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Summary: After leaving the human village, Kenai and Koda make a pact to become the closest brothers that they could be. After an accident near the Salmon Run, they meet up with the shaman of his village, who tells him of a powerful future ahead of them.

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Kenai's Story

There is a vast Alaskan wilderness during the Ice Age, where the leaves had just started changing into their fall colors and the rivers flow continuously except if they were frozen. Here and there, birds are singing and elk are feeding among the branches of small bushes while a wolverine ambles lazily past them, having eaten its kill already. Also, there were mammoths that were making their annual journey in a search for some new grazing grounds.

Right in the middle of this beautiful and dangerous wilderness, there was a mighty connection of streams, rivers, and waterfalls that contained lots of salmon. This was the Salmon run, where the grizzly bears come to catch many salmon to prepare for hibernation from the beginning of bears. They have also come to share some news and get along together for a few months; those with families weak to travel stay here until the cubs are well enough to travel.

A young adult male grizzly bear was sitting at the edge of one of the waterfalls. Standing on his hind legs, he would be around six feet tall and he would be four feet tall while on his four paws. His brown eyes focused on the river as he watched small red streaks passing through the water. Beside him and teaching him how to fish properly was a small dark brown cub with cream-colored fur around his neck and brown eyes.

"Come on, Kenai! Those fish aren't gonna leap up here, you know!" Koda was telling him good-humoredly. As Kenai gave him a good-humored glare, the cub went on, "Scoop your paw into the river and hook it under the fish! Then scoop it up!"

"You mean like this?" Kenai asked him as his paw shot into the water. He felt his claws pierce a fish and he pulled it onto the rock, killing it with a bite to the back of the neck.

Koda nodded happily.

Then the little bear cub looked around at Kenai and asked him with nervousness in his voice, "Kenai...do you miss your human brothers?"

Kenai looked down at him with concern. He had been a human one time and he had lived a good human life with his two human brothers (Sitka and Denahi). But when he had killed a bear out of hatred because he thought that the bear had killed Sitka, the great spirits turned him into a bear to teach him the value of love; however, his last living brother thought that the bear (who was really Kenai) killed his brother until he saw him transform. That bear had been Koda's mother and he still felt really mortified about killing the she-bear; without her around, he was the one to raise Koda all on his own.

Well, not really all on his own. Rutt and Tuke, the moose brothers, had heard about him turning into a grizzly bear and they helped out the best they could...though they could mess things up along the way. Some of the other bears (mainly Tug, who was a good friend to Koda) had helped the small bear cub out and they were shocked about what Kenai had done. But they had heard about the spirits blessing him because of his brotherly love towards Koda, so they forgot about the fiasco.

"I do miss them, but you're my best friend," Kenai told him while giving him a one-armed hug. "And I'll never leave you or the other bears."

Then he gently pushed the fish towards Koda and motioned for him to eat, but Koda told him to eat it because he was the one who caught it. So Kenai ate it while Koda got his own salmon and ate it quickly. After they buried the bones, they walked away from the river and they were ready to swim in the river when...

"How's it going, bears?" a familiar voice asked them.

"Yeah, how's it going, eh?" another familiar voice added.

Kenai and Koda turned around to see that Rutt and Tuke had come over to them with smiles on their faces. The two moose might be klutzy and scatterbrained, but they were good friends until the end. Even though they sometimes argued, it was no doubt that the two respected one another and were good brothers.

Kenai turned to face them and said, "Hey, guys."

"Rutt! Tuke!" Koda yelped happily as he pranced around the moose brothers' legs.

Tuke lowered his head to let Koda clamber on and greeted him, "Hey, smallish bear!"

Rutt added, "How've you two been eh?" Turning to Kenai, he told him, "Hey, large bear. We got a serious question for you."

Kenai twitched his ears to show that he was listening. Then... "What do you think is better: pine cones or pine nuts?"

"Wait a minute. THAT'S your serious question?" the young bear growled in an annoyed way.

"Of course! Little bear over there was tellin' us about how he and Binky found the biggest pine cone ever. It's a good story, eh?" Tuke explained.

