rocks began to form around it creating an arm of solid rock that could probably kill someone in one punch.

"What a troublesome bunch…" Loke muttered, placing his thumb and finger on his ring n his right finger causing it to glow with magical energy.

Natsu roared as a great amount of fire enveloped his hands. "COME AND GET ME!" He yelled at them all, challenging everyone.

Naruto shook his head as he felt the build-up of power. Lifting his glass to his mouth he muttered to himself. "One day they'll destroy the Guild and th-" SMASH Everybody froze at the noise of glass smashing and turned to the source and immediately gulped. Naruto was now holding, nothing. The remains of his glass and alcohol lay in pieces on the table and they could all see Naruto staring numbly at his hands as veins began to pulse at the side of his head.

Even though Naruto Uzumaki, a well-known S-class mage wasn't an alcoholic, the man was also known for his love of the stuff whenever he would relax in the Guild or even at home. So there was an unspoken rule that no one was to ever, and I mean ever take his alcohol from him or do anything to stop him. The last guy who had done the deed, well, he found out just why Naruto was the class he was at.

Even Cana who was on the other side of the table edged away as she saw Naruto push himself up from the table and step over the bench he was sat on. Despite the danger she knew she was for being so close to ground zero, seeing him so deadly always made her excited, not in the aroused way, but in the excited way that she simply liked to see him fight ever since she had met him and seen him in a battle.

Naruto didn't say anything as held his hand out and in a flash of a light, Senbonzakura appeared in his hand. It was a regular katana, with a simple cross guard, which was a simple open frame, much like a four-pane window. It had a white-coloured hilt with pink wrappings. Naruto lifted his head and said one word that caused them all too nearly shit themselves. "Chire!" (Scatter) Before their very eyes, the blade separated into a thousand slender, tiny pink blade fragments, which then flew away from the hilt, leaving only the sword's handle in Naruto's hand as the segments began to swirl around Naruto, cutting up the tables and benches near him as well as the floor.

"They're using magic? And what's up with Naruto?" Lucy exclaimed in shock and awe at Naruto's magic.

Mirajane laughed lightly. "This is getting pretty intense." She nodded. "Naruto uses a magic called Requip which he can use to summon swords from a pocket dimension, he has some special swords that each have their own abilities just like that one right now." She explained.

"Die!" Naruto exclaimed, thrusting his hand forward. Everyone went on the defensive except Natsu who threw himself at the pink blades that were sent at them with fire blazing around his hands.

"That's enough!" Before anything could happen, a large black foot crushed Natsu into the ground and blocked the miniature blades from attacking causing Naruto to sigh as he reformed his sword knowing playtime was over. "Cut it out, you fools!"

"HE'S HUMONGOUS!" Lucy screamed, looking up at the demonic looking form of Makarov.

Everyone sighed as they began to deactivate whatever magic they were going to use though they still glared at one another. Mirajane looked up at the large form with some surprise. "My, you were here, master?" She asked.

"Master?" Lucy asked incredulously.

"Tch/Hmph." Gray and Elfman grunted looking away from each other after glaring at each other.

"It was scary wasn't it?" Loke asked the two fan-girls in his arms.

"It was!" They cried, hugging him.

Cana grunted and sat back down in her seat, hand on her barrel. "Booze." She grunted again like a caveman. Across from her, Naruto also sat down now that the excitement was over and brushed the shards of his glass away before picking up another.

The giant form of the master finally noticed Lucy and loomed over her making her shake in fear. "Mu? A newcomer?" He asked the trembling form of Lucy.

Lucy stared up with wide quivering eyes and strained to keep a smile on her face. "Y-Yes." Sh e finally answered.

The master stared at her for a moment before his face twisted and he began to growl loudly causing Lucy to shake in fear as tears began to roll down her face. Naruto, who had been watching her to make sure she was alright, would've found the scene funny if he didn't know how much she wanted to be accepted into the Guild. Before Lucy's very eyes, the master actually began to shrink until turning into his real form, allowing her to calm down and wipe her eyes clearly. "WHAAAAAAT?" She yelled at his gnome-like size.

Makarov simply smiled at her as he clutched a bunch of papers in his hand. "Nice to meet you." He waved before bouncing up to the second level, hitting the banister dead on and clambering up to stand on the banister to look down at them all. "You've done it again, fools." He waved the stack of papers at them. "Look at these documents I received from the council." He held the stack to his face and began reading. "First…Gray."

"Huh?" The aforementioned person asked with a sour look as if he didn't want to hear it.

"Good on sweeping out the smuggling organization." Makarov praised before sighing. "But you walked around naked in town afterwards. And ran away after stealing underwear that was being dried."

"But, wouldn't it be worse if I had been naked?" Gray asked, sweating slightly.

"Then don't be naked in the first place." Elfman said, glancing at the reprimanded young man.

"Elfman…" Makarov read getting the large man's attention. "…You had a mission to escort a VIP, but assaulted him during the mission."

"He said, 'men are all about education,' so…" Elfman trailed off as he scratched his cheek with Makarov shaking his head at him.

"Cana Alberona. Drinking 15 big barrels of alcohol and charging it to the council." Makarov stated her charge.

She looked away slightly. "They found out…" She muttered, ashamed for even being caught. Naruto chuckled as he shook his head at her and got a glare from her though it held no malice to speak of but just a warning to shut up.

"Loke…" Makarov carried on. "…Flirting with council member elder Reiji's granddaughter. A certain talent agency charged us for damage compensation too."

Loke looked away with a frown. "She had talent." Was his only defensive statement.

"And Natsu…" Here the masters' head dropped as if in agony whilst Natsu who was still lying on the floor from being crushed pulled a face, not keen on listening to his charges. "…You destroyed the Deon Thief family, but also destroyed seven other houses that belonged to the townspeople. Levelling a historical clock tower in Tully Village. Burning down a church in Freesia. Damaging parts of Lupinus Castle. Nazuna Ravine observatory collapsed and this stopped its operations. Destroying half of Hargeon's Port." He finally finished and everyone looked at him with some respect for doing so much damage, though most looks were of pity.

Lucy had her head tilted in shock and daze as she listened to his charges. 'Most of the articles in the magazine were done by Natsu, huh…' She thought in awe.

