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NaruHina and Hanabi.

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Deal with the Hyuuga Clan

Naruto Uzumaki, age 24 and current Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, woke up in bed to the sight of his beautiful wife Hinata Hyuuga, now Uzumaki. The two had gotten together after the Five Nations had brought down the Akatsuki, with Naruto delivering the final blows to Madara and Sasuke Uchiha.

After the war each of the nations called for a treaty with one another, the bad blood having disappeared during the three years of war, fighting and dying alongside each other.

Naruto smiled to himself as he had a hand in changing the minds of the people from the other four nations. He was now one of the most well-known and well respected ninja in the world. He sighed to himself wishing that Jiraiya had been there the peace established he had wanted.

He shook his head to rid himself of those thoughts and turned back to his wife. They had dated for a year before Naruto asked her to marry him. To which she said yes before fainting in his arms.

He lay down behind her placing kisses on her neck. "Hmm, Naruto-kun let me rest a bit more I'm still tired from last night," Naruto had the decency to blush and just wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close.

Naruto had found out that because his seal hadn't been completely purifying his youki, as he had grown up there had been some unintended side effects. Those side effects had given him his powerful regeneration, and stamina hell he might have well been a super soldier. Tsunade, that fact still embarrassed, also found that this also gave him a very high libido, coupled with his stamina he was like a dog (or fox) in heat most of the time.

As a result Hinata was taken by him almost every night something the woman was glad for as well as cursing it. Naruto liked it rough and she could never deny him not to mention she liked it that way to, however he always seemed to be left wanting because she couldn't keep up, but then again who could. This sometimes caused her to worry if he was running around with another woman to get what she couldn't give but those thoughts were banished when she remembered who she had married, Naruto was the noblest person she or anyone knew.

So the two just lay their enjoying one another's presence as they held each other, but Naruto had to get things done, he was the Hokage after all. He headed towards the shower while Hinata enjoyed the view his backside. He never really cared for decency never having lived with someone so Hinata had learned to get used to him sometimes walking around the house naked, which wasn't that hard, "Those tight buns are all mine."

Naruto came out of the shower to see his wife rising out of bed no surprise as she had to be at the hospital in another hour or so. She had become the chief medical doctor at the hospital along with Sakura who was the chief medical ninja officer. She handled all the med-nin training while Hinata became a skilled doctor due to her Byakugan and led the traditional side of the hospital as not everyone was fit to be a ninja.

Naruto bent down and kissed his wife who responded and kissed back. Soon the two were in a heated make out session, wanting more Naruto moved his lips to her weak spot, her neck. Hinata moaned as her husband licked and nibbled all those spot he knew drove her wild. Before they could go further Naruto looked at the clock. "Shit, sorry honey, have to get to the office," with that Naruto got off of his wife, dressed, kissed her again and left saying he'd grab something to eat on his way there.

Hinata sighed to herself, content and happy with how her life turned out. She got up and started getting ready, while thinking of her loving husband, who would have guessed that she would be married to him. Of course she had dreamed but never thought it would happen, of course their had been some trouble with her sister who had taken the Clan Head position after her father died in the war, she said a seal needed to be place on Hinata to prevent the loss of the Byakugan, but Naruto had taken care of the problem quickly, saying his wife would not be marked in anyway except as his. He had talked to Hanabi in private, though she didn't know what was said it'd worked, and she thought it best not look a gift horse in the mouth.

If only she knew what had gone on in that meeting she would have put a stop to the marriage.


Naruto walked through his village waving to all the people who waved back happily at the leader. Naruto looked up to the Hokage Mountain with that same pride he felt when he first saw his face up there, he finally had his dream of being Hokage and being respected and loved by the villagers. He also had someone he loved to share it with. Thinking about Hinata a guilty look crossed his face before he covered it up, couldn't risk running into a friend, god forbid Sakura or Shikamaru. He remembered that day when he made the deal with Hanabi Hyuuga to marry his beloved wife.


"Firecracker I think you know why I'm here," Naruto said smiling at Hanabi, who glared indignantly at him.

"You will address me a Hyuuga-dono, Uzumaki-dono," Hanabi said coldly wanting to get down to business. Naruto just laughed and took a seat, "Come on Hanabi-chan I'm just teasing, I remember when you used to be a little pouty girl," Hanabi blushed at his words making Naruto laugh. Of course he missed her checking out his body devious thoughts running through her head as she got ready to set her plan into motion.

