Danny screamed as he fell face first into the cold lake water, surfacing immediately to glare darkly at his 'uncle'.

Grinning at the boy, Vlad extended a hand to help him back onto the fishing boat, Jack laughing his ass of behind him.

Ignoring the hand offered to him, Danny climbed in the side of the boat, taking off his shirt and wringing out the water. He was seriously pissed. Vlad had knocked him out on purpose! He had been leaning over the side of the boat to get a look at the fish through the crystal clear water when Vlad had 'accidentally' swerved the boat. A very sharp swerve.

Jack being the air head that he was didn't think a thing about it.

"You should take your jeans off too, Danny, them things might rub you raw."

Danny grimaced, not wanting to undress anymore in the prescence of others.

"Oh, come now, Daniel. We're all men here, nothing you've got that we don't." Vlad chuckled and smirked.

Danny growled, deciding to take them off when he found his father was right. The denim rubbed his thighs painfully. He slid the soaked jeaned down his pale legs, accidentally taking his boxers with them. Jack had turned around to watch a fish, but Vlad still had his attention on the boy.

Gasping when he saw that Vlad was still looking, Danny quickly pulled the light blue boxers back up his thighs, his face flushed red.

Vlad's eyes went wide when he saw everything the boy had to offer, never imagining he'd see the boy that exposed. He didn't blush, but he did lick his lips, his mind starting to go places it usually didn't. He watched as Danny quickly stepped out of the wet denim and laid the pants out in the sun to dry along with his shirt. Vlad had no idea the boy had such a...feminine body. He had a flat stomach and no muscles,really, and he was small and frail looking.

Danny didn't speak for the rest of the fishing time.

When the three decided it was time to head back, they dumped everything they had caught back in the water and Vlad turned the boat around, making his way back to the mansion dock.

Danny slipped his still damp shirt back on over his small torso and slid the wet jeans back on. Jack was right. It wasn't pleasant.

When they got back in the house, Danny's nose was filled with the mouth watering scent of dinner cooking.

"Ah, Miss Sarah must be cooking." Vlad had a servant come and put away the fishing supplies as he went to change. Danny did the same.

When he got to his guest room, Danny stripped naked and sighed, happy to be out of the damp clothing. He quickly showered and when he came back out to his room, a set of clothes were neatly folded on his bed with a note on top of them.


Because I can already assume your entire wardrobe consists of nothing but tshirts and blue jeans, so I took it upon myself to purchase these for you. Dress formal for dinner.

Danny crumpled up the note and tossed it, scowling. He began to stuff the outfit in a drawer but decided to get a good look at it first. He kind of stared at it at first before biting his lip. They were really nice...


When Danny found his way to the dining room, everyone looked at him.

"Ah, Daniel, those look splendid on you as I thought they would."

Danny blushed a little and took his seat by Jazz. She looked him up and down and smiled,"They do look good,Danny."

Maddy chimed in,"Oh,Vlad! I've tried so hard to get him to wear something nice like that. All he wears are tshirts and blue jeans!"

Vlad smirked. Danny glared.

Jack grinned,"Danny boy, you look like a stud!"

Danny looked down at the wine colored dress shirt and black slacks, complete with a nice pair of dress shoes Vlad had placed by his bed.


Maddy huffed,"Say 'Thank you'"

Danny clenched his teeth a muttered a 'Thanks...'.

As the 'family' went on with their dinner, Danny felt out of place. He thought that everyone would be dressed like that, but it was only him and Vlad. Vlad always wore a tux, so he felt even more out of place. The maid he saw from before came through to hand out dessert, and he tried to act as cool as possible. Vlad noticed and glared at her. She left as quickly as she came.

After dinner, they all went back to their rooms. All except for Danny. Who got lost. Again.

Danny growled in aggrovation as he wandered the halls, cursing Vlad for having it built so large. He looked around quickly to see if anyone was around and shut his eyes as the large rings went over his body to change him into him into his ghost form. He sighed and went intangible, phasing through the walls to find his room. He happened to phase through a certain room that made his mouth drop open.

