"Are you sure you want to leave? The owl laguz consider you a hero, and your tale has already spread to the other races." Tibarn asked. Next to him stood Ulki and Nassir; Janaff was back on the island, helping Einar take care of the owl laguz.

"Yes. I know that it would be safe to stay, but…we're travelers. And we want to get stronger so that we can help others." Midhe put her hand on Mylene's shoulder. "This time, with my sister." Nick and Violet nodded their agreement.

"I'd also like to learn more about this staff." Nick explained, holding Galen out in front of him.

"But won't it be dangerous for Mylene?" Nassir questioned.

Mylene spoke without hesitation. "I stay with Midhe! She can protect me." The young laguz gripped Midhe's arm, defiance glinting in her eyes.

Midhe shrugged, smiling "You heard her."

"I understand. I only wish that I could give you more." Tibarn said.

"No, you've given us enough already." Violet responded, shifting her new backpack. "You gave us plenty of money and supplies to last us a while."

Tibarn nodded. "Remember, you are always welcome here."

"Thanks, from all of us." Midhe turned to her group. "I guess it's time to leave."

"Have a good journey." Ulki talked quietly, but his voice still easily reached their ears.

"Fly well!" Nassir added, using a familiar saying among bird laguz.

The group said their goodbyes and walked out the door, the sun outlining their figures for a moment. Midhe, the confident and redeemed laguz; Mylene, still clutching Midhe's arm with the sisterly bond she had been deprived of for too long; Nick, his terrible past faded into nothing but memory; and Violet, ever caring for her brother and now for the laguz as well.

The large doors shut behind them, leaving an empty space that no one could feel.

"Think they'll be okay?" Nassir asked, not so much worrying as already missing them. Even though he hadn't known them for long, he still felt an attachment towards them.

"Of course they will." Tibarn gave a thoughtful smile. "You know, they kind of remind me of a certain blue-haired mercenary."

Well, that's it! After all of these chapters, the story is finally over. Even though I do feel that I could have done better in some places, I'm just happy that I finished my first story . I'm afraid to say that I'm not sure if I will be doing a prequel based on Nassir, but if I do it will be a while before I make it. For the last time on this story, I hope you enjoyed and please review!