Dear Hungary,

Ja, I've tried it. I think it's good, but I really do prefer my own wurst. It's probably because I was raised on it though.

You say East took care of him? Strange...East never mentioned looking after anyone except for myself. And, er, wait a minute. You think he put him in charge when he was tired of ruling the Germans? But he put me in charge so... are you suggesting that... that I am...?

Well... I suppose it's possible... I don't really remember my earlier childhood after all and East never answered when I asked about it. And of course, the name is familiar. Ja, it could be possible. I wonder if I should confront East...



Dear Germany,

It's just my theory, remember, and a theory I'm still testing. You can ask him if you want, but I would wait to see whether Canada can find out for us.