"Hold up, you guys," Koda interrupted, climbing onto Kenai's back. "First of all, his name's BUCKY, not BINKY! Second, it wasn't a pine CONE; it was a pine NUT."

Kenai turned his head around to smile at his friend. "We get the point, Koda." To the moose, he told them, "I think you should've asked Koda your answer. He knows those stories more than I do."

"Got it. We'll remember this one easily, eh?" Rutt said as he and Tuke left the two bears alone.


The two bears were left to just do whatever they want for right now before heading over to the Salmon Run. They had dug for some roots and they had played hide-and-seek together. Koda was really good at playing this game since he was a smaller and younger bear than Kenai was. But the bigger bear didn't mind at all; as long as his friend was safe and happy, he could be happy with anything in the world.

But sometimes, there were bad times to ruin the good times.

"Hey, orphan! Where'd your mama go?"

Koda let out a little growl and Kenai turned around to find out who was taunting him; a male grizzly cub around Koda's age (except he had light brown fur) was stalking forward with three other cubs in tow with him. When Kenai saw the fear and anger in his friend's brown eyes, he could tell that this was bad.

Meanwhile, Koda was growling, "What d'you want, Yutu?"

"Oh, nothing, runt," Yutu sneered as he and several cubs surrounded him. "We just want to see how you've living without a mother...for now."

"What do you...?"

But Koda didn't get to finish the sentence because Yutu had shoved him to the ground with his fore paws. When the smaller bear pushed him off, he was immediately surrounded by the other cubs of the group, who began scratching him and biting him. Koda was doing his best to fight and defend himself, but the three cubs kept on beating him up with their claws. Now it looked like nothing was going to defend Koda until...

"Get away from him! Now!"

Kenai had leaped forward and dragged Koda away from the three cubs beating him up. When Yutu tried to drag him back to beat him up, Kenai held out a forepaw and kept him from getting any closer. Finally, the male cub gave up and began panting hard; his companions joined him in glaring at Kenai, whose glare made even Yutu's companions shiver and run off to their parents.

When the other cubs were gone, Kenai growled at Yutu, "What're you doing to Koda?"

"Beating him up! Why you ask?" one of the cubs growled cheekily.

"Beating him up? Is that what you have to say?" Kenai snarled, towering above the other cubs so that they shivered. "Koda lost his mother and it hurt him very much! And you hurt him so much that it hurt not only his spirit, but his BODY every day? You better pray to the Spirits that a hunter doesn't come after you and hunt YOU down!"

And before the other bear cub could react to this grizzly rage, another grown bear stepped into the clearing. This was one of the mother bears that had become very suspicious of Kenai after he told the bears what happened to Koda's mother. She had accused him of being arrogant, but Tug surprisingly defended Kenai by saying that he didn't know about that at first.

Anyways, the mother bear asked him, "Kenai, why are you yelling at my son?"

Kenai pointed his claw towards Koda and told her, "Well, why was your son beating up my brother?"

When the mother bear turned to see Koda with scratches all over his body and saw her cub sneering at him, she growled at him, "Yutu, we're going to have a talk about this. A VERY long talk. Right now. And that goes for your friends too," she added.

The cub groaned with disappointment and padded towards his mother. But when he turned around to give Koda a glare, Kenai fixed him with a more fierce glare than he did. So he dropped his hard stare and scampered away.

As soon as Yuta and his mother were gone, Kenai had rushed over to Koda and tried to wake him up. But it appeared that the young bear cub had been knocked out after the claw blows he had received. Kenai nudged him a few more times after he realized that, but Koda still wouldn't wake up.

"Koda! Please wake up!" Kenai begged him. Calling to anyone in particular, he called, "Help us! Koda needs help!"

"What? Smallish bear's in danger?"

Rutt and Tuke had rushed over from their grazing of water plants when they heard Kenai calling for help. He himself knew that Rutt and Tuke weren't reliable all the time, but if their friends were in danger, they could help out anyway they can.

When the moose brother got there, Rutt asked him, "What's wrong, big bear? Did..."

But Tuke nudged him and said, "We're supposed to say it together? Getting forgetful, eh?"

"Oh yeah, eh," Rutt said.

