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Summary: While Kenai and Koda go on another trip to the Salmon Run, they accidentally get chased by a hunter and into a tunnel. When they wake up, they find themselves at Pride Rock, where they meet Simba's Pride. Can the great Lion King help the brother bears back home? And can Kenai and Koda save the Pridelanders from the Outsiders to get back home?

And here's the summary for this chapter.

Summary: After showing Kiara the Kingdom, Simba is asked to settle an issue at the Watering Hole. After THAT, he receives a message from Rafiki, concernign the future of the Pridelands.

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Simba's Story

There is a great African savanna where grass and food is plentiful every year round. Here and there, birds are singing and antelope are leaping around while cheetahs laze around in the shade of an acacia tree. The sky is as bright blue as the watering hole in the middle of the savanna. Also, there were some elephants grazing nearby by pushing trees down to get at the leaves from the upper branches.

But in the center of the savanna is a massive rock that towered above all the rest of the trees or other rocks. This was Pride Rock, where many kings and queens have made their home from the very beginning of the circle of life. The great kings of the past have always watched over their descendants and would always live in them forever. And these kings, I would like to say, are none other than...lions.

A mighty lion had appeared at the top of the rock and was looking over the savanna. He was a large lion with a thick reddish brown mane with several loose locks in it. His golden eyes seemed to reflect the sunray itself as he let the sun warm his golden pelt. And sitting beside him was a young female lion cub with golden fur and amber eyes.

"Look all around you, Kiara," King Simba was telling her. "Everything the light touches is our kingdom." As his daughter stared out at the horizon, the mighty Lion King went on, "One day, the sun will set on my time here, and it will rise with you as the new Queen."

"And it'll be all mine?" Kiara asked him; after the talk they had, she had gotten a little more relaxed about becoming the future queen.

Simba nodded.

Then Kiara looked out at the shadowy area and asked him, "And the shadowy area is beyond our borders, right?"

"Correct," Simba told her sternly. "And you must learn to never go there. Zira and her Pride are getting really angry with us right now."

Kiara nodded and Simba knew exactly what he meant. Ever since his evil uncle Scar had been killed, Zira, who was once a lioness of the Pride of the Pridelands, had always been loyal to Scar and wanted him as king. So, as soon as he became the king, Simba demanded all of Scar's followers to be exiled to the Outlands, never to return. Some time ago, he caught his daughter playing with a young Outland cub named Kovu, who happened to be Zira's son and Scar's so-called successor.

After that, Kiara had been grounded from trying to run away from her babysitters, Timon and Pumbaa (who were Simba's best friends) and he let her out from Pride Rock to greet the Pride's lionesses after their hunting. But her grounding was already over and Simba was ready to take her out onto the plains to let her see all the animals...as long as she was being careful. He had already scolded Timon and Pumbaa for letting her out of their sight and they immediately begged for forgiveness, which he did. He was a good king, for he listened well to a problem and thought about it before carefully bringing out his judgement.

So Simba carefully brought Kiara down from on top of Pride Rock and he was going to take her to the plains when he was interrupted by a familiar voice:


A small blue-feathered hornbill had flown down beside Simba and was panting for breath from all of that flying. The King's majordomo had been the kings' counselor ever since Simba's own grandfather, Ahadi, ruled the Pride Lands. But Simba had been so busy lately that he just wanted to have some time for himself.

As Zazu landed beside the lion King, Simba asked him wearily, "What is it now, Zazu?"

"Well, the buzzards have been dropping by to tell me that the giraffes are still high over others at the watering hole. The elephants didn't forget to call you, but they forgot to tell the bees the buzz on the news."

"So tell the giraffes to share the watering hole," Simba told his majordomo. All of the animals were always fighting over the watering hole and it was driving him mad.

Zazu sputtered, "But Sire! You really have to be there to settle this!"

Simba gave a sigh; he had wanted to spend his time with his daughter, but as usual, duty had to call. Kiara seemed to be disappointed to hear this, but she seemed to understand. As if on cue, she turned around and scampered back to Nala, her mother and Simba's mate.

Just before he left, Nala padded over to him, her blue eyes shining with concern and love. "Be careful out there, all right, Simba?"

"I will," the Lion King replied, rubbing his face to hers. To Kiara, he rubbed her head with his paws and told her, "Now make sure you behave for your mother, young lady. Or I'll have to..."

"Give me a punishment?" Kiara asked him cheekily.

Simba purred while ruffling his cub's head again, thinking about his missing son, Kopa. Kopa was Simba's firstborn son who had disappeared some time ago. Because he was probably killed or left to die in the desert, he had become overprotective of Kiara, making sure that she was with someone all the time.

With Zazu calling him, Simba gave a hasty good-bye and ran off after Zazu to the Watering Hole.


