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The Hunter

Sunlight shone down among the leaves of the trees, hitting Kenai's closed eyes. Blinking sleep from his eyes, Kenai rose to his paws and shook out some dust from his fur. He peeked inside the makeshift tent to see Koda sleeping peacefully on his side towards the put-out campfire, and he was. The cub was sleeping peacefully, which pleased Kenai as he backed out of the den and think he could do something to help his day get better.

The young adult bear rose to his hind legs and looked around the forest. The birds were starting to wake up to sing, and he swore he saw an eagle look at him before taking off. He was reminded very much of his big brother Sitka; his totem before he tragically died was the eagle of guidance. Like their older brother, Kenai and Denahi got their totems; Denahi got the wolf of wisdom and Kenai got the bear of love.

"Kenai? You there?"

It was Koda. He seemed to have finally woken up.

Kenai got down to all fours before turning around to greet his little brother. "Morning, Koda. Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah," Koda replied, limping slightly out of the makeshift den. Sitting down beside him, he asked, "So are we gonna get something to eat?"

"Of course we can," Kenai said, picking him up by the scruff and placing him on his back. "How about we search for some berries before we go back to the Salmon Run?"

At this, Koda was fully awake as he chirped, "Yeah! I love berries! You know that, right?"

Kenai nodded and set off towards a berry bush not far away from them. Looking back, he could see the shaman looking after them with gentle wisdom in her aged eyes. She gave a nod to the two bears before she walked away from the makeshift den, perhaps back to the tribe's village.

As soon as they made it to the berry bush, Koda slid off of Kenai's back and walked over to the berry bush, quickly stuffing his face with berries. Wanting to make sure he didn't choke, Kenai gently tapped the bear cub on the shoulder. "Make sure you slow down a bit, Koda," he told him.

"Hehe...sorry 'bout that," Koda chuckled, swallowing the berries more carefully. "My mom told me something like that too."

I'm sure she did, Kenai told himself. He still blamed himself for going after Koda's mother and killing her for something that wasn't her fault. Kenai also knew some bears still blamed him for her death, so he had to work hard to gain their trust back. But only Tug stood by his side, and so did Koda, Rutt, and Tuke.

But as he mused over his memories, he heard a sudden snap of a twig, making the fur on his ears bristle. Kenai rose up onto his hind legs and sniffed the air; he thought he knew that smell from somewhere even though he was a bear for several months.

"Koda, hide," he whispered from the corner of his mouth. "I think a hunter's nearby."

Quickly, the brown bear cub slunk underneath a fallen log, slowly chewing on the berries he still had in his mouth. Kenai, in the meantime, had risen up to his hind legs and looked around him. Everywhere around him, leaves rustled in the slight wind, and sunlight dappled the clearing they were in, splashes of gold appearing here and there. Standing before the log Koda quietly hid under, Kenai looked around until he saw the intruder.

A two-legged figure was slinking quietly towards them, a spear held out in its hands. It was wearing a musk oxen pelt over its head, and the furred boots were treading softly on the fallen leaves. Kenai knew that kind of being from anywhere, but he did not recognize the human. This one was not from the tribe he once lived in.

"It's a hunter," he rasped. Out of the corner of his mouth, he whispered, "Koda, keep out of sight. I'll take care of this."

At this, he crept forth until he was hiding behind a rather large stone that towered over the berry bushes. He waited until the hunter got near before he leapt out from behind the stone and let out a loud challenging roar. The hunter spun around, raising his spear as if ready to defend himself against a randomly appearing bear. Behind Kenai, Koda was watching on with wide eyes, scared of what was going to happen.

Kenai let out another roar and leapt at the hunter, who raised his spear higher and was ready to impale him. But Kenai knew what that move could do, so he halted before the hunter and swatted the weapon out of his hand with a massive paw. With a yell, the man threw himself at the towering bear and started trying to punch him all over. In response, Kenai peeled the man away from him and took a swipe at his face with his paws.

A closer look told him that this man was not part of the village he once belonged to. While the hunter was on the ground, clutching his face in pain, Kenai ran over to Koda's hiding spot and picked said cub up, letting him climb onto his back. He made a run for it right away as he crashed through the undergrowth and ignored the thorns scratching at his fur. Seeing the river up ahead, he let out a roar and jumped into the water, and then he turned his head to see if the hunter was following them.

