This story came after several attempts to create my own Spyro race. Then I thought why not just do Humans, but with a little extra?

DISCLAIMER: This has nothing to do with Eragon, How To Train Your Dragon or any other stories involving people who ride dragons. Also I do not own Spyro, etc.

So here…we…go!


Thousands of years ago, humans and dragons lived separate lives, unaware of each other's existence. But all of that changed one fateful day, when a human went exploring the forests by his village and stumbled upon a young dragon whose wing had been injured by the branches. At first, the human was alarmed at the sight of this creature, but when he drew closer, the dragon surprised him by speaking to him in words that he understood. Realizing her need for recovery, the human took her back to the village. When the other villagers saw the dragon, they too were nervous, but they were also amazed that the dragon could understand them and talk back.

Over the next few weeks, the young man learned about the dragon's life and how the rest of her kind lived, and the dragon learned about the humans' way of life. In time, the dragon recovered and flew back to the Dragon City of Warfang, where the Elders asked her what had happened to her. She told them about the humans who healed her and where they lived. She led the Temple Guardians back to the village where they thanked the humans for helping her and invited them back to Warfang. The humans accepted and a new friendship was born.

The humans and the dragons lived together, each lending their skills to the other. They hunted together, ate together, even went into battle together. One day, a human warrior injured his leg in battle and couldn't get up. One of the dragons found him and after much thought, he offered the human a lift back to Warfang on its back. The human accepted, climbed on and the two flew back to the Dragon City. The other humans and Dragon Elders were astonished by this incredible feat. Soon, a perfect alliance between human and dragon came to pass: the Dragon Riders.

In time, the Riders became the most powerful battle strategy in all of dragon history. Humans Riders fought to protect their Dragon steeds, and Dragons put their own lives on the line to save their Riders. Many battles were won thanks to this alliance.

Then after centuries of peace, the Dark Master came. He and his Dark Army of Apes swept through the Realms like a plague, spreading fear and destruction everywhere. His main target was the outlying human villages. The dragons and the Riders went into battle against the ruthless hordes, but sadly the Dark Master's armies had their own Riders; ones who rode Dreadwings instead of Dragons. Throughout the years, the Dark Armies swept across the realms, killing any being that stood in their way. But Humanity suffered the greatest casualities.

Eventually, the Elders and the Riders managed to stop the Dark Master, trapping his spirit in a portal in Convexity. But the damage he caused was too great: the human population was all but wiped out. In attempt to save their species, the humans asked to leave the Dragon Realms and make a new home in a distant land. The Elders reluctantly agreed and so the humans, including the last Riders, built great boats and set sail across the sea, promising to return when the population was stable.

Sadly, soon after they landed in the distant Broken Isles, the Riders became gravely ill and one by one passed away, taking their knowledge of the dragons to their graves. History became legend; legend became myth; and over several thousand years, the humans forgot about the dragons and their promise.

But the dragons never forgot the humans. Shortly after the humans left, two prophecies were foretold. One of them told of the birth of a special dragon that would change the face of the world; the other told that a human would befriend a very unusual dragon, become the new Dragon Rider and restore the friendship between man and dragon.

And so they waited…

Phew! I'm finished. And yes, Spyro won't be the only special dragon in this story.

What will happen next? Well, wait and see.