"Keep laughing Naruto-kun, soon I will have you as well," Hanabi thought a predatory smile on her face.

"Fine, formalities aside Naruto-kun I can't let Hinata marry you without that seal, the Hyuuga blood must stay within the clan," of course that was total bullshit, this was all part of Hanabi's plan.

"I don't want to resort to force but I won't let that seal be placed upon my wife," Naruto said his goofy attitude. Hanabi shivered as the Hokage now sat in front of her exuding that familiar aura of strength and power. She smiled as she put her plan into action, "I wish to settle this diplomatically as well, so I propose a deal."

"What kind of deal Firecracker?" Naruto asked suspiciously wondering what the eighteen year old sister of his wife wanted.

"Hinata will not have the seal placed on her as long as you grant me one favor, and it can be anything that I want, and I want you to swear on your nindo that you will carry it out" Hanabi said flashing him a smile. That smile, it was one he'd seen on a lot of arrogant ninja the smile of a predator and it put him edge.

"That sounds okay but the favor can't be anything to place the Hyuuga clan above the others or for any ridiculous power or laws to be made," Naruto said his promises were something that he didn't take lightly and he was about to be the Hokage, second youngest one at 22. Of course when she looked delighted at his term he became a bit nervous, wondering what her actual aim was.

"That is acceptable do we have a deal?" Hanabi said making a cut on her hand and sticking it out, the traditional way for Hyuuga to finish a deal. Naruto nodded cutting his own and taking Hanabi's hand and shaking it.


Hanabi then pulled Naruto forward and crushed her lips against his. Naruto was caught off guard but then grabbed Hanabi by the shoulders and pushed her away. "Hanabi-chan what are you doing?"

Hanabi smirked, "I am calling in my favor, I want you to submit to me whenever I ask from this day forward, don't worry I won't interfere in your duties to my sister but you will be at my beck and call." She leaned in taking his lips again.

"We can't do this," Naruto said firmly pushing her away.

"You gave me your word Naruto-kun," Hanabi said pushing him on his back, "Are you going to break you word? Is Hinata going to need that seal"

Naruto wanted to but if he did Hinata would be given the seal and it would be his fault. "Fine, I'll submit to you from this day forward."

"Good, from now on you call me Hanabi-sama in private," Hanabi lifted up his shirt and began to explore his body. She smiled as she felt his hard muscles, she loved having power, and having the most powerful shinobi under her, pleasing her whims, made her shiver in anticipation.

Deciding to make sure he knew who was in charge she pulled out a black choker with a leather leash attached to it and placed it on his neck much to his annoyance, "Take off the shirt."

"What?" Hanabi pulled on the leash, channeling chakra causing a seal to shock Naruto, "Remember what I said. Now shirt, off."

"Yes Hanabi-sama," Naruto pulled off his shirt and Hanabi began to rub her hands over his chest finding his sensitive spots, she smirked when she rubbed her hands against his stomach eliciting a purr from him. "Oh does my little fox like this."

"Yes Hanabi-sama," Naruto said trying to ignore what Hanabi's soft hands were doing to him.

"How nice but you are supposed to please me," with that Hanabi undid the sash on her kimono and opened revealing the smooth skin and perky breast under it. She pulled him forward, not activating the choker, and brought him close to her chest. "Now lick, my pet."

"Yes Hanabi-sama," Naruto leaned forward and began to lick and suck her right breast while his hand played with the other. She gasped and moaned as his tongue licked her nipple and his hand groped and massaged her breast. She let out a small scream as Naruto bit her nipple and tweaked the other, the pain quickly turning to pleasure.

"Ahhh…so good my pet…ooh…yes lick me…mmm," Hanabi kept enjoying the attention Naruto was giving her. She could feel the heat between her legs her pussy growing moist. "That's enough," Hanabi said using the leash to pull him away. She kissed him roughly dominating him, getting off on how she controlled him. She tossed him on his back and straddled him.

Placing herself on his face, facing his legs, she gave an order "Now eat me," she said as Naruto began to lick her folds. Naruto ran his along her pussy licking and sucking on her puffy aroused lips. Then he moved to her clit getting her to scream by gently sucking on it. Hanabi was moaning and screaming as Naruto kept eating her out. "Yes…more…AH…right there…lick me there," Hanabi's moan kept getting louder as she felt this heat and pressure build.

She felt so good; the knot in her began to tighten as Naruto kept started to get into it. "Oh god…I'm gonna…cum…gonna cum…ooooh," Hanabi kept panting until she felt her release, "I'M CUMMING!"