The maid from before,Sarah, was in her own room. Changing. Danny knew he shouldn't be looking, but he couldn't bring himself to leave. His face flushed red when he watched her remove her uniform, bare in only her underwear. Her...lace..underwear.

Danny was practically drooling. Paulina was NOTHING compared to this girl.

Danny thought he was going to faint when she removed her bra.

He started to float closer to get a better look when a pair of ghost hands smacked over his eyes and pulled him backwards into the room next to it.

"Naughty, Naughty, young Daniel."

Danny gasped when he heard the voice of Plasmius. He quickly phased through him and glared.

"Me? You're the one that has her living here!"

"Yes, but to make it more convieniant for her. Not to catch a peep show."

Danny blushed, knowing he'd been caught.

"Whatever. I'm going to bed." Danny began to float away as Plasmius reached out and jerked him back in place.

"H-Hey! What gives?"

"Daniel...I think maybe I should tell your parents about this little...incident.."

Danny's face went pale,"Y-You wouldn't."

Plasmius smirked,"Oh, I would. Along with that vulgar mouth of yours."

"You can't! They'll ground me forever!"

Plasmius grinned darkly,"Then do me a small favor."

Danny crossed his arms,"What?"

Plasmius changed back into Vlad and he smirked. He walked over to the nearest chair in the room and sat. He motioned Danny over with a finger.

Danny looked at him funny and walked over.

"Get on your knees."

Danny's eyes widened,"WHAT? NO."

Vlad tilted his head,"I'm sure maddie will love to hear about your peeping on miss Sarah.."

Danny grit his teeth.

Vlad smirked,"Well?"


Danny kneeled in front of Vlad, swallowing hard.

Vlad patted his crotch,"Get me excited."

Danny glared and shyly reached out to rub the older male's crotch area through his dress pants, his face getting redder and redder.

Vlad grinned as he watched the flustered teen.

Danny did his best to avoid all eye contact. He couldn't believe this was really happening, though in the dream he had it had been Vlad pleasuring him. and he had been chained down...Danny shivered and blushed darker when he felt himself getting aroused. He watched as a bulge formed in Vlad's pants, his heart beating fast.

"Take it out."

Danny glared, but did as he was told. He clumsily unbuckled Vlad's belt and unzipped his pants,pulling his erection free.

Vlad grinned and watched as the boy's eyes widened at the size.

Danny just stared for several moments before looking up at Vlad with a questioning glance as for what he wanted.

"You know what I want, Daniel."

Danny blushed and reached out to grab him, his hand shaking. He gripped him and slowly moved his hand up and down, stopping when Vlad interrupted,"That isn't what I want, Little Badger."

Danny glared shyly and leaned over his erect to stare at it. He gulped and slowly licked the head, earning a low moan from the elder. Danny shyly took the head into his mouth and sucked softly. He had never given a blowjob before, but he could've fooled Vlad. Danny slowly stroked the shaft, bobbing his head a little as he did so.

Vlad tangled his fingers in the snow white hair and bucked his hips, mouth fucking the boy. Danny coughed a little, but still sucked.

Danny pulled his mouth off and licked up the shaft, getting really into it. He kissed and nibbled before going back to swallow him again. He moaned lowly and sucked harder.

Vlad was shocked. He had thought the boy would be terrible at this sort of thing, but how wrong he was. He was gripping the ghost boy's hair and moaning in pleasure, pulling his head lower.

Danny didn't object. He wouldn't admit it, but...he kinda liked it..

Danny reached down and rubbed his own crotch, continuing to suck off his 'Uncy Vlad'.

Vlad groaned in pleasure and smirked when he saw that Danny was touching himself. He grinned and pulled Danny's head down farther, bucking his hips.

Danny gagged a little and blushed dark red when his mouth was filled with Vlad's creamy seed.

He quickly pulled off and spit it out on the floor, wiping his mouth. Glaring at Vlad.

"There. I hope you're fucking happy."

Vlad grinned lazily at the boy and nodded,"For now."

Danny's mouth dropped open and he blushed dark red right before flying back to his room quickly and turning human over his bed to flop down on it. He buried hisface in the pillow and blushed darker.

Oh. Shit.

He had just sucked off Vlad Masters.