This was the day I would kiss my past goodbye and kiss my husband for the first time. The first time I could say it at least, and mean it too. It wasn't how I wanted it, but it was finally going to happen. I was going to marry the man who loved me for who I was, not who he wanted me to be.

Avery was missing. Why was he not supportive of me, I am his mother, am I not? I left him in the dark, on everything. The fact that he had two fathers, and that I didn't know which one was his, that I was getting married. That Nellie might not be his actual sister. None of that. How can love be right if it's such a wrong game to play?

Then I see those beautiful eyes of my baby girl, and I imagine my son being so proud of me right here and now. I see the look on Freddie when he sees me at a chess match. Maybe it wasn't love that was wrong, but that it was a game. And I'm so good at games.

I walked out of our hotel room in a white nightgown. "Lovely, Florence, you look stunning." I told myself. I don't know why but for a confidence boost I talk to myself in third person. Maybe it makes me crazy.

Then I see a man I hadn't seen in thirteen years, holding the collar of my boy.

"What are you doing with my son?"

"Our son, Florence, you told me so yourself." He said bitterly. "Avery, that's the kid's name?"

"Freddie thought it was a good name."

"Freddie, of course he did."

"What do you mean by that, Anatoly? Treat him with a little respect. He is my fiancé after all."

"I just didn't think this was the road you walked, Florence Vassy. Runaway marriage with two kids. I thought you would never be tied down, that you were truly on nobody's side. I guess I was mistaken." He bent down and kissed me on the cheek. "Goodbye Florence Vassy, for forever and always."

"And what of my son?"

He still had a hold of his collar. "Our son."

"Our son, then. What of my darling Avery?"

"Mom, let me choose my parent. Chess isn't life for me, I'm glad it is for you and Nellie and Freddie. But not me. I grew up without my father, a chess veteran, and he now teaches at a school in London, teaches psychology. I figured that's the kind of stability I need." Tears ran down my face as I heard my son speak. "I can visit you and my step-father and half-sister anytime, but I think I need to get to know him, man-to-man. You can't tell me no, Mom, you know you can't. I need to know the other half of me."

And like that they left, and I never saw them again. For a long time, at least.

*Sappy ending I know, but I had to end it! There might be a sequel, but I doubt it. I'm killing most of my stories to start character studies, starting with Florence and going Month-by-month. Wish me luck and review!*