A Datherine Love Story.

Prompt: David is planning a song to sing to Katherine because of her heart transplant. -SaleyHidesInCorners

David Sullivan slammed his books on the coffee table in his room. The force of all the heavy texts hitting the table forced even David to wince.

"David, what the hell, man?" David looked at his roommate in exasperation. "Seriously. Give me some warning next time. You nearly made me spill my coffee all over my psych book." Wes scolded his best friend as he went back to his work on the incredibly tidy desk, also similarly stacked with a mound of text books.

David sighed as response and surveyed his room. Every nook and cranny was spotless-or as spotless as a room previously inhabited by some crazy Windsor boys could be. He shot a hateful look at the right wall, eyeing down the foot-long streak of char black that was present. Of course, David, being David, had tried to clean that permanently blackened spot countless times out of stress and annoyance. A few similar marks were spotted along the same wall, though smaller, the second largest being only three inches. But he knew by now that those marks would never leave, no matter how hard he rubbed, washed, and did everything humanly possible to it. Dwight had even tried to use some weird thing on it to get the evil spirits out of the marks, and being unable to do so, vowed to never enter their room again.

They cleanliness of the room would have astounded any normal person, but for that person to learn that it was shared by two high school boys, most would think it utterly untrue and not believe another word of it. But somehow, it was the truth. David had been cleaning more than ever before because of all his stress. Midterm exams were approaching, and David being one of the topmost students in all of Dalton, he underwent copious amounts of pressure to ace-or nearly so-all his exams. A situation like this alone calls for plenty of stress-cleaning. But there was more than that, of course. The most dreaded night in all of Warbler-dom was coming up. Parent's Night. This had added enough stress so that he would only have to do as much as he had accomplished last week, cleaning-wise. But David still had something-someone-else to worry and stress his head about. Katherine.

Yes, for the past few years she had been battling heart problems, caused by him. He tried to shove that last bit out of his mind for good. But these heart problems had never been so severe before. The last time he visited her at the hospital, the doctor said she would need a heart transplant. This was the cause of David's stress, causing him to clean with a furious passion.

David sighed into the couch next to the book-laden coffee table and put his head in his hands, exhausted and stressed. The room had nothing left to clean. He had even gotten the ceiling yesterday.

Wes glanced over from his studying and looked at his roommate with a hint of pity in his eyes. He could tell David was under a considerable amount of stress-it showed in the tidiness of their shared room. He reluctantly left his psych book and sauntered his way over to David, sitting down next to him with a joking smile on his face.

"Anything wrong today, good sir?" Wes put on a cheesy fake British accent to show he was joking around. But David didn't take it as such. He gave Wes such a look of contempt that Wes nearly recoiled. David responded anyway. "There is nothing left to clean."

"I know."

"And I'm still stressed." David finished with a huff.

"I'm aware."

"Fat load of help you are."

"What are best friends for?"

"Best friends are for helping me with this." David pulled out a well-abused green notebook from the stack on the table and flipped it over to a page and handed it to Wes, looking only at the black charred marks on the far wall. Wes took the notebook gingerly, and examined the page. The top was labeled "For Katherine" under which was a long list of songs, most of them love songs. But some of these songs had caught his eye, being absolutely ridiculous beyond reason. Two, in particular made Wes question if David was just really stressed or he was on the brink of stress-induced insanity. David waited in silence for a minute before Wes finally responded.

"Friday by Rebecca Black and I Just Had Sex by the Lonely Island featuring Akon." David guiltily nodded his head. "Are you out for a wish of death?" A grimace in return. "Would you like to sing the Bed Intruder song while you're at it and make a medley?"

"No, actually. I wanted to do some really depressing ones or just ones that would not help one bit and maybe make a medley of Breakeven, Brand New Day, and Bodies." David snapped in response. "It'd be perfect you see. Hearts breaking unevenly, followed by an evil man gaining the courage to kill someone, and screaming "Let the bodies hit the floor" would make Kath feel tip-top, wouldn't you think? Utter perfection." Wes repressed the urge to laugh and David's great comeback. He would have in any other situation, but he could see that David was too miserable to have any of his ideas laughed at. David lowered his face into his hands again and slowly pulled his head back up, his hands pulling down on his features, making him look quite silly. "Wes, just help me think of a song."

"Dear Prudence."


"Highway to Hell."



"You're just thinking of random ones now."

"So what? You're Gonna Go Far, Kid."

"No, and it's not helping."

"Who knows? Maybe something I say will inspire you. 8 Years Apart." David snapped his head up in response to the last suggestion.

"That's it! Dave Days did a cover of Love Story. I'll do that!" David said excitedly to his best friend, seeing Wes smirking smugly back at him. "Oh, shut up, would you." Wes just widened his smile and didn't say a word in response.

Wes stood up and opened his arms wide. "Who's the best Best Friend ever?"

David rolled his eyes and grinned, indulging Wes. "You are."

"You know it." Wes spun around triumphantly and walked back over to his desk to continue studying his Psychology book and sat down to work, leaving his best friend grinning ear to ear at the coffee table.