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I was getting so tired of Edward all he did was whine and complain ever since we returned from Italy about the dog smell i got from the pack and .Did I really just think that about Edward? What is wrong with me? You're sick of him said a voice in my head I wanted to tell it to fuck off but deep down I knew it was all started about a week ago...


"Jacob I want to still be friends I just CAN'T do this to Edward he loves me" I say to Jake after we just made out."Bella I'm in love with you why can't you see that?Edward wants you to change yourself for him you wouldn't have to change for me Bells" He says in a frantic voice "I need you Bella I love you ,love ME marry ME PLEASE BELLA" and with that he pulled out an engagement ring the the size of a rock."Isabella Marie Swan will you marry me?" I was choked up part of me wanted to say no remember Edward but my mouth beat me to it and said "YES!" Jacob looked shocked but he slipped the ring on my finger and just like that I was engaged to Jacob.I then said to him "I have to go fix things" He nodded


So here we are I'm ENGAGED to Jacob Black with this pansy going on and more I think about it Edward sounds like some british druggie rockstar putting 'love' on the end of each sentence isn't cool or romantic it's stupid."Edward we need to talk" I was half tempted to call him Doucheward but I hold my tongue "What is it Bella love?" do you see what i mean? "This isn't working." "What isn't working love?" Doucheward said "US Douche I mean Edward I'm in love with somebody else and i can't lie to myself anymore I'm crazy about Jacob Black did you know he proposed to me after our first kiss isnt that just sweet?Given we have kinda know each other for a while but still" I stand up and give my outfit a once over: tank top jeggings and my new uggs "Goodbye Edward cuz' i gotta go get my man" and with that I kiss his cold hard lips once again i'm pulling away and he grabs my head and pushes his tongue in my mouth I try breaking free but his supernatural (and so overrated cuz' he doesn't even get rippling pectorals like a certain hunk in mind) strength overpowers hands move lower and lower to my left breast he gives it a hard squeeze and starts playing with it."Bella? I don't mean to interrupt but you're dog is here with two of his friends and he refuses to leave before he sees you" says Alice entering Edward's creepy stalkerish room I run down the two flights of stairs past Rosalie,Emmett,and Esme to the hallway by the door where the one and only Jacob Black is alongside him are Embry and Quil."Bella?What are you-" I cut him off by leaping into his arms and passionately kissing him.I wrap my legs around his torso and he puts his HUGE hands on my ass."I'm in love with you Jake I just came here to tell Edward that we couldn't be together and he basically raped me please just take me out of here Jake."

"Okay babe" "She's mine mutt" I turn around after Jake puts me down to see Edward standing there he descends the stairs and tries to give a kiss but Jacob pulls me behind him."What do you want Cullen?" Jacob spat I could feel his harshness and distaste to Edward "I want Bella you see she's my one and only I refuse to be anything other than HER one and Jacob I'm not gonna lie your attractive but my Bella needs more than muscles AND dumbass" "Oh please Cullen I'm leaving" he turns to Quil and Embry "let's go ?" I turn my back to Edward pull the engagement ring I've been keeping in my pocket out and put it on my finger."I'm ready" I say to Jacob and grab his we move towards the door Edward grabs my elbow and says "Bella love,don't do this" I look into his pleading eyes and say

"It's over Eddie move on" I ruffle his hair and walk out with my fiancee and his best friends.


She left me for a DOG!Jacob Black of all people he has no class and he's...A DOG! "Alice! Come here!" the pixie like girl descended the stairs with Jasper holding hands "I know Edward we heard the whole thing I'm really there is anything I can do for you just name it" "No need to be sorry for me Alice just be sorry for the mutt he's the one who's gonna have to spend the rest of his life without her this isn't over Alice I'll get Bella back one way or another we belong together

remember your vision of us? I'll kill I need you're help Alice I can't live without her" "You aren't sounding like yourself maybe you should just take a moment to think-" "No! I love her she's mine and once she's mine again I'll make sure she never leaves again" "Okay I'll help you Edward but we have to do this my way okay?" "Yeah okay" She'll be mine again even if I have to kill that dog...

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