Note: I do not want to offend in any way Sullivan Bluth Studios

Goldcrest Films nor anyone else, but I've always wanted to do this style of reporting.

Warning: The kit may contain profanity, nudity, violence and sexual material.

About a year two All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series events.

San Francisco, Charlie and Sasha home. At 11:00 am

Charlie Barkin crossed eyes woke up out of bed. He noticed that Sasha had gone to work for Flea Bite. Charlie went downstairs to eat breakfast until he noticed that the mail had come. Charlie went to the door and brought the mail from the floor. Charlie browsed e-mail until you noticed that he had come to the letter. Charlie was amazed. He was surprised because he almost never does anyone write anything. Charlie was the opening of the letter until the memory that he is your permission to come over and say hello Sasha played a Flea Bite. Charlie threw the mail on the table and took the letter into the pocket. (Probably wonder whether the dogs pockets ... it is now), he quickly took the bread in the mouth and went out. Charlie locked the door and left. Charlie walked into the alley until the dogs found the girl sitting in a smoke and who knows what. There were two girls. The first was a poodle-looking. He had a black player who was a shaggy coat. One was a bulldog player whose fur was brown and white and pure as the Snow Bunting.

''Good morning. Is not it a beautiful morning?''Charlie said to them, and walked over.

Barkin''Good morning! Whether the girls responded very well''.

When Charlie was walking past their first whispered to another.

''Is not it true that hot pack brought Barkin?''Asked Poodle another.

''I might even bring her the moon from space so I could get with her love for a long time.''Answered the bulldog in the dog.

''It is the Irish Setter lucky to have such a delicious piece received.''Said the poodle and Charlie found the back of the body when he exited the corner.

''Yes'' Answered bulldog pipe and sucked.

Flea Bite Cafe 11:15 in the morning.

Charlie arrived at a cafe and found that customers had been sufficiently informed.
Sasha La Fleur's girlfriend Charlie served for lunch and customers did not notice when Charlie was sitting on a chair over the counter. Greta came to join him Charlie.

Good morning,''Barkin. What do you put today?''Gerta said Charlie.
''Good morning. If it should be an ordinary coffee?''said Charlie.

Greta went to get coffee from the coffee maker. After a while, Gerta brought the coffee.

''Please.''Gerta said, and gave Charlie the coffee.
''Thanks.''Charlie said.''Otherwise, if Sasha at work?''

Before when Greta was able to say anything, Sasha came on the scene.

''Good morning love.''Greetings Sasha, and gave Charlie a big juicy kiss on the lips.

Charlie was saw the hearts of turning their heads around.

''Good morning to you my dear.''Charlie said in love.
''Did you sleep well in the morning.?''Asked Sasha giggling.
Sure,''not produce enough.''Post I got a letter a long time.''Charlie said, and showed a letter.
''Who is it sent?''said Sasha.
''I do not know.''This does not create the dispatcher.''replied Charlie inspects the letter.
''Do not open it?''Asked Sasha curiously.

Charlie tore the envelope open and found inside a letter which he read aloud.

''Today,''it will happen.'' Get ready.''

Sasha was was afraid that the letter was a letter threatening her boyfriend.

''Time' a short letter.''Commented Charlie.

''Surely it's not a threat?''Said Sasha fear Charlie.

''I do not know.I hope not.''Charlie said.

Charlie wondered letter. Sasha was a frightened-looking. Had his worst nightmare in implementation? Sasha loves Charlie so he does not want to abandon him at any price.

''Well, I guess this does not help the other. Have to be ready.''Charlie said, and went backstage essay.

Sasha followed suit. Charlie was looking for a waiter to live.

''Have you seen the waitress an extra look.?''Said Charlie

''Is not it over there on the shelf?''Said Sasha

Let the''Well, it was.''Charlie said, and put on the outfit.

''You seem to have crowded here so I could help you.''Charlie said.

Sasha smiled, but seemed to smile after a broken. Charlie noticed that Sasha was not okay.

''Is everything all right Sashy?''Said Charlie

''I do not have nothing.''Sasha said brokenly.

