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I inhaled again. And smelled the scent of the vampire that dared come into my territory. I growled at the hint of tobacco and gunpowder.

A fuckin' male vamp.

Now I needed to get the Major on the case. Talkin' at vamp speed.

'Major, I scent an unknown male somewhere by the game stalls. You scent anything.'

'I can't scent anything but Jenna.'

I rolled my eyes.

'Get your fuckin' face out of her hair and take a deep breath.'

I swear he better get laid after this because I need him on the ball a little more. I watched Jasper sit up and take notice of the scent of this unknown vamp. Then I felt a tug on my sleeve. I looked down at Bella.

'What's goin' on, Peter?'


'Bullshit, Peter. You tensed up and your lips are movin' but I can't hear what you are saying, which means talkin' at vamp speed to Jas. So, again, what's goin' on?'

I sighed. Nothin' gets past my Mate. 'There is a vamp at the one end of the carnival grounds. Don't know if they are friendly.'

I felt Bella tense up and cling to my shirt. This fucker is ashes for scaring my Mate like this.

'Is it Victoria?'

I shifted Bella into my lap and hugged her tight. I would let nothin' hurt her.

'No. It is a male vamp. But that does not mean that he isn't here scouting the area for her. When we get back down, Jas and I are goin' to investigate and you and Jenna are goin' go to the food pavilion and wait for us.'

'Okay, Peter.'

'You got that, Major.'

I watched him give me a tight nod. The Major wouldn't be talkin' anytime soon. The ride moved and brought us down to the platform. I watched the Major, not Jasper, pick Jenna up out of the seat and hold her tight. She had a look of worry on her face. Probably since he stopped talkin'. The ride moved again and I pulled Bella off the seat and walked over to the couple.

'Bella, take Jenna over to the food pavilion. Do not leave there. I will come get you or call you if we can't get back to you.'

'Okay, Peter.' Bella stood on her tip toes and kissed me full on the lips. I felt her love and her worry about the situation. Nothin' to worry about. I'd be kickin' this vamp's ass for interuptin' us.

'Take Jenna. If she has any questions, try and answer her. Jas ain't gonna be himself for a while. He won't hurt her but he will be very protective of her.'

'Okay, Peter. Be safe.'

'Nothin' to worry 'bout, Darlin'.'

I walked over to where the Major was standing and watched the girls walk in the opposite direction of the unknown vamp. When the girls were finally out of our sight, I turned and nodded to Jas. Time to go.

We walked to the end of the fairgrounds. The vamp hadn't moved much. Said a lot for his bloodlust control and age but I would still be kickin' some ass tonight.

The Major bumped my shoulder and I turned my attention to him. He made the signal for us to split and come at this vamp from front and back. I signaled that I would take the front and he would come up behind. We parted ways and I made a direct line to this vamp. The humans walking around me must have masked my scent or he was just plain unaware but he finally noticed me when I was about 20 feet away. His head snapped up and his red eyes met mine. I growled as I got closer to him.

I stopped when I was five feet away. I didn't need him causing a scene. I waited and watched the Major take his place behind the vamp. He would just stay and make sure the vamp didn't get away and also monitor the emotions of this fucker.

'What business you got here?' I asked him.

'I'm just looking around. I'm hungry and thought I'd get a snack.'

The Major and I growled at the same time at the thought of the girls being drained. Also alerting this fucker that there was another vamp behind him. He went to turn his head.

'Stop right there. Eyes on me fucker. What's your name?'

'Name is Matthew.'

'Okay. Now none of these people done nothin' wrong. So they ain't goin' be drained. You go and drain someone that deserves it. '

'Deserves it? Their humans that means they are food.'

I swear this boy is goin' die tonight.

'No numb nuts. You pick and choose your meals. Those that are criminals and not fit to living are the ones you choose. Didn't your sire teach you anything?'

'My sire stayed with me for about a year and then left me alone. I've been a vamp for about twenty years. He just told me that I couldn't let humans know I was a vampire and to feed in the shadows. Nothing about who to feed off of.'

I sighed. I wish there was some sort of vamp school that taught this shit to newbies. I mean Maria was psycho but her and The Major still taught the newborns the fuckin' rules. Of course, nowadays with the technology it was goin' to get harder to stay hidden. But that is for another day.

'You been around any other vamps lately? Mainly a red-headed female with a vengeance streak two miles long.'

'No. I haven't run into any vamps in a couple of years. I swear. Please just let me go. I promise I won't come back.'

'Nah. We got plans for you and you are in luck. Me and The Major are goin' to teach you some rules and then you're goin' help us with some home improvements.'

'Home improvements?'

'Yeah. But more on that later. How's your bloodlust? Can you handle being around a couple of humans for long period of time?'

'I guess my bloodlust is good. I mean all these humans are around and I am standing here talking to you.'

Cocky fucker. I looked over to The Major and waited. He gave me a swift nod yes. The bloodlust was minimal.

'Okay, hot shot. Test time. I'm goin' call my Mate and the Major's Mate and have them come over. They are human so if you even breath wrong in their direction. Your ash. And it won't be easy or quick.'

'Umm. Okay?'

I pulled out my phone and dialed Bella's phone.

'Peter. Are you okay?'

'Yeah. I need you and Jenna to come over to game stalls.'

'Is the vamp gone? Are we safe?'

'You both will be safe but the vamp is still here. I think he will be useful in the future.'

'Okay, Peter. If you are sure.'

'Of course I am. I would never put you in harm's way.'

'Okay. Be right over. Bye.'


I pressed the End button and put the phone back in my pocket.

'Girls are on the way.'

Now we wait.

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