Luke held out a small cake and looked at Akari beaming. She looked back at him bewildered. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKARI!" She stared at him and looked down at the cake, before looking up at Luke with a small smile.

"Thanks Luke-"

"I hope you like chocolate! I remembered you saying something about strawberries befor, but I thought it was you didn't like them. And I mean who doesn't like chocolate… except Bo but he's weird."

Akari smiled even wider, "Luke Thank you so much but-"

"You don't like chocolate do you?" he asked beginning to frown. "I knew I was messing up! It was strawberries you like!"

Akari put a finger to his lips before he could speak again. "No Luke, you got the flavor right. It's perfect."

Luke looked at her and blinked, "So," He asked around her finger, "Why the but? What's wrong?"

"Luke I really like this but… today's not my birthday. Tomorrow is."