Makarov took a deep breath. "Naruto…" Said person looked up then with a raised eyebrow. "…You took out the entire Red-Arrow Dark Guild by yourself. You destroyed their Guild building and the ten houses that once surrounded it. You also cleared out all of the bandit gangs in Freesia City but in the process you wiped out half of the marketplace." He finished.

'Eh? He took out a Dark Guild on his own?' Lucy thought in some shock.

Naruto sighed at the list and shrugged. "Anyone who hires Fairy Tail should know the likely result. If it's anyone's fault, it's theirs for not thinking ahead." He defended his actions as well as everyone else's. "Then again, I doubt anyone can predict Cana-chan would be such an alcoholic." He grinned as he dodged a glass that smacked into someone else, sending that person sprawling from the force. He turned to Cana with a grin as she huffed and looked away.

Master nodded at that, finding it to be a decent defence before flipping through all of the papers. "Alzack, Levy, Reedus, Warren, Bisca…" Makarov sighed. "Guys…the council members are angry at me all the time…" Down below, Lucy tensed up wondering what was going to happen and grinded her teeth in anticipation as most people looked down. "But…" Makarov looked up with a grin as he held out the complaints that soon lit up with fire. "Forget about the council members."

"Eh?" Lucy muttered in shock at his regard to the council.

Makarov didn't say anything at first except for throwing the burning stacks of paper into the air which Natsu dove at and caught in his mouth like a dog. "Listen up. The power to overcome reasoning is born from reasoning. Magic is not a miracle. When the 'spirit' within us and the 'spirit' flow in nature connects, they will form an embodiment for the first time. You will need a strong mentality and a lot of concentration for that. I mean, pouring all of your soul into whatever you do is magic. If you keep worrying about the watchful eyes of the higher-ups, your magic won't improve. Do not fear the fools of the council! DO WHATEVER YOU THINK IS RIGHT!" He roared at the last part, earning cheers and roars of approval from his children. "THAT'S THE WAY OF THE FAIRY TAIL MAGES!"

Lucy smiled wildly, already feeling warmth spread through her as everyone laughed and cheered despite the state the Guild was on. She cast a glance at Naruto who glanced at her and gave her a smile and a nod making her grin widen.

It had been two hours since Lucy had arrived at the Guild and everyone was back to normal, sitting with their friends, eating dinner and just relaxing before they went on a job. Lucy herself was sitting at a table with Natsu and Happy who was eating a flaming dinner that consisted of, fire pasta, fire chicken and a fire drink. She had never seen something so bizarre before. She was currently waiting for Mirajane to get the stamp that would make her an official member of Fairy Tail.

Looking around, she found Naruto sat at the same bench with Cana now sat beside him instead of across from him. Two other people was also sat with them. Gray Fullbuster, the one who Natsu seems to like to fight with considering earlier and she also knew he had somewhat of a fetish to simply strip for no reason. The other person was Elfman, someone she found to like the word 'Man' and would use it in any sentence, regardless of the content of the sentence which usually confused people.

Looking around she found other people she now knew the names of, Levy McGarden, Droy and Jet. They all seemed to be close friends from the way they acted around one another. From what she'd heard, the two males seemed to have a crush on levy or it could just be admiration for what it was she did. Being so new she couldn't be certain.

"So were called the Salamander in other times, Natsu?" Lucy turned her attention back to her table to see someone she didn't know ask Natsu the question. "True, you magic would fit that description…" The man muttered as Natsu nodded absentmindedly, too engrossed in his food.

"If Natsu is the Salamander, I want to be the Catmander!" Happy declared, twirling around with a smile.

'What's with that 'mander' thing?' She thought to herself. She was broken from her thoughts as she noticed Mirajane coming up to her.

Mirajane smiled at the blonde and held up the stamp as Lucy place her hand on the table, the back of it facing up. "You want it here?" She asked the newest member.

"YES!" Lucy squealed in delight, eliciting a giggle from Mirajane.

Mirajane pressed the stamp down on the back of Lucy's hand for a moment before pulling back after a burst of energy came from it. On the back of her right hand was now the Fairy Tail crest printed in pink. "There! Now you are a part of Fairy Tail." Mirajane smiled at Lucy's ecstatic face as she stared at her hand in awe.

"Whoa." Lucy breathed before turning to Natsu and holding her hand up. "Natsu! Look! She gave me the mark of Fairy Tail!" She exclaimed with giddiness.

Natsu looked up at her and grunted, swallowing a mouthful of fire. "Good for you Luigi." He praised, saying her name wrong.

"IT'S LUCY!" She screamed at him.

"Congratulations Lucy." Lucy jumped slightly and turned around to see Naruto looking down at her with a smile as she silently wondered how he could sneak up on her so much without her knowing until he talks. Naruto chuckled for no reason and turned to the master that was sitting on the bar. "Master, I'm off, see you later." Makarov nodded his head back at him in acceptance. Naruto turned back to Lucy and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Good luck Lucy, in this Guild, you need it." He told her before he began to walk off.

"Oi old man!" Naruto turned to face Cana who had been the one to call him. "Don't be a stranger." She told him with a grin.

"Wouldn't dream of it, Cana-chan." He nodded and began his walk out of the Guild.

As Lucy watched Naruto leave, she noticed everyone either saying goodbye or just nodding and such as he passed by. The way everyone acted with him made her realise he was well liked amongst everyone and from what she could see, most of the women were smiling impishly at him as he passed by giggling with each other.

"Hmm, you see something you like?" Mirajane asked from beside her with a grin, noticing Lucy watching Naruto leave.

Lucy blushed and stammered at her before calming herself. "N-No, it's nothing like that!" She protested, perhaps a bit too much. Sighing she glanced at Naruto's form once again. "I just didn't realise he was so well liked, I always read magazines about Fairy tail and Naruto-san but they never really said what they were like or what they could even do. I guess seeing it from this perspective is a bit…new for me." She explained as best as she could.

"Hmm." Mirajane nodded, looking after Naruto with a fond smile. "He may not speak to everyone as much as he does some but everyone does seem to like him regardless." She agreed with Lucy.

"Why is he leaving this early though?" Lucy asked, noticing the time was just after six o'clock in the evening.