Hanabi screamed as her orgasm washed over her while Naruto kept lapping at her gently sending delicious little shocks through Hanabi as she came down from her orgasm. "I…think you…deserved a reward, my pet."

Hanabi got off of him and dragged his pants off, she smirked as his hard cock stood at attention, "My, what a big cock to think my sister is the only one enjoying this."

She placed herself above him and slowly lowered herself she wanted to thourougly enjoy her first time, there'd be time for the rough stuff later. "You s-should be honored t-taking m-my virginity, p-pet," Hanabi winced as she slammed her hip down breaking her barrier in one movement, "AHH!"

Naruto look concerned as Hanabi yelped, but the girl stopped as she got used to Naruto's size and girth, soon the pain dulled and she moaned as enjoyed the feeling of being full, "Shame on you sister trying to keep this man to yourself."

She slowly began to grind against him enjoying how full she felt. Once she felt comfortable she lifted herself and then brought her hips down and moaned at the pleasure the friction caused her. She began bouncing on top of Naruto screaming as she began to feel herself release building up again. She started going faster and harder panting as Naruto grunted enjoying her tight virgin pussy, "Aah…so good…your so good…it feels so good…give me more…fuck me…"

Complying he surged against her hitting that spot that made her scream as the pleasure ripped through her. She enjoyed all of it, the heat of his cock, how he hit the perfect spot every time and made her see stars. Feeling bold she decided to do something her sister told her drove him wild. She licked and sucked on his neck and then bit him hard. This set him off as he began to pound into her all semblance of control gone, the pain and the pleasure mixed until she couldn't tell which she was feeling. And then her release tore through her violently making the stars in her eyes explode as he kept pounding into her. She felt his cock twitch and she knew what was coming.

"I'm cumming…Hanabi-chan."

"YES…inside…do it inside!"

He'd been trying to hold back to retain some form of fealty to Hinata, but it was too much, she was too much. She was all fire and passion her shrieks and moan driving him wild as he slammed into her soft slick heat until it was too much. He howled as he drove deep into her finally letting go, "OOOHH GOOOOD!"

Hanabi fell on his chest as he kept cumming enjoying the feeling of his hot seed inside her. After the both came down Hanabi raised herself a satisfied smirk on her face, "Remember you're mine and as long as you give me what I want Hinata-nee-chan will never know," at the mention of his fiancé Naruto realized what he had done the guilt slammed into his gut. He'd felt like scum he betrayed her, the girl he loved, the girl who adored he betrayed her. He honestly considered crawling into a hole until he felt a delicate hand touch his cheek.

"Now now my pet, forget about her we still have more time together," Hanabi moved against him he hated how her soft body made him rock hard again. She leaned in close to his ear, "and I'll make we have lots of fun."

(Flashback End)


From that day forward Hanabi and he would meet secretly and he would do as ordered not wanting Hinata to find out the truth. He knew he had to come clean the guilt was eating at him and he couldn't keep lying to his wife, but he didn't want see hate fill those eyes that had only ever looked at him with love and adoration. He went into his office and summoned clones to do his work as he wondered what he would do about the situation with Hanabi.

It was about noon when his secretary knocked to let him know someone was coming in. Naruto told her to let them in and he sighed to himself as Hanabi herself walked in. "Why hello Hokage-sama, how have you been," Hanabi said an innocent smile on her face.

"What do you want Firecracker," Of course he knew but had to wait until the secretary left. As soon as the door closed Hanabi's innocent smiled was replaced with a wicked one. She straddled his lap and placed the collar around his neck.

"Now is that any way to talk to me," Hanabi said channeling chakra into the seal.

Naruto winced at the pain, "I am sorry Hanabi-sama," of course all he wanted to do was slam her against the wall and show her who the submissive one really was. Two years being someone's toy and you wanted revenge.

"Good now today we will be going to your home," Hanabi smiled at Naruto's reaction, "Now don't be so mad, we're going and I'm going to have my wicked little way with you on the bed you and my sister share." To make her point clear she pulled the leash activated the seal causing him greater pain. "Let's go."

"Y-Yes Hanabi-sama," Naruto said as he picked her up and teleported to his home.


(Namikaze Home)

They arrived in Naruto's room and Hanabi pushed him on to the bed and climbed him on top of him nibbling on his neck and tearing his close off. "My, what a naughty pet having another woman in your bed, and your wife's sister no less."

