"Hi, Varjak! I came to see the kittens!" A chocolatey brown cat with eyes to match entered Holly and Varjak's 'secret' alleys. She had recently lived there too, but since Ozzie lived with Jess and the Free Cats, and neither she nor Ozzie could be separated from Omar, she now lived at the Moggs place by the river.

Varjak grinned at his old friend. "Hi, Tam. They're napping with Holly now, but…" He was interrupted by the sharp mewling sound of very young kittens, just woken up, and by the sound of it, not too thrilled. "Mreeeeeeeeeooooooow…! Mreeeeeeeooooooooooooooooow!" The mewling became louder and louder, and finally, as their mother carried them in one by one, all six of the sources of the noise were seen, miniscule balls of fluff with eyes still squeezed shut. "Oh HOLLY! They're so adorable!" Holly smiled, odd eyes twinkling yellow and blue, mouth still full of the last kitten. "Thanks Tam. Oh, by the way, is Quirk okay? I heard she had a spill again." Tam rolled her eyes. "Holly, don't you worry about my kittens. You have your own to tend to. What a big litter! Have you named them all?" A thoughtful expression entered Holly's face. "Some. This black and white one who looks like me, she's Joycie. The blue tuxedo is either Honor or Brigid-we can't decide which. Varjak insists we name the black and gray longhair Jalal, and the all black one is Ming, but we can't think of names for the others."

Tam studied the babies carefully. "Well, I like the name Honor. It suits her. See? She finds a way to look dignified even when she crawls. The blue and white spotted one…hmm, she's a toughie. Moonsight? Moonember? Emberdew?" "Emberdew," Varjak and Holly said. Holly nudged the pretty little kitten. "Emberdew," she whispered softly in her gravelly voice. "Good choice," Tam nodded. "Now this smaller w-white one…" A look of horror crossed the brown she-cat's face. "Now Tam," Varjak said sternly, is not a bit defensively. "Sally Bones is long gone. Dead. No way she's back now, especially as a kitten. It wouldn't be fair." Tam calmed. "You're right. All white-doesn't mean-not her-impossible." When she was fully reassured, Tam returned to names. "Honestly, I can't think of what to call think guy. I just can't put a paw on it. You guys should name him. After all, he's your son."

Before Varjak could say a thing, Holly cut in. "Simon," she said simply. "His name is Simon. Varjak beamed and nodded, as did Tam. The newly named, runty white kitten was the only cat who made a sound. Mewing pitifully, he was the first of his litter to open his eyes.

Tam gasped in shock. Even Holly looked stunned. For Simon was looking in wonder at the world around him with ice-blue eyes. The same color as his mother's right eye, and as Sally Bones' single one.