Mirajane smiled sadly, confusing Lucy. "Every time Naruto comes back from a job, whether it was short or long one, he would go visit someone." Was all Mirajane said on the matter, leaving Lucy confused but determined to get to know Naruto and everyone else in the Guild.

Before Naruto managed to leave though, Levy stood in his way, arms crossed and levelling him with a look. Levy was a young teen-aged girl with a slender build and stood at a height below average for her age. She sported long blue hair, with a slight purple hue, tied up with an orange coloured bandana around her head and dressed in white pants, a short green stop that was opened far enough to show her yellow bra. Her member stamp was located on her left shoulder blade.

"Yes?" Naruto asked, raising an eyebrow as she stared at him.

Levy said nothing as she stared at him before holding her hand out as if expecting something, though her eyes now held some excitement. Naruto chuckled at her before reaching into a back pocket of his hakama and pulling out a beige book with the title 'LOVELESS' on the front and a fancy design around the edges acting as a border. Just as Levy went to grab for it, Naruto held up out of reach. "This isn't finished yet but since I'm such a nice guy I'll let you read what I have so far and also let me know how it is." He lowered the book and grinned as Levy snatched it away.

Levy smiled as she held the book. It was no secret to anyone that she had a love for books, but it was always more fun to read something a friend had written since she could speak to that person about it. With a leap, she hugged Naruto around the waist since she was too small to reach his neck. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She exclaimed rapidly before sprinting off.

Naruto smiled as he saw Levy sitting at a table she usually used for her reading and decoding of books. With a shrug, he walked over to the double doors and pushed them open, leaving the Guild.

Lisanna's Grave

"Hey Lisanna-chan." Naruto whispered, standing in front of her grave stone. Her grave was beside the hut she had created for Natsu and herself for when they had been raising Happy whilst he was in an egg and even afterwards. It had held a special place in Lisanna's heart and they had decided that it was the place to build her grave. "It's already been two years since that day, and it already feels so much longer." He sighed, thinking back to some of the times he had been with Lisanna.


"Naruto-aniki!" Lisanna of ten years old called out as he entered the Guild. With an excited smile she ran up to and grabbed his hand before he could say anything and proceeded to drag him along the Guild to the amusement of others. "Look! Look!" She exclaimed excitedly, pointing to a blue object rest on a younger Natsu's head.

"Huh?" Naruto tilted his head at the strange thing. "What is it?"

"It's a cat." Lisanna asked, not letting go of his hand. "Natsu found a large egg and I helped him hatch it. Happy was born from it a couple days ago. He's mine and Natsu's son." She smiled making Naruto chuckle.

"Your son, hmm?" He glanced around to see Mirajane looking at Lisanna with amused eyes, obviously having heard her. He bent down and placed a hand on her ehad, ruffling her hair which only provoked a large smile from her. "Well then, make sure Natsu doesn't spoil him too much and since one day Natsu will be your husband, you'll have to make sure he takes care of…Happy." He instructed, hoping the cat was called Happy since she had called it that.

Lisanna put on a serious look and nodded resolutely looking too cute for words as she gazed at Natsu who was stroking Happy. "You can trust me Naruto-aniki." She said with determination, vowing to make sure Natsu becomes a great father to their son.

"I know I can." Naruto smiled down at her softly, missing the looks Mirajane and Elfman shared at the display.

"Naruto-aniki?" Lisanna asked, from where she rested on his back, receiving a piggy back ride from him after returning from a job. He had gotten permission from Makarov and the reluctant permission from Mirajane and Elfman to take Lisanna on a harder job to prepare her for later on when she had to take them herself. He was somewhat reluctant himself since he had to take full responsibility for her and if he let her get injured he wouldn't be able to live with himself. However, Lisanna was simply more of a support type so she wasn't the one doing the heavy hitting which he was glad of in fact. Now though, he was walking back to Magnolia with a very tired Lisanna on his back as he held her up by her legs with her smaller arms around his neck.

"Hmm?" He asked, glancing back at her tired face.

"Can we go on more jobs like this last one?" She asked with hope.

Naruto blinked at that and raised an eyebrow. "You want to go on more?" He asked making sure he didn't hear things.

"Mhm." She nodded against his shoulder. "I like spending time with you away from the Guild, but, I'd like it if Mira-nee and Elf-niichan went with us as well. Oh, and Natsu-kun and Happy too." She smiled into his shoulder. "It'll be like a…family job." She whispered.

Naruto blinked at that and looked back to see her asleep now. He smiled softly at her as a tear left his eye. "Yeah, Lisanna-chan…for you." He whispered, careful not to wake her.

Naruto yawned as he entered Magnolia Town and blinked away the sleepiness he felt. Looking ahead of him he was surprised to see a fifteen year old Lisanna, a seventeen year old Mirajane and a sixteen year old Elfman all walking towards him most likely for a job. Lisanna had grown to become a beautiful woman even at her age along with Mirajane who had finally developed much to her joy though Elfman had been the biggest change, shooting up past even his own height.

"Where are you guys going off to?" He asked as they got closer.

Mirajane smiled smugly and placed a hand on her hip. "Were going on an S-class job." She said with some boasting in her voice. "I'm catching up to you old man." She declared with a smirk.

Naruto shook his head at her and raised an eyebrow at them. "You sure you guys are ready for it?" He asked and held a hand up to stop Mirajane's protests. "I'm just saying, they're not easy and some can be very dangerous, well, more dangerous than they say."

"As a Man I will protect my family!" Elfman declared with a pump of his fists.

Lisanna giggled at her big brother and stepped forward to give Naruto a tight hug. "We'll be fine. Don't worry about us." She said, stepping back to her siblings.

Mirajane smirked and gave a nod. "I wouldn't take the job if I wasn't sure they couldn't handle it." She gave a nod to her siblings and they began to walk past Naruto. With a smirk she looked over her shoulder at the blonde as he watched them leave. "When I come back, I want that battle you promised me years ago."

Naruto smiled and gave a nod. "You got a deal and Lisanna, make sure your sister doesn't cause too much trouble!" He grinned as Mira began yelling curses at him with Elfman struggling to pull her away, Lisanna giggling all the time.

"Will do Naruto-aniki!" Lisanna shouted back as she jogged to catch up with her siblings.