He was. The hunter was sliding down the slope, spear in one hand and a rock in the other. Scars raced over the part of his face where Kenai had clawed him, but this didn't stop him. So Kenai swam further to keep his head and Koda above the water and avoid the hunter at the same time. He leapt over fallen tree logs and dark gray rocks, but the hunter was slowly catching up. In a last despairing attempt to throw him off their trail, he paddled over to shore and hared away.

"Look!" Koda was pointing a paw towards somewhere up ahead. "A cave! Let's hide!"

"Thanks for the obviousness!" Kenai panted, but he was grateful for his little brother's idea.

So he veered from the forest path and slid down the slope towards the cave. Once inside, he headed deep into the cave until it was completely dark as he looked back. To his relief, the hunter was not following them anymore.

"We made it..." he panted. "We lost him...Koda, what're you doing?"

Koda was climbing down his back and heading deeper into the cave. "Kenai, I think I feel something in here," he explained.

Kenai eyed him with suspicion. "Something? Like what?"

"I don't know. Just something."

The bigger bear sighed and followed the cub. But suddenly, he found himself feeling tired, his eyes drooping and his pawsteps slowing down. Up ahead, it appeared that Koda was doing the same thing, tottering around.

"Koda? Are you feeling okay?"

The bear cub nodded. "Yeah...just tired after today. Can we take a nap now?"

Kenai nodded. "Yeah. Besides, you gotta rest and let your scratches from the other day heal up. Come rest next to me," he added with a yawn as he laid down.

So his little brother obeyed and nestled into the bigger bear's fur, letting out a tired sigh. Kenai smiled towards this before yawning again and resting his head on his forepaws. For a moment, he saw a vision of a great grassland he had never seen before and silhouettes of animals he had never seen before. It appeared that these looked like saber-tooth tigers, mammoths, and even the wild horses he had seen around the prairies. But there were more animals he could not recognize.

But that didn't matter now. He was full asleep when he stopped thinking.

Hours later...

Kenai opened one eye, sighing and looking around. For some odd reason, the cave was lighter than before...but it didn't look like the cave he and Koda rested in. The rocks looked different, and the air around them was hot and humid instead of cool and calm. He sat up and stretched his forelegs out as he felt energy flow back into his blood.

But when he looked around, he felt his eyes widen. Koda was not resting at his paws now.

"Koda?" He got up and looked around the cave, feeling worried now. "Koda! Where are you?!"

He raced outside, gasping at what he saw next. This was the grassland he had seen in his vision, but about the animals...he hadn't seen them around yet. Perhaps it was early in the morning or something, but the sun was already high in the sky. Yet he had to find Koda in this new place or else he could die.

Great spirits, if you can hear me in this place, keep Koda safe and help me find him!

With a sigh, he stepped out of the cave and began running across the grass. He was getting rather thirsty and hungry, yet his concern for Koda overcame this as he continued running.


Despite what her father said, Kiara decided to just explore some more. Simba had gone out for a patrol, so she was left in the care of Timon and Pumbaa again, but she had scoffed at this. They couldn't keep an eye on her better than they could keep an eye on the gross grubs under logs. So while they went feasting on said grubs, she slunk off, making sure her mother Nala didn't see her leave the area.

Kiara began haring away through the grass, pouncing after a butterfly as she went and trying to catch it. She did manage to catch it and rolled around on the ground with the flying insect in her paws, so it flew up and started tickling her nose. Not wanting to keep it forever, though, Kiara let the butterfly flutter away, got to her paws, and hared away. The playtime she had with said insect made her feel friskier and want to spend some time away from Pride Rock.

Before she knew it, she had arrived at the pond Timon and Pumbaa found her at. It had the same rock, the same water, and the same tree that could be used as shade. Just as she climbed onto the rock and looked down at the water, that was when she heard a voice. An unfamiliar one.

"Get up here! Hurry!"

Confused, Kiara looked around, trying to find the owner of the voice. A leaf fell onto her nose, and she looked up...and gasped. This was a young animal, but it didn't look anything like she had seen in the Pridelands before. It had shaggy dark brown fur, rather large ears, big paws with claws that permanently stayed out, and brown eyes. It was clinging onto the tree branch, looking scared, as if he didn't want to climb down again.

"Why?" she asked, tilting her head to one side. "What's there to be scared of?"

