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Pencil feverishly scratching across paper to create a very crude looking heart, Kurt's eyebrows furrowing together as he tried to get it perfect. Once the shape was to his liking, he started writing in perfect script 'Blaine + Kurt'. Before completing his little masterpiece, Kurt was interrupted by footsteps and the distant voice of an angel. Blaine called from across the room, "Kurt! Hey!" and smiled brightly. Kurt slammed his journal shut as his eyes met Blaine's, smiling in return. Blaine spoke again once he reached the plush chair Kurt had situated himself in. "Ready to head out? I wanted to grab a coffee before leaving Dalton for the weekend."

Kurt slipped the journal into his bag as he stood, "Sounds great." Blaine playfully ruffled the younger boys hair as they walked to the student parking lot, making small talk along the way. Kurt cleared his throat as he fixed his hair, "Mind if we take separate cars? There's no need to drive there and back again."

"Yeah, no problem. See you in a few, Kurt." He patted the taller boy on the back before crossing the lot to find his car. By the time he had reached his car and fished out his keys, Kurt had already pulled up behind him, honking his horn. Blaine jumped, nearly dropping his keys. Once he was in the car, he followed Kurt to their favorite coffee shop, humming along to the radio and tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. They arrived at their destination shortly after and met in front of the building. Blaine held the door open for Kurt, "Do you always drive so slowly?"

Once inside, Kurt crossed his arms and stuck his tongue out at the older boy, "I'm sorry for going the speed limit." he said sarcastically, "Maybe you shouldn't be such a speed demon." Blaine laughed and nudged him with his elbow as they reached the line. They moved up a couple places before Kurt spoke again, "So, Blaine, have any special plans for the weekend?"

Blaine just shrugged, "Not really. Just visiting the folks." The boys moved forward a few more steps, "I haven't been home in a while, so I wanted to surprise them by stopping by." They finally reached the register, and Blaine took the liberty of ordering for the two of them, "Two medium drips, please." He smiled politely as he and Kurt moved down the counter to wait for their drinks.

"Wait, you haven't told your parents that you're coming home?" Kurt grabbed a handful of sugar packets for the two of them as their coffees arrived, "How do you know they'll even be home?" After fixing up each coffee to their liking, they moved to an empty table.

Blindly stirring at his coffee, Blaine's eyes moved to the floor, "My parents don't exactly talk to me much…And I guess I don't call them as much as I should," he laughed quietly as he took a sip of his drink, "Besides, my parents don't have a life, so I know they're home. They were always pretty lame. They never did much when I lived at home."

Kurt sipped at his coffee and crossed his legs before deciding to speak again, "Um, Blaine…?" The older boy raised his head to make eye contact, "I know it's probably not my place to ask, but…" he blushed and broke the eye contact, "You never really talk about your parents, or your home life, or anything, and I was wondering…" One more deep breath and Kurt made eye contact again, "I was just wondering about that. I mean, I've told you a lot about my family. Hell, you're the only one I've told about Karofsky. I don't want to pry, but-"
"It's fine, Kurt." Blaine reached over and squeezed his hand momentarily, "I just don't want to talk about it today. Maybe some other day. I'm just trying to keep my mind as clear as possible for now." He smiled sweetly, making Kurt melt. He was pretty sure that if Blaine asked him to stand right now, his legs would probably give out. Blaine drank the last of his coffee and stood to throw the cup away. "Thanks for stopping with me. Have a great weekend, okay?"

"I will. You too, Blaine." Kurt smiled up at his friend. He quickly added, "Feel free to text me if you get bored," before Blaine turned to leave, giving a thumbs up behind his back as he walked out the door. Kurt sighed, running his finger around the lip of his cup, 'I probably wont hear from him at all this weekend. I don't even think he realizes how much I like him. Maybe I'm not making it obvious enough?' His thoughts were interrupted by his suddenly very loud phone ringing, signaling a text from Blaine. He smiled as he opened it:

Miss you already. :( text me when you get home

Kurt turned to see Blaine drive past in his car. He decided not to text back, not wanting to distract his friend while he was on the road. 'Never mind. Maybe he does know.' Smiling to himself, Kurt rose from his seat and walked out to his car. Once in the car, his phone rang again. Another text, this one from Finn.

Hey wer u comin home this weekend?

Kurt typed out a quick reply before starting his car:

Yep. Leaving now. See you soon.

He received another message, but he kept the phone in his lap until he pulled into his driveway, when he realized that his was the only car there. Kurt opened the missed message:

Ok I left the door unlocked mom and burt r gone im goin to pucks

After grabbing his things from the back seat, Kurt waited until he had unpacked and flopped down on his bed before texting Blaine back.

I'm home. Got lucky enough to have the house to myself. :) At least until later on.

Before receiving any more messages, his stomach gurgled. Kurt realized that the only substance he had today was the coffee with Blaine. Not wanting to take the time to cook, Kurt searched the fridge for leftovers, and found pizza on the top shelf. He didn't receive a response to his earlier text to Blaine until after he had rewarmed and eaten the pizza.

Cool :) sorry for taking so long to respond. You were right. Shulda told my folks I was stopping by.

Kurt sat on the couch and turned the tv on before responding.

:P Told you they wouldn't be home.

He sat patiently, but it was almost a half an hour before he got a reply.

No, they were home. Kinda pissed I just stopped by unannounced.

Kurt flew through another response as he stood and walked to the bathroom.

Sorry. :( I'm going to shower while I still have privacy. Want me to text you when I'm done?

After turning on the water in the shower and undressing, his phone rang again.

Please :) if youre not busy. I've got nothing else to do. Enjoy your shower ;)

Kurt blushed after reading the last part of the text from his friend. 'Does he understand how dirty that sounds?' He shook it off and stepped under the stream of water.


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