Naruto smiled as he watched them go and suddenly felt a chill up his spin but shrugged it off as he turned around, praying for their safety.

Naruto stared up at the cloudy sky as rain pounded against the ground harder than it had a long time. He closed his eyes as he just let it hit him, not caring that he was getting soaked whatsoever. With a sighed, he stepped from around a tree to face the hut that Lisanna had built for a home for her, Happy and Natsu. In front of the hut was a newly built grave stone that would bring him nightmares for the many years to come.

In front of the grave however, was a soaking wet Mirajane in her usual gothic attire, kneeling on the ground, not caring one bit that the mud beneath her was sticking to her knees and legs. Sighing, he began to walk toward the grave, barley making a sound to not scare Mirajane, but it seemed she had sensed him as he saw her wiping her eyes quickly.

Reaching her side, he knelt beside her, mud splashing on his white clothing but he didn't care. There was silence for a moment before Mirajane sniffed. "I-I'm so-sorry." She hiccupped over her words.

"What?" He asked, barely a whisper in confusion.

"T-This is m-my fault…I-I should've a-asked you to come b-but I w-was too arr-arrogant." She sniffed again, hiccupping every now and again. "I-I wanted to p-prove I-I was better t-than you and w-want to prove m-myself to you but all I r-received was L-Lisanna…" She stopped as she felt tears rolling down her face, though at this time she wasn't sure what were rain and what were tears.

"Shut up." Naruto muttered, getting a look from her. "Stop blaming yourself. This is no one's fault." He sighed, running a hand through his soaked hair. "I should've gone with you regardless. I should've made sure you guys were fine but, I ignored my gut feeling and let you guys go. We can all blame ourselves for not doing anything, but all you have to think about is what Lisanna-chan would've said." He told her, a smile forming at the thought of the loving girl. "She would smile and tell you everyone dies eventually and this was her time. Heck, she'd blame herself just to stop us from blaming ourselves. She'd also want us to live for ourselves and not dwell on 'what ifs' because she would want us to be happy, always smiling like her."

Mirajane sniffed at his words and tried to smile through her tears but found herself unable to as her emotions threatened to rip her apart. Beside her, Naruto glanced over at her and reached an arm over and placing it around her shoulders for comfort and to his surprise, she almost threw herself him, hugging him tightly and crying into his chest, forgetting all about the rivalry she held for him and taking solace in the fact she would always have someone as an anchor. Naruto smiled as tears began to leave his eyes and wrapped her in a hug, pulling her closer as he kissed the top of her head.

They did nothing that night except for sit there and cry for one of the most important person in their lives.

Flashback End

Naruto sighed as he wiped a tear away. "I thought you'd be here." He turned to the speaker to see Mirajane stood stand beside him with some flowers that she placed in front of the grave.

Naruto chuckled as she stepped beside him. "You always did seem to predict what I do." He commented.

Mirajane smiled at that as she looked at her sisters' grave. "You know, Lisanna loved you like an older brother and…" Naruto turned to face her as she smiled. "…She also looked up to you as an almost fatherly figure because you were always there for her when Elfman or I wasn't around."

Naruto looked at her with a clear surprise on his face. "I didn't even try to take such an important place." He muttered, more to himself than Mirajane.

Mirajane laughed at that and raised an eyebrow. "Lisanna declared she would be Natsu's with when she was ten years old. No one had a choice in telling her otherwise so stick with it." She giggled as he chuckled as well at the simple fact.

Naruto smiled at how Lisanna thought of him. Once upon a time he would've dreaded being looked at in such a way, but now, it felt good and warm. He had only really acted that way with Lisanna, caring for her and making sure she was simply alright whenever he could and even spending his free time with her. However it was the way she thought of him that made him realise he had failed her even further. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect her, I sh-" He was cut off as Mirajane smacked him on the back of the head.

"Don't start that Naruto. We've already gone through that phase. Besides, if Lisanna were here she would tell you to stop moping and keeping smiling, for her at least." She told him with a sigh at his way of blaming himself.

Naruto nodded after a moment before turning to Mirajane fully getting her attention. "This may not be the best place to mention this, but we're alone and if I don't say it now then I don't know if I will." He started off, making her confused and nervous. "Erza told me how you felt about me. How you love me. I wasn't sure if to believe her or not at first because, believe it or not, she likes to mess about in private." He said, babbling on.

Mirajane blushed and looked away for a moment before looking back. "I was supposed to talk to Erza about that when she returned." She told him, unsure where he was going with this.

Naruto shrugged and just smiled reassuringly. "Erza was fine with it, like I said we spoke about it, though I'm more surprised she's fine with the fact her old 'rival' has feelings for her current lover." He shrugged before looking her in the eye. "I want to know if it's true. How do you truly feel?"

Mirajane struggled to say anything for a moment as she worked around the fact Erza was fine with it and apparently Naruto was. It was confusing to her to be honest that she suddenly noticed these hidden feelings she had brushed away for so long. He may be older technically but to her age was a number, you can't help who you love, and while some may find it weird that he was in fact forty and she and Erza were nineteen, she found nothing wrong with it. Most likely Erza thought the same though even she was shocked Erza the Titania had opened herself up in such away.

Looking at Naruto now, she knew she had to take the gamble, at least in the end she wouldn't be thinking with 'what if's. Taking a deep breath, she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck and leant upwards, kissing him whilst pouring all of her feelings and love into it. Naruto began to return the case and even pulled Mirajane closer to her gaining a blush from her she felt his muscle and something else that was currently brushing up against her.

Naruto pulled back and smiled as Mirajane panted for breath with swollen lips. Lifting a hand up, he cupped her cheek softly. "I am one lucky bastard." He whispered before they met in one more kiss that left them both breathless.

Lucy's Apartment

Three Days Later

It had been three days since Lucy had joined Fairy Tail and teamed up with Natsu and it had been chaos. First off she joined him on a mission to help a kid called Romeo and find his dad, Macao Conbolt, up at Mt. Hakobe, mountains that were so cold it always snowed. She had unfortunately gone there in her regular clothes which was too thin and skimpy for such whether and had been shivering constantly until she stole Natsu's blanket and summoned a Celestial Spirit, Horologium, a clock spirit with a compartment that she could hide in for warmth. When they had gotten to the place Macao had been they had found a Vulcan that Macao had been subduing.

