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Deal with the Hyuuga Clan: Fallout


The memories of how she came to be here wormed their way to the front of her mind. That awful pain in her chest had dragged her to the hospital. The ANBU guarding the doors had tried to send her home, but one look from her told them what would happen if they didn't move. Then it was the nurses who tried to sit her down, and convince her to wait for her husband. Any other day her response would have been gentle.


The ANBU had to pry her fingers from a nurse's neck, and when the situation was under control, Hinata was taken to her husband. The moment her eyes met her husband's the pain in her chest grew deeper, "Where…Where is he?"


Just like everyone else he had tried to placate her, to tell her everything was alright, to lie to her. "Where is he?"


He took her hand and guided her into a private room, where she was finally reunited with her son, "Kato-kun."


Every piece of equipment, and the drugs being pumped into him, told the doctor in her how desperately the patient was clinging to life. All the mother saw through her tears was her poor son. Frail and small, a mess of wires and machines, a sick mockery of her happy baby boy. "No," She fell to her knees, tears running down her face, and struggling to breathe through choked sobs.


"Hinata!" Naruto rushed to her side, and trying to comfort her, "It alright he's-"

"No! No!" Hinata cried out slapping his arms away. He tried again but she shoved him away, "No…"


"Hinata, please," Naruto begged as tears began to well in his eyes, trying again "I'm sorry."




"How long has she been in there," Sakura asked sitting down next to Naruto. She took a look at the clock and sighed when she saw it was about two in the morning. She had a long shift ahead of her, but her employees had been kind enough to cover for her.

"She hasn't left," Naruto replied and Sakura frowned as she took in his appearance. Messy clothes, disheveled hair, and bags under his eyes that she was sure matched her own. Saying that he was a complete shit heap would be putting it lightly, "I don't know what to do."

"Where are the kids and Hanabi-chan?"

"At home, she needs her rest and I didn't want them in here all night."

"That's good…it could've been worse," Sakura pointed out, "If you hadn't gotten him to me when you did."

"Be honest with me; is going to be alright after this?"

Sakura sighed, she always hated this part, more now than ever, "He'll live, but there might be some problems when he's older."

"Like what?"

"The poison attacked his nervous system, nearly caused his heart to fail. I was able to stop the poison but not all the damage."


"He may have problems moving when he gets older."

"How bad?"

"He might be able to move his pinkie toe, or he might not be able to move his arm. It's too early to tell," Sakura said, but tried to lighten the mood. "But he's alive and that's one thing to be thankful for."

"Sorry that I can't see it like that," Naruto said, "because from where I'm standing I got the shit-covered, short-end of the stick."

She could tell this was going nowhere, "Any idea of what we're going to do with all those kids?"

"The icing on the cake," Naruto said with a bitter chuckle. He leaned back and rested his head against the wall, "Who knows where these lunatics got so many kids, and how many of them are from Konoha. I've got Shikamaru out right now trying to find out if anyone else's child was taken," his head was starting to hurt, "and Ino has, who knows how many, interrogations going on. I'm just waiting for their reports."

"My patients aren't any better off, some of them have signs of malnourishment, others have got some untreated injuries," Sakura said, sick to her stomach about the whole thing, "Those poor kids."

"Hopefully we can find their homes and send them back," as cold as it sounded Naruto hoped they could send them homes quickly. There were only so many orphanages in the village, and only so much financial support he could give them. Both turned their attention to the people walking down the hall.

"Naruto we got what we could from the kidnappers," Shikamaru said.

"So, what do we have?" Naruto asked.

"You're not gonna like it."


The lazy Nara sighed and he motioned for Ino to start, "Like we thought, these people are members of the group we've been dealing with. What we didn't know is that most of them are militia."

"You mean civilians?" Naruto asked.

"Civilians with some training, and that's just the tip of the iceberg" Ino added, "We've got most of the parents of the kids we saved tonight locked in our cells."

Naruto sat there shocked, and silent, but Sakura was outraged, "Who could do that to their own child?!"

"Still not the whole picture," Ino said handing Naruto two files, "That first is the names and intel of those who seem to have under gone some intense, and I mean intense, brainwashing and, or torture."

"Well, that short stick just got some puke on it," Naruto said.

Seeing their confused looks Sakura spoke up, "Don't ask, just keep going."

"That second one right there, you're really not going to like that one," Ino explained, "It's a list of all the prisoners that died."

"What?" Naruto asked through grit teeth, "I'm sure I gave explicit, and clear, orders to keep them alive."

"We didn't kill them, Hokage-sama," Ino replied, pointedly using his title, "They killed themselves."

He was all out surprise, so he just asked, "How?"

"Most of them were cyanide pills, and we put a stop to that fairly quickly with a genjustu."



