SORRY THIS IS SO DANG LONG BUT THE SITE SAID I COULDN'T HAVE A PAGE OF JUST NOTES OR WHATEVER AND I WANTED TO EXPLAIN SO PLEAS READ OR YOU COULD END UP BEING CONFUSED. THANKS To explain this story I present the following. It is set after the Everafter War except since i can't find the next book (if it exists someone please tell me) this is what happened: they grabbed their baby bro and Mirror inhabited one of his minions body when they got to his room it was little baby on the floor alone grabbed him and took him back, where they were faced with their father's shock and mother's squeals of delight. The war has quieted down as neither side seems to know where Mirror is. Basically both sides called it a stalemate and decided they needed a place for their children, wounded and anyone incapable of fighting to be safe, a neutral territory. So Snow being the learning enthusiastic she was suggested a school for all of the children in Ferryport Landing. Many Everafters owned parts of the large apartment complex and the first four floors were set aside for the school the remaining floors were used for the teachers Scarlet Hand and Charming's Army alike. They teach school subjects as well as Everafter history/languages/medicine/magic. The only thing not taught was training which was held separately for each side. Time has passed on somewhat peacefully with both sides growing stronger. Allies of Charming's Army were brought in, Netherlandians, Fairy Kingdom, and People of Oz as well as many other stragglers and loners. Bella quit the Scarlet Hand and proved herself to be loyal to the Grimms after knocking her father down as he was in mid leap. (don't judge Sabrina needs a friend other than, her sister, a former homicidal everafter, a fairy boy who likes to prank, a fat boy who plays the harmonica, and some random others, i feel she needs a girlfriend). Sabrina forgave her eventually. Jeremy is a Wendy's son who came with his slightly confused mother to Ferryport Landing, he is tall blue eyed with blond combed back hair, always clean and neat, kind respectable, hot, awesome friend, bit of a ladies man, and VAIN. Ok so Sabrina=16 Daphne=11, Puck is obviously 16 and Red decided to grow up with Daffy, baby brother I have decided for this story's purpose is named Basil after his deceased grandfather=4…..okay i think I'm done inform me if any questions and IM SORRY THIS IS SO LONG!

Sabrina tried. She really did. She tried to forgive and let it go but she hadn't and now she was mad, he was mad and everyone seemed to be trying to blow something up. You'd think she would be able to be in the same room as him without yelling at him for every single thing that had happened since she came to Ferryport Landing. Her and her temper- that's what got them into this mess. But now they were alone on the battlefield with war raging on, and….. BOOOM! Crap. Now she was alone in the middle of a battlefield with an unconscious fairy boy. When did it come to this?

7 days earlier…..

"Thanks, Jeremy, I had a great time," Sabrina said staring into his big blue eyes.

"Yeah, it's nice to find a restaurant where the chef doesn't poison your food," Jeremy replied leaning in.

Sabrina felt her heart speeding up imagining for just a second that those big blue eyes flashed green, but then they were blue again and he leaned in closer, closer, SPLAT! A wave of thick gooey applesauce rolled off the porch roof and onto them. They stood there gasping and flailing, two fish fresh out of water, when another wave fell on top of them, this time slimy cottage cheese. Before they could think to run a third wave (syrup) crashed down. They stood there looking shocked and absolutely horrified as a maniacal laughter started up and a silhouette with large wings flew up and away. Sabrina turned to her date

"I'm so sorry…"she gushed.

"Save it, we're through. I'm tired of getting covered in foods, slimes, and questionable liquids," with that he turned on his heel and walked away.

Sabrina stood there with a sad, shocked look on her face for a few minutes before turning and walking inside. She walked past her family playing cards, and reading in the living room and ran up the stairs to her room. She opened her door and flung herself on the bed sobbing, not caring that she was a sticky, gross mess.

Downstairs her family wiped the shocked looks off their faces and proceeded to get all of their sympathy out of the way seeing as Sabrina was more likely to throw a butter knife at someone than allow the concerned looks to make their way around the table.

"I don't even have to ask how it was anymore; it's all over her face. She's either happy or Puck pranked her date. She used to be such a rock," Veronica muttered, wanting to comfort her daughter but not used to these particular sorts of boy troubles.

"Dang it we're running out of acceptable boys in this town!" Henry roared as he threw down his newspaper and stormed out of the room.

Jake and Granny Relda left to keep him from murdering Puck.

Daphne ran off to the kitchen yelling "How long is that?" over her shoulder.

"Two months!" Red replied not looking up from her hand.

"New record!" Daphne cried coming back into the room. "We're keeping a record of how long each of Sabrina's boyfriends lasts before Puck pranks one too many," she explained seeing the question on her mother's face.