After fighting with it, Natsu being knocked around a bit and Lucy having to summon another Celestial Spirit, Taurus, a perverted bull that liked to comment on Lucy's body and large breasts, they had managed to eventually defeat it which they then found out that the Vulcan had in fact been Macao and had been 'taken over' by the creatures magic. In the end, they got Macao back to Fairy Tail and his son. But the next day had been even more chaotic.

After kicking Natsu out of her apartment when she had found him lounging about after she had had a shower, she decided to help them with a mission that involved needing a blonde woman in a maids outfit. How convenient. The job had been in fact to find a book and then burn it but the owner of the book liked beautiful maids, so she was the key to getting the book. Though she later found out Natsu and Happy had been joking but it was done and dusted in the end. However, the owner of the book, Duke Everlue, found her to be ugly which kinda crushed her confidence until she saw what he considered beautiful. Fat, grotesque women. She felt her confidence rise considering the alternative.

In the end, they snuck in, found the book, but because she had found some secret in the book she had been forced to fight the Duke who was a Celestial Spirit mage like herself and used a spirit called Virgo, one of the twelve Zodiac keys. After defeating him, she gained the Zodiac key and took the book back to its true owner, Kaby and revealed the book to be for him from his father. In the end it had been interesting, she had gained a key, helped someone find peace from his father's death and receive an item from him and most of all she had realised that Fairy Tail would just keep getting more interesting.

Right now though, she was relieving a memory that recent events had dug out from the back of her mind.


"Mommy?" Eight year old Lucy Heartfilia looked up at her mother who was glaring at a group of about twelve members of a Dark Guild.

"Shhhh." Layla shushed her daughter as she placed her behind her leg to not direct attention to her in front of the men looking at them with leers. This shouldn't have happened. Normally she would take the usual road back to the manor but she had felt like walking through the surrounding forest just for the peacefulness of it that she felt. It helped that was a quicker way to walk home. But then they had been stumbled, upon by some rotten Dark Guild members that took one look at her and decided they wanted her. Sometimes she damned her youthful looks. Worst of all, she had left her Celestial Spirits back at the manor since she there was no need for them.

"Looky here boys, I think we found our entertainment for the night." One of them grinned as they all laughed.

"She's a beautiful ain't she?" One of them asked rhetorically. "Yup, yup, we'll have fun with her."

Layla almost gaged at their lustful looks aimed at her but froze in terror when one of them noticed her daughter and his eyes widened before a grin stretched across his face.

"Oi boys, check out the little one." He nodded towards little Lucy who scampered behind her mother's legs in fear, tears threatening to fall down. "She'd be good when she's older, heh, why wait till then?" He laughed.

"Your right about that, she'd be a good little slave for us won't she?" Another asked them with a smirk revealing missing teeth and the ones he did have were dirty.

"Come on then! What are we waiting for? I'm getting' reared up just thinking of shagging the bitch!" One shouted to them.

"I swear to god, if you lay one of your filthy hands on my daughter, you won't leave here alive." Layla threatened an empty threat at that since she could do nothing. But her protective side for her daughter fought against that and it was that mattered at the moment.

"Hahaha, what the fuck are ya gonna do, huh?" One asked with sarcasm.

"He's right, there's nothing you can do so why not just give up now and we won't have to hurt you or the little one…well not much anyway." He laughed. "We can't say certain…parts…won't hurt when we're through with the both of you."

"You know…" A voice drawled from above them in a tree. They all looked up to see a blond haired man in white looking down at them. "…There are few things I hate in this world, at the top of that list are rapists, Dark Guilds, and people like you, willing to rape a defenceless woman and her daughter. It makes me sick to the stomach that we're of the same race."

"Oh yeah! Then come down 'ere and say that!" One shouted up.

"Don't mind if I do." He muttered, stepping off the branch and dropping to the ground in a crouch, in-between Layla and Dark Guild members. He glanced back at Layla and smiled with a nod. "Get back, at the moment you're too vulnerable with your daughter with you." He cautioned.

Layla nodded and stepped back so she wasn't too close and held Lucy too her tightly as her daughter watched the events unfold. The blonde stared across at the soon to be dead guys. "So, how do you want to die? Decapitation? Burned alive? Shredded? Cleaved? Or just a hood old beat to death?" He asked them, without a care in the world. He had long since gotten over killing being a part of what he did. Since he wasn't a part of a Guild, he didn't have to hold back and let the authorities take of them.

"Ha? Here this guy fella's? Bastard thinks he can kill us!" One of them roared with laughter with the other joining in. The guy who had shouted suddenly found himself being lifted off the ground. Looking down, he stunned to find the blonde with his hand gripped around his throat and lifting him up effortlessly.

With a flick of his wrist, the blonde snapped the man's neck and threw him away, his body crashing into a tree and slumping against it lightly. "Now be serious." The blonde told them with cold eyes.

"You bastard!" One of them shouted, holding his hand up and shooting a blast of energy at the blonde who side stepped it, allowing it pass him and smash into a tree.

The blonde opened his hand outward as a build-up of energy came to life around his palm. "Requip: Senbonzakura!" With a flash of light, the katana appeared in his hand. Gripping it tightly, he moved it in front of him. "Since you guys aren't exactly worth wasting my time in killing you, I'll make it quick." He told them with a smirk.

"Hah!" One boomed with laughter, eying the single sword. "You expect us to believe ya'll kill us with one sword?"

"He's a fucking comedian!"

The blonde just grinned at them. "And it's because of such arrogance that there will only be a blood stain left from you." He grasped the blade tighter and uttered his technique. "Chire!" (Scatter) As soon as the word left his mouth, the blade promptly dissolved into a thousand slender, tiny pink blade fragments that began to circle him like a snake.

Layla, who was now holding her daughter to her chest, stared in awe at the blades that looked like cherry blossoms circle the blonde like they were awaiting a command. "My goddess, they're beautiful." She uttered, knowing they were dangerous but it didn't blind her to the fact that they did look beautiful. However she could recognize the magic he was using. 'That's Ken Mahō (Sword Magic), a Holder Type Magic in which the user utilizes swords for various magic abilities and effects, a form of Requip magic.' She thought in amazement, having never seen it but read about it.

