Just my Heart Talking

An NCIS: Los Angeles Fanfiction

This is the fourth instalment in my series of stories about Kensi and Marty. The series is slightly AU, and begins with my version of events in the episode "Personal". While each story can be read as a standalone, I do recommend that you read the series in order: Personal Questions, A Little Less Conversation and Former Glory.

A special thanks to all my amazing reviewers, who spur me on to write just a little bit more each day – thank you all so much.

"Listen up: ongoing incident in San Diego. Briefing with Hetty starts in two minutes, so don't be late!" Eric gave another sharp blast on his whistle and dived back upstairs.

"San Diego?" Callen's voive could not have been more full of disgust if he had tried. "I hate San Diego."

Deeks looked genuinely confused. "How can you hate San Diego? It's a great city, it's got a fabulous climate, low crime rate and amazing surfing." He smiled across at Kensi. "Maybe I can finally get you on a surf board while we're there?" He kept thinking of how amazing Kensi would look on a board, all long legs and wet hair and… and he was at work. Best keep those fantasies for when they were alone. "You surf, Callen?"

"Callen got wiped out alright in San Diego, but by a lady," Sam explained. "Five years ago, was it? Took his heart and half his savings into the bargain."

Callen felt he had to explain. "She was very plausible. Said she could sort out my laptop, which was running really slowly and hacked into my bank account while she was at it." Despite the bad ending, he couldn't help smiling as he remembered those nights in that hotel room, the one with the amazing view and the vibrating bed. Suppressing a sigh, he went upstairs, reminding himself not to be quite so gullible just because the lady in question had an amazing smile and an even better pair of legs. Behind him, he could hear Kensi and Deeks conversing in low tones.

"I am not going on a surf board! I've told you before…"

"It's easy, honest it is. And it's so amazing, just you and the ocean and then this wave comes along and lifts you into the air and…"

"And then you get wiped out. No, that's not my idea of fun. I'm just not a surfer chick."

"You could be…" His voice was very plaintive and Callen could envisage the look on his face right now: pleading, with big eyes and an innocent expression.

"Well, maybe we'll talk about it later," Kensi conceded and Callen had to stifle a laugh. Deeks had her wrapped right around his little finger. He made a mental note to be sure to be around when that one happened. Watching Kensi pout herself into a wetsuit was a sight most men would pay good money to view.

"We have a major international incident taking place," Hetty announced. "A Royal British Navy submarine, HMS Astute, is currently visiting San Diego. As part of a goodwill gesture, US submariners were on a guided tour and one of them overpowered his British counterpart. Negotiations are currently ongoing, but as the vessel in question is a nuclear submarine, and the first in a new class of British submarines, SecNav has personally requested that OPS take a personal involvement in this case."

"It's going to take us a couple of hours to get down there," Callen pointed out. "Everything could be over by then."

Hetty looked at him. "Which is precisely why I have taken the liberty of arranging helicopter transfer for you. Just make sure you don't get taken in by a pair of shapely legs on this visit, if you please, Mr Callen."

"I'm sure we can pick up a couple of boards when we get there," Deeks was saying as they left. "And then maybe afterwards, we go across the border, spend a little time in Mexico?"

"Where no doubt there is more great surfing?" Kensi asked caustically. It was dawning on her that they would be away for a few days and probably staying in naval base accommodation. Single-sex accommodation. Her mood was correspondingly sour at the thought. Surely they wouldn't be there for more than a couple of nights?

"You serious about going down to Mexico?" Eric asked. "Maybe you could do a little shopping for me?"

Sam patted him on the shoulder. "In your dreams. Remember you're an employee of a federal organisation and have to be above the law."

"Kensi!" Deeks called as he snagged his ready-bag, "Remind me to pick up some board shorts when we're in San Diego, okay?"

"I hate San Diego," Callen sighed and Kensi silently agreed.

Why did it have to be today? Just when she'd gone to so much trouble to prepare a special evening back in Malibu, complete with strawberries dipped in chocolate, a bottle of champagne and a hot-tub under the stars… And that was just for starters. And even if by some amazing chance she did manage to get together with Deeks in San Diego, all she had in the way of nightwear was a ratty old football shirt that was at least ten years old. Unless that turned him on, of course. Which knowing Deeks as well as she did, was a distinct possibility.