Danny sighed, defeated. After hours of whining and pleading with his parents, they still wouldn't listen to him. They had thought it would be fun to spent his spring break off from school at Vlad's mansion. Oh, goody. It was like everything his parents did caused him some kind of sick torture that would end up halfway killing him in the end.

As the fenton truck pulled into Vlad's long driveway, Danny felt a small bit of fear bubble in his gut. He hadn't seem Vlad in some time, and he sure didn't want to see him now. Taking a deep breath, Danny stepped out to help his father with their bags.

"Now, Danny, Seeing your Uncle Vladdy won't be so bad! Look at all this land, there'll be plenty to do!" Jack laughed, completely unaware of the danger he was putting his son in.

"Dad, listen, i know your good friends with him and all...but I'd rather not be here, I can always call a cab real quick.."

"We'll have none of that! You're going to spend your week here, and we're all gonna have some male bonding! While your mother and sister are having their fun, us three men will be doing manly activities!" Danny grimaced at his father's words, sometimes even he thought his father was an idiot.

"But,dad, I don't think me spending time with Vlad will be a good thin-"

"That's enough, Danny! We're here and your going to stay whether you like it or not!" And with that the two closed the trunk door of their truck and headed up the steps to the mansion obviously too big for one man to accompany on his own. But strangely, he did.

Pounding her tiny fist on the door, Maddie smiled as the door opened, revealing a very well dressed rich man that Dany hated with all his heart.

"Ah! It's so nice to see you all again! You'll be staying the whole week, i presume?" Vlad's smooth words rolled off his tounge.

"Of coarse! The kids have the week off from school, so we just couldn't turn down your invitation!" Maddie wrapped her arms around Vlad's neck in a friendly hug, while Vlad wrapped his around her small waist and grinned at Danny over her shoulder. Danny did not like that. In fact, he took it as a threat.

Jazz met him a hug next, but when it was Jack's turn he evaded the hug altogether. Advancing upon Danny with his arms open and a smirk on his face, Vlad wrapped his arms around the younger boy and whispered quickly in his ear, "I have so many plans for the next week.." And with that, he guided the family to their guest rooms. Dropping Maddie and Jack off at their own suite-like room, he showed Jasmine to hers, and when the two were alone, Danny spoke up.

"I have no idea what your planning, but if it's another attempt to get my mom, I'm gunna beat the shit out of you." Danny's glare made Vlad burst into laughter.

"Now, now little badger, let's not use such vulgar language, now. And rest assured, I have no attempt to woo your mother. This is just going to be a normal vacation." Danny swallowed hard as Vlad led him in a completely different Hallway, wondering why he hadn't just given him a room with the others.

"Well then, just where is my room?" He spat bitterly, ready to just jump Vlad. Looking over his shoulder at the glaring boy, Vlad smirked and continued walking, leading the boy up a grand staircase and down several other halls.

"Your room, Little Badger, Is here." Vlad opened up a set of double doors and welcomed Danny into a Grand room with a large king sized bed with a blood colored veil surrounding it. The carpet had a plaid design to it, complementing the bed and other decorations around the room. There was even a large desk with a computer in a corner of the room. Danny was shocked, his room was much nicer than than the others were. He thought that Vlad would have given him the trashiest room in the whole mansion...but then again, it was a mansion. It was doubtful that any of the rooms were trashy.


"I like my guests to be comfortable. Now then, if you'll excuse me, i have much planning to do for the week, i'm going to be sure that there won't be a moment of boredom." Vlad smiled down at the boy and took his leave. WHAT THE HELL.

Danny slammed the door shut and tosssed his bag on the bed before flopping down himself and just laying there. The bed was as soft as it looked and Danny realized how tired he was. Road trips always made him tired, and he usually just slept when they were over. His heavy eyeslids shut and he drifted off to sleep.

"Little Badger" Danny groaned and turned over, still content with the idea of sleeping a little longer. "Little badger, wake up." Danny ignored it again and pulled a pillow over his head, hoping the smooth voice would leave him alone.

"Little Badger you have to the count of three." Danny ignore it.



"Three." Danny gasped as something scalding hot pressed into his back, Crying out he shot from the bed and saw Plasmius with his hand glowing a pinkish color.

"W-what the hell is wrong with you?" Danny groaned, rubbing his back with one hand and getting ready to change into his ghost form.

Turning back into His normal form, Vlad grinned, " I tried to wake you and you didn't respond. Come now, dinner is ready." Vlad left the room with his hands clasped behind his back, his normal form when walking. Danny felt like bashing that bastard's head in after doing that, but he knew unless he wanted to be grounded for life, he wouldn't do anything inside the house. Or unless he threatened him or tried anything with his mother.

Danny left his room and sighed as he set out through the maze of hallways, and about three minutes later, he realized he had gotten himself lost. Great. Taking off down where he had come from, he looked down another string off hallways and swallowed hard when he only saw more and more doors and bookshelves and the occasional decoration. Oh shit..