Naruto soon lost his clothes and was left in his boxers; she pulled him out of his boxers and began massage and stroke him. Not stopping there she licked his sensitive head making him moan and teased his balls with her tongue. Deciding she'd had her fun she wrapped he mouth around his cocked, Naruto grunted as she took him into her mouth her tongue licking while her throat massaged him.

'God she's gotten good at this,' Naruto thought as her head started bob up and down bringing him closer to release. Releasing him from her mouth with a slight pop she started licking his sack while pumping his shaft her soft hands doing wonderful things to him. Naruto could feel himself close to the edge but then Hanabi stopped. "Ah…why did you…stop."

"Aww was my pet close to cumming," She said with an innocent face while stroking him to keep him on the edge. "Do you want to cum? Let out all that tasty cum in my little mouth?"

"Yes…Hanabi-sama." She was driving him insane keeping as his hips moved on their own.

"Then I want you to say that you love me and not Hinata," Hanabi said an evil smile on her face.

However Naruto would never say that, he loved his wife, despite his betrayal, "No Hanabi this has gone on long enough," Naruto got up, shoving Hanabi off and began to pick up his clothes, but was pushed down by Hanabi who grabbed the collar and activated it.

What the two were unaware of was that they had a set of eyes watching them.


Hinata hummed to herself as she prepared some lunch for husband she would surprise him by dropping in. As she was getting ready to leave she felt a presence in her room, realizing it was Naruto she headed to see what was wrong. As she reached the top she began to hear grunts and fearing that he might be hurt she hurried. When she reached for the knob she heard Naruto speak, "Why did you…stop."

She crack open the door and saw an image that broke her heart, her husband in there with her sister her hand wrapped around his cock. As the spoke her heartbreak was soon replaced with rage, as she prepared to barge in when Hanabi's voice stopped her.

"Then I want you to say that you love me and not Hinata," Hanabi said an evil smile on her face and Hinata's breath caught in her throat.

"No Hanabi this has gone on long enough," Naruto got up, shoving Hanabi off of him to put his close one, but was pushed down by Hanabi who grabbed the collar and activated it. Hinata saw Naruto wince in pain and the snarl on Hanabi's face.

"You gave your word that you would submit to me, or do you want me to put the seal on Hinata," Hanabi shouted furiously.

"You won't be p-putting the s-seal on her b-but I won't do this a-anymore I-I love H-Hinata," Hinata cried as she realized what had been going on. Her husband had been protecting her from her own sister. She was furious that her sister would do something like this to her husband, even going so far to trap him in one of his promises that she knew he would never break.

While most people would think that Naruto should be punished as well, she did not, Hinata was very devoted to her husband, she would give everything up for him if he asked. While she should have therapy for this no one had ever noticed because it had not caused problems, but back to the action.


"Oh Naruto-kun don't make this so hard, I have your body now give me your heart," Hanabi said as she kissed Naruto on the cheek and his lips, "I love you, but sister took you before I could so I did all this to have you." Naruto was shocked at hearing why she did all this.

Let it be said the Hyuuga sisters were fucking crazy.

"I-I'm sorry but I love H-Hinata," Naruto said trying to hold back his scream as she increased power to the seal.

"That's okay my love, I'll just have to resort to more drastic measure to make you realize you love me," Hanabi said as she saddled him and took his lips again. Before she could however the door slammed open and Hinata rushed in. Hanabi was so shocked that she was caught off guard when Hinata disabled her with Jyuken strikes.

Hinata then held Naruto to her chest as she glared at her sister, "Hinata-chan?"

She looked at her loved and kissed him, "Naruto-kun you fool, you didn't have to do this."

"Heh, heh, I'm sorry," He said giving her the foxy smile of his. Letting go of him she moved to her sister who was glaring at her with tears in her eyes.

"As for you sister, I won't be so easy on you, how dare you try to take what is mine," Hinata said slapping her.

Hanabi just glared at her, "You don't deserve him, he's mine sister and I will have him." Hanabi stood up facing her sister having unsealed the chakra points that had been blocked.

Both girls seemed ready to fight to the death so Naruto intervened. He got between them wrapped his arms around them brought them close and cupped their breast, "I think you girls are confused you are both mine."

Both girls looked at him, and then he kissed Hinata and placed the collar around Hanabi. Breaking away from Hinata he pulled the leash bringing Hanabi in for a kiss. "Now I think I owe you two years of payback," he said with a feral grin.