The blonde slashed with the handle of the blade was still in his hand sending all of the small the blades at the Dark Guilders, but just before they struck, the mass of tiny blades split into two and encircled them, spinning around them at extreme speeds. The number of tiny blades began to increase immensely creating a spherical formation of innumerable blade fragments, which then swirled around the gang of eleven like a cloud.

Flashes of light began to come from the inside of the cloud of pink blades, most likely the scum trying to blast their way out with their magic. If they had been strong mages, they probably would've gotten out with their numbers, but, they were weak.




"Gōkei!" (Mawscape) The blonde uttered as the thousands of blades flew into them from every possible angle, leaving no blind spots and no possibility to escape before it suddenly collapsed on itself, obliterating destroying the surrounding are instantly with only partial screams escaping before it all went deathly silent.

With a flick of his wrist, the many blades honed in on the hilt and reformed the blade before it vanished in a flash of light. Where the members of the Dark Guild once stood, was now nothing but a large crater with blood splattered around it. Seeing the blood, the he closed his eyes before turning around and opening them to face Layla who was now walking over to him.

Layla smiled as she reached the man that had saved her and her daughter from those men that would've done unspeakable things to them both, though she did her best to ignore the stench of death. "Thank you for saving my daughter and me." She inclined her head in thanks.

"I couldn't stand by and let a beautiful woman and her daughter come to harm." He grinned charmingly.

Layla laughed lightly and tilted her head. "I don't believe I have ever seen you before." She commented.

"I'm a…traveller, just journeying around. I had been looking for a place of rest for a week of two when I came upon on the scene." He explained.

"I see." Layla acknowledged. "Then, maybe I could offer you a room at my house?" She asked, wanting to repay her saviour somehow.

He raised an eyebrow at that. "Offering to house a stranger, huh? How do you know I'm not dangerous?" He challenged.

Layla laughed lightly again. "Oh, I know you're dangerous. But you're of the light, that I am well aware of. Im a mage myself and I can sense your magic is pure, though there is something else there, besides, I have a large house."

The blonde smiled and closed his eyes for a moment before opening them. "While I am grateful for the offer, we don't even know each other's name." He reasoned.

"Then let's rectify that. My name is Layla Heartfilia and this is my daughter, Lucy." She said, gesturing to Lucy who was staring at the tall stranger in some amount of awe.

"Well then I guess I have no choice now, huh?" He chuckled before smiling. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki." He introduced himself.

"Well Uzumaki-san, follow me, I'm sure you could do with some relaxation and a nice bath." She told him, turning around to walk away, confident he would follow.

Naruto smiled after the beautiful and silently cursed his luck when he saw the wedding ring on her finger, he was no stranger to a woman's flesh and he had come to find it enticing and also a stress reliever to be with a woman. Though he was no womanizer, and he wouldn't go and find a woman to simply have sex with. In this world he had found women to be more alluring and too tempting, especially whenever he would accidently save them or help them out somehow, they would usually offer him a night with them, he found it hard to say no.

Oh well, the least he could do was at least accept the woman's hospitality, he always hated turning down women, what could he say? They were his weakness and he wasn't afraid to admit. With a grin and a chuckle, he followed the woman until he was right behind her. "Lead on then, Layla-chan." He grinned as she glanced back, raising an eyebrow, seemingly not use to being referred to as '-chan' but she just smiled and laughed lightly before carrying on.

Dream End/Flashback End

Lucy shot up in her bed with eyes wide at the dream she'd just had, or more like a recollection of something she had forgotten due to being so young back then but now with recent events, it had dragged the memory forward. 'He saved us.' She thought in amazement and disgust at what she could remember of the men. 'Though he did kill them…and kind of ruthlessly as well…I don't know what to feel about that.' She thought with a sigh, unsure if killing them was a good or bad thing. Though she remembered what Mirajane had said on her first day.

"While we don't like to kill, sometimes we don't have a choice if it's to save someone at the present or someone that person may hurt."

With a sigh, she dropped her head back onto her pillow, glad she'd membered the connection she had with Naruto but confused about how to feel over him killing people so easily. However it was that memory that opened quite a few of them. She remembered how Naruto had stayed at their manor for a couple weeks at her mother's insistence. It helped her father was away on business otherwise the man would've thrown a fit at having her mother, his wife, bring a man home. It could've been taken any possible way regardless of the intentions. And knowing her father, he would do everything to destroy Naruto.

What worried her though was that she couldn't remember what their relationship was with each other. She could clearly remember her mother being taken by her saviour and if she was honest with herself, she couldn't bloody blame her. Then again, Naruto didn't seem the type to ruin a marriage, no matter how screwed up it had been near end of her death. He just seemed too nice for that. But if she truly did take after her mother, then surely her mother would've wanted to jump the blonde.

Shaking such thoughts away, she turned around on her bed and groaned into her pillow. She just knew the day was going to be a strange one if she was having such thoughts.

Naruto's House

"Oh my god!" Mirajane exclaimed, rolling over to the other side of the bed. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she gasped for one ragged breath after another. "No wonder Erza seems more relaxed now." She chuckled through her heavy breathing, glancing at an equally naked Naruto that was just as out of breathe as her which she was secretly proud of.

Naruto had been unsure whether or not to go through with everything since he hadn't spoken to Erza, but Mirajane wouldn't listen. She had waited to damn long to kiss him, never mind have him inside of her, taking her virginity. After days of only just kissing every now and again and her spending the night at his just for alone time, she had decided the night before that she wanted Naruto before Erza came back so she would be able to have him all to herself for that one night.

Naruto chuckled and held up a hand, while breathing rapidly. It had seemed that despite Mirajane being a virgin he night before, the woman was full of energy and eagerness. He had first woken up to some light kissing on his shoulder and chest which he happily welcomed, and before he knew it she was on top of him and riding him. If he didn't know any better, he would say Erza was giving her tips since they both liked it on top. Though it was no surprise considering it was the two of them. After catching his own breath, he turned to his side and rested on his elbow, gazing down at her with love he didn't know he had felt for her. "I said it once and I'll say it again…" He paused to simply kiss her shoulder, earning a smile. "…I'm one lucky bastard."