The new animal yelped, "They're coming back, and they'll eat us! Hurry!"

Kiara was even more confused. "Who's coming back?"


At this, Kiara turned around...and froze.

Three hyenas were standing before her, the scourge of the Pridelands after her father's late uncle Scar. One was apparently a female by the way she stood in the front of the small pack, one was male with a sadistic grin on his face...and the last looked dumb. Simba had told her about how he, Nala, and Zazu had come across these three hyenas when they were cubs...but not Zazu. It was her grandfather Mufasa who had saved them in the end.

But Mufasa was dead, and Simba was out on patrol. And there were three hungry hyenas ready to eat her and the unknown animal in the branches above her.

"Now let's play a game of 'Catch The Cub,'" the non-dumb male hyena cackled. "And I thought lions played with their food!"

"Yeah," the female added with a chuckle. "Now push away your pride and come here! Get it?" At this, they cackled before leaping as one.

With a scream, Kiara turned and leapt onto the tree trunk, sinking her claws into the bark. The brown animal above her was watching with terror as the hyenas ran forth and nearly grabbed onto her tail. Kiara hissed at this and swiped her claws across one of their faces, making them yelp and growl before she clambered up and joined the animal in the tree.

"Where's Kenai when you need him?!" he was saying.

Kiara raised a brow. "Kenai? Who's that?"

He replied, "My brother. He'll come!"

"I don't see any of your kind here," the male hyena snarled from below. "Now get down here! We're inviting you to dinner! With you as the main course, of course!"

This made the female slap him upside the head with a paw. "You don't go tellin' them that, Banzai, ya dope! What's wrong with you?!"

Banzai glared at her. "Aw, come on, Shenzi! You gotta admit that it's funny!"

"Okay, it's funny," Shenzi sighed. "Now let's get back to eatin'! Show 'em how we do it, Ed!"

Then to Kiara's horror, as the dumb male crashed into the tree with his head, it began shaking. The tree was a bit thin, so thin that a hippo could push it over with one shove. And when the other two joined him, Kiara had to sink her claws into the bark and hold on tight to the branch as they kept it up. But as for the cub beside her, he wasn't having any luck...and then he fell.

Oh no! She couldn't bear to see him get eaten. Get up! Hurry!


A loud roar echoed across the savannah, but it wasn't of any animal she had ever heard of before. Just as the hyenas got near the small brown animal, another one that looked much bigger than the cub jumped in between them, growling. Then it stood on its hind legs, letting out a loud and very ferocious bellow that stopped the hyenas in their tracks. They looked up at him in fear before turning tail and fleeing back into the tall grass.

Kiara was amazed by how powerful and large this animal was. This was perhaps not from Africa, but he seemed to be just as powerful as Simba himself. But then he dropped to the ground, dropped the angry look too, and turned to the cub behind him.

"Koda, are you okay?" he asked, worry in his voice.

"Yeah," "Koda" said with a smile. "If it weren't for you, I'd be wolf meat!"

Deciding to speak up, Kiara climbed down from the tree, saying, "He helped me out by alerting the hyenas. And that's what they're called: hyenas. And what are wolves...and what are you?"

The two animals shared glances before Koda said, "Well, I'm Koda, and this is my big brother Kenai. We're bears as you can see. So what are YOU?"

"A lion...a lion cub," Kiara added with a smile. "I'm the princess of the Pridelands."

Kenai looked around. "Pridelands? So this isn't near the Salmon Run..." He looked back at her and said, "You seem lost. Where do you live?"

Kiara, who had been wondering what salmon was, replied, "You see that big pointy rock in the distance? That's where I live. It's not that far away, I promise...and I'm actually not allowed out here on my own, anyways."

Koda nodded. "I get that feeling too. Well, come on!" He began climbing onto Kenai's back. "Let's take you back to the Pride Rock! And you can ride on Kenai's back; he won't bite."

"Or will I?" Kenai retorted with a laugh.

So Kiara walked over to the young male bear and clambered up his foreleg and onto his back behind Koda. Once both cubs were on board, Kenai began trekking his way away from the rock and over towards the direction to Pride Rock. The lion cub couldn't bear to think of what her father would say if he knew she wandered off in a while...but he would be impressed if he saw that Kenai had rescued her and Koda.

That would be what she could do. The bears could live with the lions for a while...and Koda could be her new friend if Kovu couldn't be.

To be continued...


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