''Are you sure?.''Charlie said.

Sasha then burst into tears and hugged Charlie.

''My worst nightmare is coming true.''Sasha said, crying and hugging Charlie's coat.

''Do not cry, my dear.''Charlie said, and stroked Sasha's head.

''There is nothing to worry about this.''Charlie reassured Sasha.

Charlie took over the head Sasha, Sasha rubbed his hands and tears off the cheeks.

''Do not paint the walls of devils.''I do not going anywhere alone if you are afraid of it.''Charlie said, and rubbed Sasha's face.

''Thanks.''Sasha said. And hugged Charlie.

''Let's go to work exhausted.''Said Charlie

''Okay.''Sasha said and smiled.
About three hours to reach peak was silenced.

''Oh, boy what a hurry.''Now it's over.''Charlie said, and sat on a bar chair.

''You had a lot of help.''Gerta said.

''Gerta''.Called Charlie.

''Well?''Gerta said.

''What do you think of this letter?''Said Charlie and me a letter.''Would it be a death threat?

I say''part.''Gerta said the letter, and Discover.

Sasha''was afraid that my life threatened so I thought I'd ask for opinions.''Said Charlie

''If this is a death threat as a short time to a threat.''Gerta said and gave the letter back to Charlie.

''But be careful not alone in the streets. You never know.''Gerta warned.

''Sure.''Charlie said, and put the letter in your pocket.

Charlie drank tea until you heard a familiar voice behind.

''What is the best guardian angel in my thinking?''Said Annabelle.

Charlie turned and saw Annabelle disguise.

''I do anything special.''Charlie said. ''What on earth else are you doing in that outfit?''Said Charlie, and jumped over the counter on the other side.

''Sorry.''Replied Annabelle.''I should not say, but between us I was watching the scenery here on earth.

Sasha came next, and Charlie's greeting Annabel.

Should you ask for''Annabelle the letter.''Whispered to Sasha.

''Well, why not.''Charlie said, and was issued a letter Annabel until he saw that two police dogs came kahvillaan.

Problems''becoming.''Sasha whispered Charlie.

Police dogs approached the detergent. Another dog was exactly like Sasha.

Sasha how she thought that is so familiar. Another dog was well-muscled male bulldog.

''Hey sister. For a long time.''said the other dogs.

''Daniel''. What are you doing here? Did not you supposed to be in Los Angeles?''Said Sasha amazed.

''Task performance''around here. I do not really talk about it here, but some other time.''Daniel said.

Daniel was exactly the same as Sasha, except the head. Not the same as Sasha. He had the sunglasses away and police hat.

''Is this your brother you've always talked about?''Said Charlie.

''He is.''Replied Sasha

''I'm sorry, but the German shepherd who this is?''Asked whether Daniel and looked at Charlie.

Here is my boyfriend Barkin.''Sasha said.

''Take good care of my sister. ''Daniel said Charlie.

''Sure.'' Replied Charlie

Another dog found pad.

''Sorry for the interruption but do you Charlie B. Barkin?''Asked bulldog.

''I am.''Charlie said.

''You're under arrest on suspicion of a couple of hours ago, the rape occurred.''

Said one police dog and took the braces out.

''Excuse me?''Said Sasha, Charlie, Anna Belle and Greta at the same time.

''You heard me.''Answered bulldog, and Charlie came to join him.

''Hey! I go quite willingly. I do not have irons''said Charlie bulldog, but he would not listen.

Bulldog violently took Charlie's hand and knocked her on her belly on the floor cafeteria.

Calm down''a good dog. I do not now dangerous.''Try to talk to Charlie bulldog around.

He did not listen. Bulldog Charlie put his cuffs and brought Charlie out on the floor.

Bulldog told rights to Charlie, while she took him away from the station.

''Sorry sister but we are forced to take him.''Daniel said before she left the station.

But for us,''not guilty.''Sasha shouted Daniel's stern.

Soon he, bulldog, and Charlie was gone.

Is this what it meant etter''?''Thought Sasha

What will happen to Charlie? Is he guilty or not?

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