The Switch


Naruto x ?


Author's Note


This is based off of DeltaBeta26's Switcharoo story challenge. And unlike most fics that try to continue Canon as is (some of mine included) with changes, a whole lot of things will change as a result of this. Though certain characters like some Akatsuki members won't be switched for obvious reasons. I also decided to a change a few things like how the teams are arranged as you can't have a lot of major differences if the teams remained the same when it's obvious the characters wouldn't perform the same as if they had in canon.

As most of you are aware of I planned on updating and doing a chapter for every story. But because of the sheer amount of stories I have, I decided to put that project on hold and post the stories I have. Upon April 10 I will go on another Hiatus and update the stories I didn't get to doing chapters for. Other then that, please enjoy this mass update and to the people who keep on saying put stories for updates this is a huge F.U. I might or might not switch between an old undated story and the new ones. But expect at least one new story project every two weeks. Until then, have fun.


Story Start


Shinobi must be able to conceal their movements and hide effectively. One of the more ingrained teachings in the academy was the very concept of stealth. Weeks was dedicated to this important principle. The one to make the first move, the smart move, would often be the victor. And the important principle seemed to be deeply ingrained into the minds of Hyuuga Hanabi and Inuzuka Hana. It appeared they had been taught quite well, the latter even going as far as using special forest scents to disguise the stenches of her he could easily detect their chakra levels, he couldn't see them at all. They had indeed been verywell trained. Hopefully it wouldn't take them too long to grasp the meaning of the bell test.

Too bad Naruto didn't seem to be in the mind frame of hiding. He appeared in front of Kokurai.

''You're supposed to be one of Konoha's best right? Let's see how you stand against the future Hokage of Konoha, Uzumaki Naruto!'' Naruto proudly boasted.

Arekuretta snorted, throwing the blond a look of disbelief.

'He must be joking?' Hana thought as she face palmed while Hanabi muttered, ''Idiot.''

"You know?" Arekurutta began. ''I heard quite a bit about you. I hope you know a goof ball doesn't have much hope against an el...'' Arekurutta promptly trailed off, growing silent.

''H-Hey!'' Naruto huffed, annoyed. ''Don't ignore me. Do you hear me?'' Naruto's questioned was answered with a snore. '' must be kidding.''

'Did he...''

'...just fall asleep?'' the two Kunoichi also mirrored Naruto's disbelief.

''Temae, don't make fun of me!'' With that being said, he rushed at the man. Despite throwing a punch with all his might, he was stopped cold by Arekurutta's forehead.

What really ticked him off was the fact that the man was pretending to be asleep. ''Stop mocking me!''

''Rice goes good with milk...'' he mumbled and continued to snore.

Backing up, Naruto crouch down for a second and formed some hand seals. Tori, Ushi, Inu, Usagi, Hebi. Suddenly a great and powerful vortex uprooted earth and sent the Jounin flying.

From their hiding places, Hanabi and Hana stared in surprise at this. They'd been far from impressed when the fight initially started, now they were quite interested. Hanabi with the aid of her Byakugan could see more of the fight with Hana, and was surprised at what else Naruto was doing.

'When...when did he learn such a technique?'

''How'd you like that?'' Naruto boasted.

''You disturbed my nap.'' Arek said from behind Naruto, causing the blond to freeze in shock.

'I...I didn't sense him at all.'' Naruto thought.

"Don't let your enemy get behind you," Arek said quietly. ''And now you'll pay for your foolishness.'' the man said as he performed the Tatsu seal. Without so much as a word a vortex of wind formed up around Naruto and launched him into the air. The blond soon found himself flailing wildly and dropping into a lake. ''And now...time for a nice little...'' several shuriken flew over his head, shaving off a few hairs. ''Nap.'' he squeaked.

Several Narutos erupted from the water and began hurling shuriken. Arek merely dodged away and distanced himself from the blond and the lake. ''Kagebunshin...being that one and her son it makes sense you can use the jutsu, but it'll take more then that.'' he said as the Narutos began charging towards him. The man easily dodged their brawler like tactics and dispelled them with sharp blows.

''Then I'll use my new secret jutsu. Rock throw no jutsu!'' Naruto cried out as several Narutos began picking up rocks and throwing them off target, rather badly.

''Did you land on your head?'' the jounin asked in disbelief until the rocks began to glow. ''No...he cou...'' the off mark rocks began to explode one by one. The jounin used his arms to cover his eyes and face as smoke and rocks kicked up. 'I can't believe I was so careless.' he thought as he caught the sound of movement from his right. Lashing out to the right he struck the figure through the smoke only for it to be a clone. ''Shit then...'' before he could finish his thoughts he was rewarded with a fist in the face and another in the gut. But before the bunshins could do more damage, he surprised them with a powerful electrical burst radiating from his body. ''Not bad kid.'' Arek admitted, ''...but the former Raging Storm of Kumo will not be defeated so easily.'' he said as he disappeared in a burst of chakra. One by one each of the remaining Kagebunshin were dispelled before anything could happen. ''Now time to end...'' he was cut off as he was latched onto and held in place by several Narutos.

''Ha! We got you now!'' they shouted.

'What. Impossible? When did they...''
he paused, his eyes widening as he flashbacked to the shuriken thrown. 'This boy...this boy is supposed to be academy idiot and prankster?'

"Didn't you say 'don't let your enemy get behind you'?" the blondes' asked as he watched the final Naruto jump high into the air. "Good advice, sensei! Get ready to be defeated.'' he said as he began falling down towards Arek.

''Advice number two then. Never celebrate your victory so early.'' Arek remarked as he performed the Kawarimi no jutsu on one of the clones. Once the original and the clones were in place he performed the Ranshinsho technique, using the force of his swing to cleave through the clones, landing the Body Pathway Derangement technique on the original Naruto disrupting the electrical signals from his brain.

''W-What...what did you do to me?'' Naruto demanded as he dropped to the ground. His body refusing to listen.

''It's a medical technique. I never had much aptitude for Genjutsu so I put my finely tuned chakra control into something else. You're not as dim as I thought you would be Uzumaki, but you still have a lot to learn. Fining one's weakness and covering it should always be one of a shinobi's prerogatives, but even then one shinobi alone can not cover all those weaknesses or shinobi tactics. There is, another way.'' he cryptically said. ''Now, to test the other two.'' he said as he happily walked off, singing a happy tune. That didn't last long when he found himself dodging shuriken once more.

''Watch the hair...'' he cried out. Arek dodged out of the way of the strike, maneuvering his torso out of the way of Hanabi Hyuuga's attack. He leaped back, putting distance between them. The Hyuugas may have been acknowledge as Konoha's strongest clan, but even their techniques had flaws. They were rigid, complacent in their ways. So it was time to take her out. He closed the distance between them. He placed a hand on her shoulder and one at her abdomen. His foot came around and swept her legs from under her. With a yelp, Hanabi landed straight on her rear end in the grass. Before he could follow up a cry of Tsuga reached his ears. He found himself dodging four miniature tornadoes as he shushined to the other side of the field.

''I didn't need your help Inuzuka.'' Hanabi snobbishly remarked as she stood up and dust herself off.

''Like it or not Hyuuga, we're on the same team.'' Hana snapped back at her.

''Ooh,'' Arek replied in amusement. ''Two this time instead of one? Let's see if you two do any bett...'' he once again trailed off, falling asleep. The two kunoichi decided to make use of the moment and attack.


Chapter End


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