When Simba and Zazu got to the Watering Hole, he saw that what his majordomo was telling him was true. There were elephants and giraffes arguing with one another while the other animals tried talking peaceful talk with them. Simba groaned loudly; he hoped that the animals learned to share the Watering Hole really soon or there would be trouble.

"Go find another Watering Hole if you're so thirsty!" a male giraffe named Jabari was scolding the elephants.

But the matriarch of the elephants, Zuwena, retorted, "But this is the only place for our herd to drink and our young ones are dehydrated! Can't you find some moisture in the fruits from the trees?"

"You're not getting your teeth on our fruit!" a baboon barked loudly. "We have our own troops to feed!"

Simba groaned when he heard the animals argue back and forth. Zazu didn't tell him that the baboons had a problem with sharing their fruit! But he knew that the sooner he could solve this problem, the sooner he could get back to his family. Seeing the glow in his golden eyes, Zazu quickly stepped out of the way in case things got hairy.

Leaping forward, Simba let out a roar for the animals to become silent. Even the meanest of the animals would listen to their king when he would be giving a speech.

"What is going on here?" he demanded.

"These giraffes are trying to keep the other animals and my herd away from here!" Zuwena snapped, pointing her trunk to Jabari. "I don't know why, but they're always so stuck up that nobody likes them!"

Jabari stepped forward and retorted to Zuwena, "How dare you, you smelly elephant! At least you stink much worse than that farting warthog!"

"ENOUGH!" Simba roared so deafeningly that everyone stopped arguing again. "Now I have a proposition for each of you. How about I let the meerkats dig some holes where some sources of water could be? That way, the Watering Hole could expand and there could be enough for all of you to drink?"

The elephants and the giraffes gave each other confused looks and Simba saw their hard looks fade away as they took this in. It seemed to him that they were just so tired from all of the heat wave that everyone was suffering. After a few seconds of quiet, the two herds and their leaders gathered together and began whispering to each other. Finally, they turned to Simba and they were ready to give out their answer.

"We decided to share the Watering Hole and we agree with your plan. Just please let the baboons share their fruit with us," Jabari told the king.

But at that moment, the baboon that spoke earlier came over to them and barked, "No! We're not going to give up our fruit because of these large lumbering animals!"

"But baboons like you could eat different things, right?" Simba asked him impatiently. "Why don't you try and eat some grubs or wild nuts?"

At that moment, the baboon troop came together and huddled together for another bit of talking. Simba knew that the elephants and giraffes were willing to share the water with each other and the other animals, but he wasn't sure about the baboons. But when the monkeys had turned to face him, they had a respectful look in their eyes.

Then the lead baboon told him, "Because you have treated our cousin, Rafiki, so well, we have decided to agree with you. We will search for other things to eat as long as we have some fruit also."

Simba nodded back, saying. "Agreed. Now is this entire thing over?" All of the animals nodded. "Good. You can continue your day now."

As all of the animals of the Watering Hole cheered for their Lion King, Simba gave them a smile and a nod before dashing back to Pride Rock. He heard a flap of wings above him and he saw Zazu fly above him; remembering him not telling him about the baboons, he began to outrun him until he was right back at the foot of Pride Rock.

As Zazu landed on Simba's back, he panted, "Your...your Majesty, did it go well?"

"Yeah," Simba retorted, shaking him off. Then he added teasingly, "But next time, tell me about any other additional stuff that happens around here, okay?"

Zazu nodded and the two of them walked away before being intercepted by Rafiki, the mandrill. Rafiki was a very wise and old mandrill who knew all of the healing herbs of the Pridelands and all of the tales of old. He had also served Ahadi while he was the Lion King; that meant that he had served Simba's family for over three generations.

"Ah...hello, your Highness. Have you had a good day so far?"

Simba nodded and Rafiki swatted him on the head with his staff.

"Ow!" Simba roared, rubbing his head. "What was that for?"

Rafiki cackled, "I was going to tell you that the next few years will bring another treasure! And here it is: an outsider or two or three will come here and change the face of Africa forever."

"Well, can you tell us?' Zazu aked impatiently. For the hornbill wasn't always as far-sighted as the mandrill.

"Nope! Not at the moment!" Rafiki cackled again.

As the mandrill shaman left without another word, Simba and Zazu stared at one another in confusion. What did Rafiki mean by that? Could it be that this outsider would come from the Outlands and change things? Or could it mean that animals that he never heard of would come here?

Father, tell me what this is. Better yet, please help us prepare for this.

To be continued...


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Summary: Kenai and Koda are ready to live their life together as two brothers. But then the shaman comes and tells them that their lives would be changed forever.

Plus, Zuwena means "Good" in Swahili and Jabari means "Fearless" in Swahili.

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