Querida Hungary,

Hola! greetings from puerto rico. America told me about what happen between Mr. England and Fru Fru and I just wanted to ask if it was true or not.

I'm also having a little get together at my house and was wondering if you wanted to come or not (hopes you say yes).

Con amor, Boriken (a.k.a Puerto Rico)

Dear Puerto Rico,

I would love to come visit you; thank you so much for the invitation!

As for what happened in February between England, France, and America…well, you can believe what you want, but seeing is believing. Would you mind if I made your get-together a yaoi movie night? *grin*


Hiya! California here~

So I was reading some past letters and... wow. Just wow. Although America was probably drunk when that happened, right? Just a tip: never get America drunk. EVER. NO MATTER HOW GOOD OF AN IDEA IT SEEMS. It's like asking for a death sentence. Totally not a good idea. AT ALL.

Yours truly,


Dear California,

Of course it was a good idea. Everybody won this one, except for that asshole Prussia.

The secret is not to get England too drunk: with him there's a fine line between horny and angry. Fortunately, I hit exactly the right balance.

As for your father…I don't actually know how drunk he was, though I do know that wine doesn't go well with hamburgers. I'm glad you're worried about him, but trust me: when I'm in charge, he's in good hands.



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