He ripped of her kimino making her yelp as he threw her on the bed. "Hinata get naked, and lay on the pillows," Hinata did as she was told always wanting to please Naruto. Naruto lifted Hanabi on to her knees, then forced her head into Hinata's crotch, "Now lick, my pet," Naruto said using her name for him.

Hanabi did as she was told and began to eat her sister out. She blushed in shame at what she was being forced to do, while Naruto began to rub her pussy. She moaned blushing even more at how much this aroused her. "Oh my does Hanabi-chan like licking her sister how shameful," Naruto whispered into her ear arousing her further.

Naruto then got behind her rubbing himself along her pussy, making her moan loudly. The he placed himself at her entrance before thrusting in hard. Hanabi arched her back and moaned as he filled her, only to be pushed back down by Naruto. Hinata was enjoying her sister's tongue as it licked her folds and clit; she placed her hand on her sister's head and pushed her deeper.

"Sister your…gonna make me…come," Hinata said as her sister shoved her tongue into her pussy. Then Hanabi started to lick her clit while pumping her finger into her sister. Hinata kept panting and moaning saying how good it felt telling her sister to go faster. "Oh god…oh god…oh god…" Hinata kept repeating as she began to feel her orgasm approaching.

Naruto was pounding into Hanabi slowly making the moan and push against him to get more pleasure. However every time she did Naruto slapped her ass causing her to yell. He saw the pleasure on his wife's face and could tell she was close. "SISTER I'M CUMMING!"

Hanabi lapped up her sister juices making the heat in her loins burn hotter. This was wrong and shameful but she couldn't help herself she liked to be treated like this, she liked being his toy. Naruto kept trusting into her a slow agonizing pace promising no release for her. Her bum was red from the Naruto's abuse to it. "Please Naruto-sama I want it."

Complying Naruto began to speed up his thrust groping and rubbing her abused her bum. "Yes…Naruto-sama…so good…harder…faster…cum inside me…make me yours," Hanabi said screaming as Naruto picked up his pace. A naughty thought entered his head as he pulled Hanabi to his chest, then he put his arms under his legs and lifted her off the bed, making the girl scream. "Look Hinata, Hanabi is showing her pussy how shameful."

Hanabi tried to cover herself but Hinata moved her arms, "NO sister please don't look at me!"

Hinata began to lick Hanabi's slit and deciding she like the taste dug in. With Naruto pounding into her and Hinata licking her Hanabi felt her brain fry as the delicious shocks rocked her body overloading her body with painful ecstasy. She moan as her walls tightened and she squirted on her sister's face. Naruto laid the trebling girl down little whimpers falling from her mouth as he set his sights on Hinata.

He wasted no time as he laid her on the bed and thrust into her roughly. Hinata moaned as her husband fucked her hard and got louder when he began to lick and suck on her breast. "Harder…faster…love…give me your cum," Hinata said moaning wantonly as Naruto kept thrusting into her. She loved this, loved when treated her like his personal fuck toy, the way he would just take her like an animal making her his irrefutably. She could feel him move faster and knew he was close, she wrapped her arm as around his neck and her legs around his hip and fuck him back. Soon the both reached their peak and her heart sang she felt the lovely heat fill her.

As Hinata was coming down she noticed her husband was not slowing down, "Naruto…let me rest…please…you'll break me…" Naruto's response was to go harder and faster. Hinata screamed as she felt another orgasm coming. "Oh god…cumming…Ah..NARUTO…I'M CUMMING!" Hinata's walls tightened around him and it became to much as he came inside her.

"HINATAAAA!" Naruto shouted he pumped his seed into her. They panted as he slipped out of Hinata and Naruto laid on the bed his cock already becoming hard again.

"Naruto-kun you're going to kill me," Hinata said as she turned to her husband's body and began to give him a hand job. Naruto moaned as his wife's hand pumped his shaft and was joined by another. "Don't worry sister I'll help you with Naruto-sama."

Hanabi would realize with what she was dealing with.


"OH GOD NO MORE NARUTO-SAMA… I"M GOING TO BREAK," Hinabi said as Naruto fucked her against the wall she felt her walls tighten making him cum as well.

"HANABIII!" Naruto said as he came inside of her. He held her against the wall as the girl could not support her weight. Naruto gently lifted her to the bed were Hinata was already asleep exhausted from her time with Naruto. Laying her down Naruto placed himself between both women and wrapped his arms around them.

"God it's good to be me."


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