Mirajane sighed in content, not having felt so relaxed in as long as she could remember. "Yes you are. Having two women at your every whim, men would kill to be in your place right now." She remarked, leaning up to kiss him softly, now used to his kisses she couldn't stop herself from wanting more.

Naruto grinned and tucked a strand of her white hair behind her ear. "You know, I can see some of the old you coming back." He commented with a smile. "Though, it's more of a mix between the two which I gotta say, it's much better."

Mirajane smiled and breathed in Naruto's scent knowing she had to get to work soon behind the bar. "You bring it out of me." She said softly. "But don't expect me to be the old Mirajane, I prefer the new Mirajane." She told him.

Naruto smiled and gave a nod, lying back down as Mirajane moved over and curled against him, placing an arm on his chest and drawing patterns with a finger as her head rested on his shoulder. "I wish we could stay like this forever." She sighed.

"Mhm, but I don't think Erza will be too happy about that." He chuckled, brushing her back in a repetitive cycle.

Mirajane sighed and gave a nod. "We should tell Erza about us when she comes back. I still can't believe she was ok with this. She certainly has changed from how she once was."

Naruto chuckled at that. "She surprises me all the time. But it's nice to see her opening up more and more every day. I I just hope one day it isn't only me she opens up to, it'd be a nice change of pace if she warmed up to the rest of the Guild." He commented with a sigh, thinking of how Erza still seemed to protect herself from anyone that wasn't him or a select few. Maybe once her past becomes dealt with once and for all, she may open up.

"Yeah." Mirajane agreed before placing a hand on Naruto's arm and pushing herself, letting the sheet drop displaying her impressive bust, though she made no move to hide her breasts. She was proud of them in fact and it was nice to see Naruto appreciate them, though he wasn't the type of guy to focus solely on them. "I need to get dressed and be at the Guild soon." Feeling naughty, she dipped a finger into her womanhood forcing a moan from her before she pulled it out, their combined juices on it. Before Naruto, she never would've dreamed of doing such a thing. "At least I had my breakfast." She grinned, placing her finger in her mouth and slowly licking and sucking the combined cum from it before pulling her finger from her mouth a 'plop'.

Naruto just stared as she licked her lips sensually. Why was it that both Erza and Mirajane acted such a way when they were with him and yet with everyone else, one would be strict and the other would be a sweet and innocent woman? He was sure they did it just to annoy him and get a rouse out of him.

It worked though, he had to give them that much.

"You keep doing that and you will be late for work, how will you explain that to the old man?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Mirajane sighed but smiled down at him. "I'm too happy to care." She answered, feeling pure bliss at being with the man she loved and technically also being with her old rival. "But, I guess you're right." She conceded, stretching with a yawn. Just as she was about to get up, she glanced back at him. "If we take a shower together, we would be able t-"

"Way ahead of ya." Naruto interjected, already on his feet with Mirajane in his arms before she could even blink.

Fairy Tail

"Hrmmm…" Lucy placed a finger to her mouth in a thoughtful position as she looked at the request board. "Search for a magic bracelet… Remove spell from a cursed stick." She pulled a face at the last one at how ridiculous it sounded. "Fortune telling love with astrology? Exterminating a…DEVIL ON A VOLCANO?" She screamed at the end in shock at such a request. "Hrmmm, there are many types of requests." She commented.

Mirajane, from behind the bar, turned to Lucy. "If you find anything that interest you, let me know since master or Naruto-kun's not here right now." She told the new member with the same smile on her face that Lucy noticed she always had o, though now the woman seemed to be glowing.

"Huh?" Lucy looked at the bar where the master usually sat and blinked. "Oh yeah, you're right."

"He has to attend the regular meeting so he'll be out for a while." Mirajane answered for the blonde.

"Wait, why did you mention Naruto?" Lucy asked, confused and still a bit conflicted on how to feel on him killing those years back when he had saved them. Though she sort of understood why he did what he did when she thought about the words Mirajane had related to her.

Mirajane smiled at the mention of Naruto before answering. "Sometimes the master places the position of acting master on Naruto since he's older and one of the strongest mages of Fairy Tail."

"I didn't know the master trusted Naruto that much." Lucy commented in surprise. 'If the master can place so much trust in Naruto then I'd be stupid not to do the same thing.' She shook her head. "What this, regular meeting?" She asked Mirajane.

"It's a meeting where the Guild's Masters from different provinces come to report about their Guilds. It's different from the council meeting but…uhmmm…I guess it can be a bit confusing." She admitted, turning to a large balloon-like man with a white top and pointy hat. "Reedus, can I borrow your light pen please?"

Reedus smiled and held out a normal looking pen. "Oui." Reedus replied in French.

Mirajane smiled and began writing in the air, light pen was a pen that allowed the writer to write in the in the air in multiple colours. "You couldn't possibly have known the organizational cart of the mage world when you've just joined a Guild, right?" Mirajane, asked, just finishing the diagram so the system of the Guilds. "The ten council members who have connections to the government hold the highest position in the mage world. They exist to protect the larder in the mage world. They also try mages who commit crimes in the Guilds." She pointed to a section below. "Guild Masters are right underneath them. Their job is to smoothen communication between Guilds in every provenance and to notify their Guild about council decisions was as bringing them together…." Mirajane paused and turned to Lucy. "Well…it's quite a hard job to do."

Lucy stared in awe at the diagram. "I had no idea that each Guild has a connection with one another." She commented in wonder.

"Connections between Guilds are important. If you neglect these…you know." Mirajane placed her hands together in front of her face bringing tension to the atmosphere as Lucy shared at her questionably.


"HIEEEK!" Lucy screeched, spinning around with sweat rolling down her face and eyes wide with panic…only to see Natsu laughing his ass off.

"Uhyahyahya! She said 'hieeek'! What are you getting scared of?" Natsu roared with laughter.

Lucy clutched her heart as it thumped rapidly in her chest. "DON'T SCARE ME!" She screamed at the still laughing Natsu and Happy.

"Hahaha, you're such a coward Lucy!" Happy exclaimed, laughing with Natsu.

"SHUT UP!" Lucy snapped at the cat with a tick mark.