"Guys, now's the time to not goof off!" Kenai snapped. This wasn't any time for those antics. "Koda got knocked out by some bullies! Can you two get him to the Salmon Run without screwing it up?"

The moose brothers nodded, apparently wanting to nod together.

Kenai pointed his claw towards a couple of pine trees and told them, "The Salmon Run is just that way. If any bear asks you who you are, tell them that you know me and Koda. And get the other bears to find some healing herbs."

Once again, the two moose brothers nodded and plodded on to the Slamon Run with Kenai following them.


Kenai paced back and forth outside the herb den where Koda was at. He and the moose brothers had somehow come across Tanana, the shawoman of Kenai's former village, and she had heard about what happened. Even though the young adult bear couldn't talk to humans anymore, he could hear what Tanana was saying; he heard her say that she could try to find some healing herbs to help Koda.

But Kenai felt very ashamed of himself now. He had failed to protect Koda; he felt as if hunters were stabbing through the heart with their hunting spears. He felt that a brother had to be there by his side and not goof up in protecting his brother, not sit by and do nothing. That was what led him to kill Koda's mother by mistake after Sitka's death.

Finally, Tanana came out of the healing den, looking tired yet happy. Kenai could tell that she had some good news, so he rushed over to the old woman and started pacing in front of her.

"Is Koda okay?" Kenai asked her even though she couldn't understand him. It would just sound like the normal growls and moans of a bear.

Tanana laughed softly at this before saying, "I don't speak bear, but I have good news. Your young friend will recover and you may go in, but be careful. He twisted his hind leg quite badly in that scuffle and he still has a few scars on his pelt. Other than that, he will be fine."

Kenai gave a roar of happiness as he yelled "Thanks, Tanana!" before rushing into the den to see his little friend.

The den had some flowers growing here and there, even on the ceiling of the small den. Beside him, Tug was watching over the sleeping form of Koda; the cub's body was covered in scratches that were long but not deep.

"Hey Kenai. Good to see ya," the older and bigger bear whispered in his low rumble. Nudging Koda gently with one claw, he whispered, "Koda, you got a guest."

Koda weakly opened one brown eye as he rasped, "K-K-Kenai?"

"It's me, Koda," Kenai murmured. Then, gently stooping low to give him a soft bear hug, he told him with his voice cracking a little, "Koda, I-I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to help you back there. I must be an awful friend to sit by and do nothing."

"Are you gonna stop blaming yourself soon? 'Cause I don't blame you," the bear cub rasped with half amusement and half seriousness in his voice. "And you're more than just my friend; you're like a brother to me."

Kenai's eyes began to fill with tears when Koda had said this to him; it was a very touching thing to say. When Kenai himself had been turned back into a bear, Denahi had promised that he would visit him and Koda every day. However, he had recently been chosen to be the new chief of his village and his new duties had prevented him from visiting his ursid brother.

But Denahi still loved him and had never forgotten him. Not ever.

So, with another tear going down to his muzzle, Kenai told Koda, "Koda, I wanted to tell you that I'm also sorry for killing your mother; it's just that I wanted to avenge my brother's death, but it wasn't her fault. Anyways, I am very proud to have helped you all the way to the Salmon Run and bond with you like a brother. After all we've been through, I really want to ask you this. Would you like to be my little brother?"

Koda was gazing up at him with shock and joy in his big brown eyes. Then he sat up weakly and told him, "Yeah! It's gonna be awesome with us being brothers! And we stick together for always. Pinky Swear?"

"Pinky Swear," Kenai replied without hesitation. He stuck out his pinky claw and Koda locked it with his, shaking it before letting go and hugging him.

Suddenly, the two bears heard shuffling and they noticed Tug getting out of the entrance way to let Tanana in. The old woman had probably seen the entire scene, for she was slowly making her way towards them, her grayish-white hair glowing silver in the firelight.

"I have heard the entire thing, you two," she told them. The bears were confused, for they dihad no idea that she heard them speaking. "Your bond is unbreakable and you two will need each other now than ever. Plus, your destinies shall be lying elsewhere for now."

At that, the elderly woman left the three bears and the two moose to wonder what went on.

To be continued...


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