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Sure, he's been victim to many sensations, been honored enough to have felt a majority of them, but this darkness? This was something entirely new to him; foreign. It was like swimming in a starless night, the blackest void you can imagine, but it wasn't a cold feeling or a hindrance. No, it opened up many opportunities because now he could appreciate all the scents, sounds, and touches of everyday life just a little bit more each time. Of course the vanishing of his sight could be a potential problem, but like every other obstacle he has faced, he'll make it through with a minimum amount of damage. The gentle touch of a soft hand― female, he guessed― pulled him out of his reverie. "Percy?" somebody whispered.

"Yeah?" His throat was dry and scratchy.

"Percy, can you look at me?"

"I can sure as hell try," he mumbled, his head swiveling in an effort to locate the source of the voice.

"No," he sighed when he couldn't.

"Do you know who I am?"A girl, obviously. Her voice was very familiar. And then it hit him.

"Yes," he replied.

"Describe me," she ordered flatly.

Percy found the hand she had placed on his arm and caressed it. "Your skin is pale, but not from a lack of sunlight. It's sensitive and smells of mulberry," his hand trailed up and she was forced to bend over so he could reach her face. "Your raven hair," he curled his hands into her dark locks, "is cropped short in an angled bob. It has a slight blue tint to it." Her cheek was then stroked. "You have eyes the colour of my favourite cerulean crayon, of a blue highlighter. There are three silver piercings in your left ear, five in the right." Percy held her hands. "Your nails are most likely painted black 'cause that's your favourite colour. You're also pretty tall, not giant tall, but tall enough for me with graceful, lean muscle." And slowly, ever so slowly, his palms cupped her face and he leaned in. "Your lips are like two rose petals, soft and pink." He placed his mouth against hers and kissed with a slow passion, closing his unseeing eyes and muttered a phrase that every girl wants to hear:

"You're perfect, Thalia."

A wet and salty substance tickled his face, and with an abrupt realization Percy knew that Thalia was crying. "Hey, are you―" she cut him off.

"I'm totally fine, just have something in my eye." She pushed away, pecked her now-blind lover on mouth, and changed the subject.

"You better be glad Annabeth's not here to listen in to what you just said and done. I bet she would've just about destroyed you after that little piece. Good job," she told him. Her voice was a melody.

Percy quirked a smile, "Speaking of Annabeth, did she ever come to visit?"

He could feel the hospital-style infirmary bed dip down when Thalia sat. "She stopped by about two hours ago, but you were sleeping like the dead so she decided not to bother you. She went up to Olympus and hasn't been back since―and that's a good thing because then I wouldn't be able to do this."

She grabbed Percy's face and pulled it towards her own, catching him in an enrapturing kiss that delighted his sharpened senses.

Yeah, being blind couldn't be so bad.

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