The day had finally come where I was starting to chase my dreams. I had waited years to be granted my first pokemon and the right to leave the town and embark on my own journey. The wait had been excruciatingly long, honestly. But at last it had ended. I had finally started my journey.

So, naturally, it was just my luck that I was starting at the same time an evil organization was coming into the open and trying to liberate all pokemon by freeing them of their owners. This only seemed fitting for me. I always was a magnet for trouble.

I stood in the middle of my two best friends just hours after we had begun our journey. I cradled my Snivy in my arms as we watched the gathering in front of us.

Citizens of the town all gathered in front of a group of men- what did they call themselves? Team something or another- who were lecturing them. They went on about how we all mistreat pokemon and are being cruel by keeping them with us and having them do our work.

"What a crock," Cheren hissed under his breath, rolling his eyes as the leader halted his speech and thanked everyone for listening.

I smiled a little at his stubborn attitude but refrained from speaking. If there was one thing I could say confidently, it was that Cheren had waited far too long for this adventure. There was no chance he was about to give it up to some delusional idiots (as I'm sure he would put it).

The crowd of people before us began to chatter (in a slight state of hysteria) about the speech they had just received. Was it true? Were they cruel? Cheren rolled his eyes and walked off, leaving Bianca and I standing and observing the crowd.

"How sad," She commented casually.

I smiled, "It'll take more than one speech to change everyone's habits,"

"I wonder if there's any truth to it," She whispered to herself, wringing the bottom of her shirt in her hands.

"Bianca," I strode past her and towards the pokemon center, "Just treat your pokemon right and there's nothing to worry about."

Her eyes followed me as I pulled Snivy a little closer to my chest and continued on my way. Cheren had wandered off through the town somewhere, but it didn't worry me.

"Hello! Would you like me to heal your pokemon?"

I looked up to the friendly face that stood before me, "Yes, please!"

I gingerly handed Snivy over the counter and to the nurse who took him into the back and began to heal him. I took a seat while I waited and looked out the front windows.

Standing outside the doors was a boy- probably around my age, maybe a year older- who had been standing outside during the presentation earlier (What was that teams name again?). I watched as he paced back and forth, hands in his pockets and head bent towards the ground. His hat shaded his eyes, but did nothing to hide the long green ponytail he had trailing down his back.

"Here you go, your Snivy is all better!" The nurse walked back to the front, holding my beloved in her arms.

"Thank you," I reached over the counter and took him back in my arms, "You feeling good now?"

Snivy looked up at me and nodded before pressing against my shoulder. I smiled and carried him outside of the center. The moment I stepped foot outside the door, I was stooped by a smooth voice.

"You." The boy with the green hair paced up to me, "Let me see your Snivy."

"What?" I clung him close to my chest, "No way!"

The boy raised his head so that I could see his eyes from under the shade of his hat. For a moment, I was stunned. His eyes were the brightest shade of green I had ever seen.

"I just want to talk to it," He countered, his tone even.

I stared into his eyes for another moment, not releasing my grasp on my pokemon, "You can do that while I'm holding him, then."

"Fine," He countered, bending down so he was level with Snivy.

I shifted my Snivy so that he was facing this new trainer and allowed… whatever was going on to continue. This kid kept nodding and humming in acknowledgement of what my pokemon had muttered to him.

"I see. Your pokemon seems to love you," He muttered, standing back up and looking at me again.

"Thank you?" I asked, unsure of how to respond.

"How long have you had this pokemon?"

"I got him this morning."

"Not even a day?" His tone suggested disbelief, but his face remained impassive.

I looked into his eyes, "Why does it matter?"

"You're different. I can tell. You love your pokemon and it loves and trusts you. In such a short time…"

He paced back and forth in front of me, rubbing a hand across the back of his neck. He would glance at me every few steps or so, but he didn't utter anything. His face was contorted in thought. For a moment, I thought I'd offended him. Vaguely I wondered where my friends were when I was in such a situation.

"I'll be keeping my eye on you," He muttered at last, stopping to face me.

"What does that mean? Keeping an eye on me for what?" My words came out harsher than I intended them to, but he didn't seem to flinch.

He waved a hand casually in my face, "We'll meet again. You'll see what I'm talking about then."

He began to walk away but I called after him, "Wait!" He paused and glanced over his shoulder at me, "Who are you?"

"N." He replied, turning and leaving me alone again.