A/N: Okay, for those who have been informed, I finally made my KakaSaku Drabbles. As I promised, I played around with the title and made it Little Drabbling. Sounds kind of corny but it fits! (In my opinion) Okay, I just hope you enjoy these short Drabbles. Trust me, they won't be as long.

Little Drabbling

(Kakashi Hatake - Sakura Haruno - KakaSaku)

(By XxNarutoFanGurlxX)

Kakashi began fumbling carelessly around his kitchen, his mind not concentrated on the items before him. Instead of thinking about what he needed to satisfy the stomachs of him and his friend Yamato, he was stuck in the images of Sakura Haruno, the girl - or should I rather say former student - that he admired.

He could remember what she looked like when they were on their Team Seven vacation. She was wearing this gorgeous swimsuit; White (top and bottom), straps nearly less than half an inch, breast caps exposing much cleavage. Dear God, he enjoyed every minute of it.

Damn, he especially loved the moment when she bent over him to ask him about whatever she was talking about. He wasn't even sure what she asked, to be honest. All he knows was that her boobs were ghosting over his body, with her slim and thin body almost a few inches away from where he lay.

Sakura Haruno was some damn sexy ninja ... Wait! He shouldn't be thinking of an ex-student like this! But God dammit, her and her beautiful looks ... The best part was her personality, though.

He really loved how her emerald eyes glowed when she was happy or angry. Either way, it made him smile. And her pink, wavy hair. It was exactly like the color of the Cherry Blossom Tree, although, that is what her name means; Cherry Blossom.


Kakashi cocked his head to the side to find Yamato glaring at him with wondering eyes.

"What are you whipping up?" asked the brown-haired ANBU.

"Pink lemonade."

... Silence ...

"...Why pink?"