Always So Kind

Luna smiled happily, looking at the patch of sunflowers. Sunflowers were the primary home of nargles (when they weren't confusing the thoughts of the unwary). She put on her Spectre Specs and examined the patch of flowers, to find they were buzzing with little blue lights. It made her happy to see them there, for surely it meant that somewhere else, someone was thinking more clearly.

Dreamily, Luna pulled her herbology equipment from her satchel and carefully dug up a path of sunflowers, transferring them into a pot, which she conjured. She would plant give them to Harry as a gift. Perhaps it would allow him to see things clearer.

Luna found Harry in the great hall, and gave him the pot of flowers. Hermione scoffed, and Ronald laughed, but Harry gave her a crooked smile and thanked her.

Ignoring the snickers that followed her everywhere she went, and the overloud whispers that she was loony, she serenely turned to go to her common room.

"Luna, wait!" Harry called, giving his friends a strained look. "Why don't you sit with us?"

She smiled at him and returned to the table, taking the empty seat on his right. Ginny scowled.

"Here, Luna, have some pudding," Harry said. "You like pudding, right?"

He was always so kind.