chapter 1

percy's big day

it happend on teusday percy ask'd annabeth to come with him and grover to the movies she said''yes what time''percy said 7:00 p.m. they where at the movies waching bone dust they whent and got popcorn he asked i she will be his girl. she started to have a day dream that the same thing in the movie happening to her. they left and athena wanted to kill annabeth. percy tried to save annabeth he allmost died athena left she said you are next to die grover ran out and through the nife at her it hit her back annabeth told grover to run he said he was the pottector anabeth ran grover pulled his nie out of athenas back they maid it back to half blood their was a roomer going around that they were dead they took percy to the infurmrey they left for five minutes and his body was gone they found him at the lake heald with no ingury he said it was the only place he felt safe he tried to never leave anabeth they both stayd at his tens because it was bigger.