Mirajane, now having stopped giggling at their interaction, cleared her throat lightly. "But people from the darkness really do exist." She said softly. "We call those Guilds that don't belong to the league, a Dark Guild."

"They don't follow the rules, so they're scary." Natsu explained shortly with a nod.

"Aye." Happy nodded cheerfully.

Lucy just aimed a deadpanned stare at Natsu. "They'll come to recruit you one day, then."

Natsu just grinned at her. "Either way, why don't you choose a job already?" He asked, placing his hands behind his head in a relaxed pose.

Happy nodded as his wings sprouted on his back and he hovered beside Natsu. "We chose one without consulting you last time, so it's your turn to pick, Lucy." The cat explained.

"Don't joke around!" Lucy exclaimed, turning away from them. "We're splitting up."

"Why?" Natsu blinked at her, owlishly.


"You wouldn't mind taking in just any blonde girl, would you?" She asked with narrowed eyes, turning to face them again.

"What are you talking about?" Natsu asked before seemingly nodding to himself. "You're right, though."

"See!" Lucy exclaimed at him with an accusing look.

Natsu just smiled at her largely. "Though, we chose Lucy to be in the team because you're a nice person." He said earnestly while Lucy just stared at him though there was pink hue on her cheeks.

Close-by to them, Gray chuckled. "You don't have to force yourself to team up with anyone." He told the blonde. "I heard you did an excellent job last time. I bet you'll get plenty of recruitment offers."

Beside him was also Loke. "Lucy, would you like to make a love team with me? Just the two of us, tonight." He smiled charmingly, holding his hand out.

Lucy's eyebrow twitched as a bead of sweat trailed down the side of her face. "No." She deadpanned.

"See?" Gray questioned, Loke having proved his point despite the ulterior motives. "You defeated two mages from the Mercenary Guild Southern Wolves and a gorilla-like woman, right? You're really amazing."

"That's all Natsu." Lucy stated with an annoyed look.

Gray's nice-guy look vanished and he and Natsu immediately clashed heads with angry expressions. "It was you, bastard?" He demanded, tugging on Natsu's scarf.

"Got a problem with it?" Natsu demanded back.

"Gray…" Mirajane said softly with a small smile. "…You're outfit." She pointed out.

Gray's eyes widened as he looked down at himself only to find himself in boxers. "Aaaaargh! I forgot my clothes again!" He shouted in panic.

"What a pain in the ass." Natsu commented with a deadpan stare.

Gray, even in a panicked state, spun on Natsu. "DID YOU JUST CALL ME A PAIN IN THE ASS, YOU FLAMING PIECE OF SHIT?" He shouted, grabbing him by the scarf again and butting heads.

"A MASSIVE PAIN IN THE ASS, YOU PERVERTED PUNK!" Natsu shouted back, igniting his fists on fire.


Lucy looked up as Loke asked her the question and could only stare at him in wide-eyed confusion as sweat dripped down the side of her face in nervousness. "What…?" She asked, wondering what the hell he was talking about.

"You're really beautiful. Even looking through the dark shades if my sunglasses you're stil so beautiful…" Loke spoke, ignoring the fight between Natsu and Gray beside them. "I'd I'd look at you with my eyes, they'd probably shatter into pieces…ha ha." Loke smiled, peering down at Lucy with adoration and lust.

Lucy though, gave him the same deadpanned stare. "Then please take those off." She said bluntly, unfazed by his attempt at wooing her.

Mirajane giggled at the display from behind the bar and leant forward, her elbows resting on the bar. "Loke-san, I forgot to inform you about Lucy-chan didn't I?" She asked rhetorically with a gleam in her eye that surprised the womanizer slightly. "She's a Celestial Spirit Mage." She giggled when she saw his wide-eye stare as he looked down at a jingling set of keys on Lucy's belt. Oh yes, while with Lisanna's death her somewhat cruel, bold and even sadistic nature had all but vanished, making love with Naruto for the past day and even morning and gaining pure happiness from the reciprocated love, had brought back some of those old natures were back and though she was still the nice, kind-hearted woman, seeing Loke panic in such a way made her feel good at being the cause.

Loke, unaware that some of the old Mirajane was shining through, stared at Lucy in a mixture of horror and fear. "WUOOOOH! You're a Celestial Spirit Mage?" He asked the blonde in shock who simply stood there, hands clasped behind her back and her ehad tilted to the side. if he wasn't in such a situation, he would find it to be cute and sexy.

"She has the bull and the crab and others, too." Happy chirped from behind Lucy, referring to Taurus and Cancer of the Zodiac.

"What a quirk of fate!" Loke exclaimed, turning on his heal and running to the exit. "SORRY! BUT THIS IS THE END OF US!" He shouted back.

Lucy stared after him, blinking. "When was there ever an 'us'?" She wondered aloud. "What just happened?"

Mirajane giggled gaining Lucy's attention. "Loke isn't very good at dealing with Celestial Sprit Mages." She explained.


"I bet something happened in the past involving a girl." Mirajane commented as an answer with a small giggle.

"Ah, he came back!" Happy piped up, seeing Loke run back with a frantic look.

"Oh crap! Natsu! Gray!" Loke called out to them, stopping them in mid-punch.

"Huh?" They both grunted out with annoyed looks.

"She's back." Loke whispered in fear, feeling a shiver run up his spine. "ERZA IS BACK!" He shouted at them eventually.

"ARGH!" They both screamed in fear, sweating bullets as if they had been dumped with water.

Everyone turned to the doors of the Guild when they heard it open for a second time. They all gulped when they saw Erza Scarlet enter with a large decorated horn, easily three maybe four times larger than her, in her hand with a calculated look on her face as she moved further into the Guild, eyeing everyone.

"I'm back." She announced in the now silent and still Guild, slamming the horn down on the ground, creating a louder noise than it would've. She looked around the Guild and at once took notice of the absence of Naruto. Damn, she had been delayed back to the Guild and had missed him more than she thought she would've. Never in a million years would she have ever thought someone would or could cement themselves within her heart, though if Mirajanes grin was anything to go by at the moment, she wasn't the only one who had now tasted Naruto's love.

To Be Continued in – Chapter 5: Fairy Tail! Erza Returns! First Real Mission! Part 2

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