"But?" Naruto asked motioning for her to continue.

"Once we took their cyanide pills some of the more unstable ones bit off their tongues," seeing the damn near murderous look in his eyes, Ino rushed the rest out, "We put a stop to that to and their suicide attempts, no more trouble."

"Alright," Naruto sighed pointing to his Jonin commander, "Shikamaru, your turn."


"So, Captain Jaku, has the plan unfolded as I predicted?"

"Yes, Sanzo-sama, no doubt the Hokage has realized the purpose of our attack," Captain Jaku reported. He was a mountain of man, covered head to toe in plate armor an axe and mace strapped to his waist. On his chest he bore the symbol of his cause three black concentric circles with a white X over them.

"Are preparations complete, Ishida-kun?"

"Yes Sanzo-sama everything is in place," Ishida answered, grinning like a madman; the opportunity to fight these shinobi, and take his vengeance were close at hand. He could hardly contain his excitement over what was to come and had to clasp his sword tightly to calm down, "Soichiro is itching to taste the blood of a shinobi."

"Easy Ishida-kun, we can't afford to be rash, not so close to the end."

"Of course, Sanzo-sama."

"Prepare yourselves men," Sanzo said rising to his feet, "For a new world."


"That's the long and short of it," Shikamaru said.

"So this whole operation was just to grab my attention," Naruto said, gripping the armrest tightly to keep himself steady.

"Kato-kun was the only Konoha child taken tonight; factor in how easily we were able to obtain their location in Water Country from brainwashed followers, and that's the only conclusion we can draw," Shikamaru replied.

"Alright," Naruto said standing up, "Send a message to Mei-dono; inform her we're bringing the three battalions to the island where the base is located."

"T-Three?" Shikamaru asked, "That's sixty percent of our forces."

"And also tell her that we're razing the entire place," Naruto said flipping through the folders casually, "We'll work out some sort of agreement to compensate her for the lost resources and land."

"Naruto-kun, you can't be serious," Sakura said placing a hand on his shoulder.

Naruto shrugged her hand off, "The hell I can't! These bastards are going to burn; you can go see to your duties or you can be taken to jail cell, Haruno-san."

"Who do you think you talking to, Baka!" Sakura shouted.

"I'm talking to the former Chief of Medicine if she doesn't follow her orders," Naruto said turning his glare on her.

"Naruto you need to calm down," Shikamaru said stepping between them, "You're not thinking rationally, alright. I understand that-"

"You don't understand a goddamn thing!" Naruto shouted pinning Shikamaru against the wall, "is that your wife in there? Is your son fighting for his life in there?!...Answer me!"


"Then shut the hell up and ready the troops, or I'll find someone who will," Naruto spat and shoved Shikamaru away.

"I'm not going to do that Naruto," Shikamaru said placing his hand in the seal for his Shadow Possession Justu, "going on this campaign for revenge could be exactly what the enemy wants."

Naruto's eyes turned red as he pulled out a kunai, "Shikamaru you-"

"Naruto-kun," all eyes turned to Hinata. The poor woman was a bigger wreck than her husband, her eyes red from crying. "Stop."

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto hurried to her and wrapped his arms around her, "Hinata-chan I'm sorry. I tried to protect him, please forgive me."

Hinata rested her head on his chest, "It wasn't your fault Naruto-kun, I know you did everything you could." She wrapped her own arms around him, "I'm sorry I made you feel that way, but you have to listen to Shikamaru-kun."

"But I have to do this."

"I understand, but this isn't you, you would never seek revenge," Hinata stared up into his eyes, "Please, I almost lost my son today, I don't want to lose my husband."

"…Okay, I'm sorry." Naruto turned to Shikamaru, "Sorry about that Shikamaru, you to Sakura."

"It's fine Baka," Sakura replied, glad to see him back.

"Thanks Hinata-chan, don't know where we would be without you," Shikamaru said, "Naruto, stay here with her and your kid. I'll gather everyone and start drawing up plans."

"Thank you Shika-kun," Hinata said and took her husband by the hand, and took him into the room, shutting the door behind them.

"I'm glad that's over," Ino said, "and that Hinata-chan got through that thick head of his."

Shikamaru shook his head and walked away, the night wasn't over for him. Sakura's thoughts ran along a similar line as she got up to start her shift, but couldn't fight the loud yawn that flew out of her, "I really want to sleep."

"Come on Forehead," Ino said taking Sakura's arm, "Let's get some coffee in you, then I'll lend you a hand around here."

"Thanks Pig," Sakura said before letting out another yawn, "I just hope those two will be alright."

"They will, they have each other."


"Naruto-kun," Hinata said, resting her head on his shoulder as they both watched over their son, "I know you're going to stop whoever did this, and when you do I want them brought to me."