Flea bite, 20 minutes later

Charlie had got there. The café was when Max kommentteli to be quiet.

Charlie went nearer, and stopped at the door and looked at the corner against the inside.

The hostages were on the floor hands behind your neck. Some of the frightened children cried on the floor.

All except Sasha, were visible. Max was the intense discussion behind the counter.

Would it be Sasha, Charlie thought.

Soon, someone was Charlie's shoulder. Charlie turned to look at. It was Daniel and Alex.

''Do not disturbing me like hell. We almost become goods in your pants.''Charlie was shocked.

''I'm sorry. It was not intended. What is the situation here?''Apologized and asked Daniel.

''See for yourself. I was wondering in this plan.''Answered Charlie.

''Just ashamed of the whole body on behalf of the entire situation for you.''Fretted Alex.

''Well, happens to the witch. If nothing else, to put Max to suffer punishment.''Answered Charlie.

''You got a plan?''Asked by Daniel.

''If you try to mask this device.''Answered Charlie.

''Take the case of a bullet vest on you just in case. And also silenced pistol.''Alex said, and gave Charlie the equipment.

Charlie put on the vest. Gun was a black run with a red dot with a silenced pistol barrel.

''Thank you. It's now or never.''Charlie said, and think about masking items.

Charlie thought for a moment and then came up with.

''This is certainly going through.''Charlie said, and the disguise of a device, to Max's father.

''Certainly goes.''Answered by Daniel with a laugh.

Charlie started to walk inside. Charlie the gun was hidden behind their backs.

Some of the hostages turned to look at Charlie. Flo was very nearly surprised and say something, but Charlie put his finger to display the front of your mouth and keep quiet.

''Dad? What are you doing here? Are not you supposed to be a nursing home? ''My question to the Max with astonishment

Sasha rose to see who was speaking for Max. Sasha, Charlie recognized the fake dress. He suggested that familiar with him.

''My son. I came here because I heard that you're insane. What is it?''Asked Charlie Max's father's voice.

''Everything has gone to hell. She left. His girlfriend left. You got sick. The work is the same shit. ''Everything!''Answered Max angrily shotgun in hand.

''It does not feel to go with this guess. Do you think you gonna be here if you are hurting innocent people?''My question is Charlie.

''I do not think. Father? I've done something really bad.''Max said.

''Tell my son.''Charlie said pretty voice.

''I've been using for many women, and put a second reason.''Answered Max brokenness.

''Why?''My question is Charlie.

''I have a crush on his girlfriend. I tried to frame him guilty that he would be in jail, and I could get to his girlfriend for himself.''Answered Max.

''Glimpse of it?''My question is Charlie and Sasha showed.

''He very well. And besides, he is annoying. Too good for everyone.''Answered Max.

''You do not, you can take the property of another. The same applies to the case of a girlfriend. Besides, he is certainly happy when it has a right and to love him forever. You know it, too. And you have to work takiakin you get along with others. ''Charlie said a little angrily.

Sasha smiled a little secret. He has never been famous saying about Charlie. Charlie was amazed when he saw that Max had hit Sasha. Charlie was a little bit to boil with anger, but tried to remain calm no secrecy.

''Come on THE SUBMIT ANY. I know you not my father. My father never explain to me that kind of shit. ''Max shouted and pointed a shotgun Charlie.

''Now I think to go to the spirit.''Charlie thought.

Max pressed the trigger. Shotgun was a big bang. Sasha went to the middle. He grabbed the shotgun and began to pull it themselves. Max put the fight back. Charlie was bleeding on the floor than from the tap. Shot was just shy of his shoulder badly. Charlie thought that a couple of cents, down, then it would become ill and was holding his shoulder. The pain was terrible. Charlie hid the expression of pain. Outside of Alex alerted reinforcements.

Charlie tore into laughter. Max turned to look at Charlie, and saw the shoulder. The shoulder was revealed to be normal.

''I learned to shoot first when you are going to kill someone.''Charlie said, laughing.

''YOU! NOW I'm gonna kill you! ''Shouted Max, Sasha threw off the front and showed once again Charlie.

Charlie had gone to hide behind the table was a couple of feet behind him.

Charlie breathed heavily and painfully. He took the pistol out and turned off the mask for the device.

''Where are you? COME FORWARD THAT CAN I KILL YOU! ''Max and the shouting began to look for him.

Flo was still crawling over to Charlie. Flo was terrified. Blood was everywhere, and it was a lot.

''Are you okay?''Asked Flo and began to stanch bleeding.

''I am myself. What about yourself. Did she make you anything? Asked Charlie.

''None. Has not been done. Fortunately, the. What are you going to do?''Asked Flo.

''I work before someone dies.''Answered Charlie

Charlie began to crawl forward close to the washing up liquid. Sasha took Charlie.

Sasha told me where Max was. Max had gone to look for Charlie among the goods.

When Max turned to look elsewhere, Charlie stood up. irroitteli gun silencer.

Max heard the one turned to look at Charlie.

''Drop the gun, and your hands up or I'll shoot you.''Shouted Charlie, and showed Max.

''You do not shoot me. You are too kind to others.''Mocked Max and began to raise the shotgun.

Just when Max was aimed at Charlie, heard a bang. Outside, Daniel and Alex heard it. While the second, and was soon followed by another one. Charlie walked toward Max and fired several shots again.

Max swung backwards whenever Charlie, he was shot. Soon, he fell to the floor, grinning.

Charlie came closer, was holding a pistol in one hand and showed Max.

Just then came in relief with assault rifles. Daniel and Alex, too.

They saw the agony on the floor of Max and Charlie, who showed Max.

Charlie dropped the gun down. He was relieved. It was finally over. Sasha ran to him and hugged for a long time for this. The police brought hostages out. Medical men checked the injured.

''Go with the Flo out. I'll be right behind.''Charlie said.

''Do not be a long time. I want to sleep with you.''Answered Sasha and Charlie hugged again.

Sasha went out with Flo. The police confiscated the shotgun away. Medical Men took care of Max's wounds.

''This would be this. I do not need it anymore. I'm going to sleep. See you in the morning.''Charlie said, and gave him a gun.

''Okay. I'll call you in the morning. Do not leave until your shoulder is patched up.''Answered by Alex.

Before Charlie went out, he returned to the Max creates.

''Do not ever, ever, ever fucks me or my family.''Max said Charlie angrily and walked away.

Medicine Man Charlie came close. He began to tie his shoulder and gave painkillers.

Charlie went out. It was a crowd. There was even the victims and their parents.

Charlie walked into strips under the other side of Sasha and Flo her. Soon, they went through the crowd. The crowd patted together with Charlie, shouted cries of encouragement and some whistled.

After a while, Charlie, Sasha and Flo walked home together.