He looked both ways before entering a rather large set of double wooden doors and closing them quickly behind himself. Checking to make sure no one was in the room, he changed into his ghost form, and just before he started to phase through the floor, something caught his attention.

This looked like another bedroom, except on the bed, there were shackles and chains, and the shelves of the room were littered with various sex toys Danny had only seen on the internet and in the porn magazines he found in Tucker's room and on his PDA. A large blush spread across Danny's face as he walked over to the shelf and picked up a small egg shaped piece of plastic that was only smaller than an actual egg lying next to a remote the same color of the small device he had picked up.

Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Danny pressed one of the buttons on the remote and gasped when the egg began to shake and vibrate violently and he dropped it to the floor and gasped even louder at the loud thud it made. Quickly picking it up and placing it on the shelf, Danny cried out when the door of the room opened, revealing a very annoyed looking Vlad. His look of annoyance quickly twisted into a smirk when he saw the young half ghost in the room.

"Now, now, Daniel. What are we doing in here, hm?" Danny had no idea what to say, and his obvious blush on his pale face made him feel all the more guilty.

"I...uh...um..uh..." Danny stammered, his head a jumbled mess and his face a bright shade of red. Vlad smirked and advanced upon the boy, his walk confident and Danny tried to back up, but only ended up hitting the shelf and knocking the various kinds of toys from it and to the floor. Vlad leaned over the younger boy and put his hands on either side of him on the shelf, leaning dangerously close to his lips.

"Would you like me to show you how those work?" Danny's heart skipped a beat.

"W..What...?" Vlad grabbed the boy's wrists in a tight hold and connected their lips in a harsh kiss, catching Danny completely off guard. He struggled at first, but as soon as Vlad's knee got comfortable between his legs, it was like his knees turned to jelly. When Vlad saw Danny was having trouble supporting himself, he wrapped an arm around the boy's waist and picked him up bridal style and carried him to the bed.

Dropping the confused boy onto the silk sheets, Vlad crawled over him on all fours and before his brain could even register it, his wrist were chained above his head and Vlad was smirking down at him with amusement.

"V-Vlad..What are-?"

Vlad silence him with another kiss and his hand trailed down the boy's body, down the black material of his ghost suit and then under the shirt. Danny moaned as Vlad's hands came to his nipples, tweaking and pinching them.

"Vlad!" Danny thought his head was going to explode, and even more so when the elder moved up to his knees and removed the white belt from around the boy's waist before pulling the black pants down and completely off, taking the white shoes with them. Gasping, Danny pulled his legs together, not used to being naked in front of anyone.

"Such a beautiful little body.." Vlad leaned down and spread Danny's legs. Danny cried out as something wet graed across his erection and he looked down to see Vlad's head between his legs. Vlad took his enitre length in one swoop and then-

Jerking awake, Danny found himself covered in sweat and still in the guest room of Vlad's mansion. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Danny sighed, had he really just dreamed that? There was no way he could eve begin to imagine having any kind of sexual attraction to the older man. They were enemies for crying out loud!

Sitting up, Danny clenched his teeth as he noticed he had a bit of a problem. Great. Getting up to make sure his door was locked, Danny locked it and went back to the bed. Un-buttoning his jeans, he slid them down to his knees and took hold of his leaking erection. Breathing hard, he began to pump it, enjoying the pleasure.

"Vladdy!" Jack all but jumped the smaller man, smothering him in a bear hug, "Would you be a pal and go get Danny? I can't remember all those hallways and my poor old 'Noggin just couldn't take it!"

Vlad growled as he walked away, trying his hardest to fix his suit back to its previous position and he had to take his hair from its ponytail to properly ix it again. He was not amused. Retreating to his room to fix himself, Vlad figured he should tell Danny to meet his family downstairs, and instead of doing it the normal way, he just decided it'd be fun to give the boy a scare and turned to Plasmius before phasing through the countless walls.

Danny sighed as he came, letting out a low moan as he coated his hand in the sticky fluid. Pulling his pants up, he tried his hardest not to get the white mess on his pants, because that would be the perfect thing his mom could see while washing his clothes.

Seeing a small tissue box in the opposite corner of the room, he got up and headed over to it.

Plasmius phased through the floor of Danny's room and the boy immidiatly crashed into him, sending himself to the floor. "Gah! V-Vlad?" Danny quickly put his hand behind his back.

Lifting an eyebrow at the boy below him, Plasmius tilted his head to the side and smirked, "Your family is calling. I suggest you go to them."

Danny glared, "Fine, now get the hell out!"

Vlad smirked before phasing back to his own room , all to aware of what Danny had been doing.

Danny wiped his hand clean, a blush spread across his face. As soon as he saw Plasmius, the thoughts of the dream came flooding back. Looking down at the tent in his pants, Danny sighed. This was going to be a long vacation.

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