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Chapter 1: The Sort of Romantic Ride:

After the fight between the birds and monkeys, Blu and Jewel were enjoying the sunset on the ride to Luiz's garage, which was their only hope of getting rid of the chain which is binding them together. Nico and Pedro were playing soft, sort of romantic music in the background.

"Blu?" whispered Rafael, Blu looked to the right of him, while Jewel was looking at the beautiful sunset.

"What?" Blu replied, making sure that Jewel couldn't hear him.

"Say to her 'you have beautiful eyes'". Blu turned to look at Jewel and Jewel looked when she felt Blu's gaze on her.

"I have beautiful eyes" Blu said to Jewel, at the same time Rafael face palmed. Jewel's eyes widened.

"O…Okay, yeah they're nice, they're nice." Jewel said in a quite shocked tone.

"No you idiot," Rafael said to Blu, "Her eyes, Her eyes!"

Blu then hastily corrected himself "No your eyes, your eyes are nice" Jewel's gaze softened when she heard this. "I mean mine are okay, but yours…, I bet you can see right through them." Once again Blu made a fool out of himself and Jewel's eyes once again widened.

"Blu, just tell her how you feel." Rafael quietly said to Blu.

"Okay,Okay" Blu replied, Blu turned to look at Jewel again, who was back to looking at the glorious sunset again. "Jewel?" Blu said to Jewel

"Yeah?" Jewel said in a soft tone.

"Jewel, I've been wanting to say this for a long time." Blu mustered up all the courage he possibly could. "I wanted to tell you that I…., that I.." BLu desperately tried to avoid having a panic attack.

"Go on Blu, what do you want to tell me?" Jewel said in an encouraging tone.

"Jewel… I..I..I wanted to tell you that… I…I love you." Blu finally choked out. Jewel's eyes widened in shock. Blu started to get worried in case he was rejected by his love, Rafael, who had joined Nico and Pedro at the back held their breath.

Jewel still had a shocked look on her face and just couldn't find a way to tell Blu how she felt about him.

Blu panicked and hastily said, "Sorry Jewel, I don't even know I said that, just forget about it okay, just forget that I said it…" Blu looked away in sadness.

"NO!... No Blu I won't forget about it," Jewel replied to Blu, finally managing to speak, "It's just that I feel exactly the same way about you Blu." Jewel said softly.

"Really?" Blu shouted excitedly.

"Of course I do Blu, I thought it was obvious from the dance we did earlier."

Blu blushed slightly at the memory


Blu and Jewel were at the party in the makeshift dance floor. They were having the time life and laughing and smiling as they danced to Nico and Pedro's great song called Hot Wings (I wanna Party). Blu then spun Jewel around and threw her into the air and watched, mesmerised by Jewel's beautiful voice as she hovered in the purple light which only made her even more attractive in Blu's eyes. When she landed after doing her solo, the two blue macaw's were staring into each other's eyes. Blu into Jewel's deep, blue eyes and Jewel was staring into Blu's captivating brown eyes. They slowly leaned in for a kiss but then were rudely interrupted by the monkeys 'employed' by Nigel to capture them. After they arrived all hell broke loose.

Back to the present

"I guess you're right Jewel." Blu said as he smiled sheepishly.

"I have my moments." Jewel smiled back.

They gazed into each other's eyes in the same way they had back at the party.

"So…erm…" Blu started. "Should we continue from where we left off." He finished while blushed madly.

"Of course." Jewel replied also blushing slightly. They both leaned towards each other, their beaks coming closer and closer, completely forgetting the audience that they had.

Finally, after what had seemed hours, but was only actually seconds. Their beaks finally connected and they shared a very passionate kiss. Their tongues coming together as Jewel moaned quietly. When they broke the kiss after a while to catch their breath, Blu and Jewel heard wolf whistles coming from behind them. They turned around to see Pedro and Rico whistling while Rafael looked on smiling as he thought to himself, 'mission accomplished' as looked upon the new couple.

Blu, Jewel and the others finally arrived at Luiz's garage, after their eventful trip there. Blu and Jewel walked towards the entrance of the place, where they were going to have the chain that was becoming more of a binding piece than a hindrance off. Blu opened the gate and said to Jewel.

"After you"

"No, no you go first" Jewel replied

"No, I insist you go first" Blu said back to her.

Jewel gave him an annoyed look. They both then said

"Fine" and then both of them tried to walk through the tiny gap, which wasn't big enough and therefore they knocked their heads together.

"Sorry!" They both said at the same time to each other and then laughed.

They locked eyes again and they stared as they helplessly struggled to break the gaze they were both locked into.

"Come on lovebirds!" Rafael shouted to them, breaking them out of their trance and causing them both to blush at which Rafael chuckled at. "Hurry up if you want to get that chain off you."

Blu and Jewel walked through the cluttered, dusty and dark garage continuously looking around for any trouble.

"So this is it" Jewel said to Blu as she turned to look at him.

"Yeah, it has been quite an adventure my angel." Blu replied.

Jewel blushed at Blu's comment and felt flattered by it. She looked away from Blu in an attempt to avoid showing Blu how happy she was at that sweet nickname for her.

However, Blu saw her and decided to tease her further. "So, I was just wondered my love, why was it that you decided to attack me when we first met in that strange place."

Jewel casted her eyes to the floor and replied "Well, I was quite annoyed by the fact that you were just staring at me, even though I was slightly flattered and happy that you were so captivated by me. I guess, the reason was from experience…" Blu turned to Jewel.

"Carry on," Blu asked Jewel.

"Well let's just say the humans had tried to pair me up unwillingly with other birds before, but they failed. Each one I would scratch, kick and bite them as they tried to advance onto me, until the humans got the bird out."

"So that was the reason why you were so angry with me when I made my advance on you. Ah! I just thought I'd let you know that I was following Nico's and Pedro's advice when I did that, you just seemed to be giving off the signals that you wanted to mate, not escape."

Jewel blushed once again, she was started to get slightly annoyed that she had blushed in the past 15 minutes as she had in the rest of her whole life.

"Was I really that hard to read?" Jewel questioned Blu.

"Honestly, yes you were, to be honest though, I was surprised by your seemingly outward advances and I didn't know how to react. But I guess that the highlight has to be when Lionel Richie came on and a disco ball came down. Even though it didn't seem like that at the time. It was pretty funny if you look back at it."

Jewel giggled at the thought, "Yeah, I guess it was thinking about it, though at the time I was really angry with you and I wanted to rip your neck off for trying to kiss me."

They stopped their conversation when they heard Rafael shout out,

"Luiz, are you there, I have some friends with me that need your help."

Suddenly a dog jumped out of a seemingly deserted kennel and gave chase to Nico and Pedro. The screamed and flew out of the way. Blu and Jewel desperately tried to flee but were force d down by the huge bulldog, which had saliva pouring out of its mouth, which was slowly going towards Blu's eye.

The dog then jumped off the couple and laughed.

"Haha, I got you good didn't I"

"Ha Luiz glad you're here, listen, I need you to help my two blue friends out with a chain problem. Do you have any ideas?" Rafael said to Luiz.

"Yeah, I have one idea. But trust me; none of you are gonna like it." Luiz chuckled

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