A/N: Ta-da! It's my Dalton Fic :) Yay! Italics are lyrics or songs/references. This takes place at the beginning of Special Education. This is kind of a prologue, a set-up chapter, and a lot of Kurt's thoughts. Real chapters will be longer.

Kurt stared up at the intimidating doors of Dalton Academy. The school was huge and ancient, decorated in wood and marble. The pamphlet's he had first presented to his dad after spying on Teenage Dream told Kurt that the school was created in 1847, and 'a second home to help boys grow, and to reach their full potential in all areas.' The Warblers had an entire section devoted to them, as well as a separate pamphlet. They were all that Blaine had said. Rock stars, and well-funded ones at that.

Kurt could tell just from looking at the school that his experience here couldn't be more different from what he would have at McKinley. As much as it pained him to leave his friends and family behind, Dalton was as close to perfect as possible.

Coach Sylvester had been extremely helpful in his application process. Kurt being allowed into the school was the first mid-term transfer they had admitted since Blaine, two years previously. Kurt strongly suspected bribery or blackmail, though what Sue could have on somebody she'd never met before was beyond him. He didn't voice his suspicious though.

The countertenor had not spoken to any of the members of New Directions, with the exception of an extremely awkward goodbye from Finn moments ago, since he had told them of his transfer. He had attempted to talk to Mercedes, but, for the first time since he came out to her, she had flat-out ignored him. Kurt knew she was upset with him, for not telling her earlier, and for leaving, but he also knew she would get over it, because she loved him.

He knew she was also mad because of Blaine. It wasn't that the chocolate diva didn't like Blaine, or that she didn't think he was good enough for Kurt, if only Blaine thought of him in that way, but it was because she felt Blaine replaced her as Kurt's best friend. Kurt sometimes wondered if this was true, ever since the failed attempt to create a bond between them at BreadstiX, but ultimately came to the same conclusion, he would choose Mercedes over Blaine, no matter what happened. Now where he chose to be was a different matter.

Kurt also realized that, because he was reflecting, he had been standing in front of the grand entrance for probably about 10 minutes. He quickly hurried through the doors. Blaine didn't know he was transferring, because the process had been so rushed, and he wasn't sure he would be accepted, so he the likelihood of running into a familiar face was not great.

Luckily, the main office, grander than any area of McKinley at any time, was right inside the entrance. Kurt slipped in and smiled at the receptionist. "Kurt Hummel. I'm new here, so I believe I'm supposed to meet with the Headmaster." Headmaster, not principal.

"Yes, you are the first of his morning meetings. Welcome to Dalton, Mr. Hummel." With that, she ushered Kurt into an office covered in Dalton colors, where a 30-something-year-old man was sitting behind a mahogany desk. "Headmaster Fournier, Kurt Hummel is here to see you."

"Yes, thank you, Alice. Please take a seat, Mr. Hummel." The headmaster's voice was deep, but surprisingly kind. "You transferred from McKinley High, in Lima, correct? Home of the Titans?"

"Yes, sir." Kurt kept his answer short and formal as he sat in one of the two surprisingly comfortable chairs in front of the headmaster's desk.

"You will be boarding or commuting?" the headmaster asked, as if he didn't already know, obviously trying to make Kurt more comfortable by asking easy questions. In a way it was helpful, but Kurt was finding it increasingly annoying and slightly condescending.

"Commuting, sir," Kurt answered, slightly sharply.

"That's a long drive, Mr. Hummel." The headmaster seemed oblivious to his tone, or perhaps was well suited to deal with nervous and annoyed teenagers.

"It was one of my father's conditions for transferring, sir," Kurt answered nicely.

"Very well. Why did you decide to transfer to Dalton, when there is a cheaper, but no less impressive, boarding school very near your town? Lima Academy, I believe it is called." The headmaster seemed honestly curious and that earned Kurt's respect.

"My father thought it best to have me as far away from Lima as possible, while still being able to commute. A few friends of mine attend Dalton Academy as well, sir," Kurt answered honestly in a much more relaxed tone.

"May I ask whom?" the headmaster inquired.

"A few Warblers, sir. Blaine Anderson, Wesley Carlton, and David Preston." Kurt included Wes and David as he had taken a liking to them.

"An impressive list there. Three well-known, bright, and talented boys." Headmaster Fournier enjoyed many of the Warblers, but Blaine was a widely known teachers favorite, with undeniable charm and charisma, and he was no exception to the fact that everyone liked Blaine.

"Good to know you think so highly of them, sir." Kurt knew that Blaine was a charmer to everyone, but was relieved that neither Wes nor David was on the headmaster's list.

"While we usually assign a mentor to new students, especially transfers such as yourself, it sounds like you will have no trouble adjusting. I see here that you were a prized member of McKinley's New Directions." Kurt had to resist the urge to snort at that. 'Prized member' indeed. "I assume you will be joining the Warblers."

"Yes, sir, that was my intent," Kurt replied, still resisting the urge to laugh.

"The Warblers are usually not lenient towards mid-term auditions, and I do not interfere, but with two members of the council and their first soloist at your side, I'm sure they will be more than happy to reconsider," the headmaster said with a sincere smile. Kurt almost asked what the council was, but refrained from doing so as the headmaster kept talking. "We have arranged a schedule for you based on your previous classes, and also on teacher recommendations. Unfortunately, there was no French IV open, but based on the Spanish I class you took sophomore year, we have placed you in a Spanish II." Kurt was fluent in French, and nearly fluent in Spanish, so he wasn't concerned. "If you have any conflicts or suggestions, please let them be known."

Looking over his class list, they seemed challenging, but rewarding. "If I may sir, I am nearly fluent in Spanish. Could it be possible to place me in a Spanish III, so that I may have more options to bond with those of my own year?"

Checking his computer, the headmaster responded, "Yes, and there is a class that same period as well. I shall email the teachers, and switch that for you. Anything else?"

"No, sir." Kurt was satisfied with his classes, and with this obviously bright and caring man.

"Well, first period is nearly done. Break is next, so perhaps you could head to the commons and meet your friends?" The headmaster suggested, obviously seeing his next appointment through the window. "Usually on the first day, you simply shadow someone, I would suggest Mr. Anderson, due to the fact you don't have your books."

"Well to be honest, sir, my friends don't know that I've transferred." Kurt said, wary of going out on his own. "Also, I have no idea where anything is."

"There is a map included with your information... which I have yet to give you. I apologize." The headmaster handed him a package with a Dalton emblem stamped on the front. "These are mostly forms and such, much of it is for your parents. Also, the Warblers convene at the tables closest to the stage, you'll see them."

"Thank you very much for your time, Headmaster Fournier," Kurt said reaching over the desk to shake the man's hand.

"Have an excellent first day, Kurt, and tell Alice to send in my next appointment." The headmaster smiled and shook his hand.

Walking out of the office, Kurt smiled at the receptionist and said, "He's ready for his next appointment."

"Thank you very much, Kurt, and have a great first day." The receptionist smiled warmly, if a bit clinically, and pointed a woman, probably a mom, into the office with a "He's ready for you, Mrs. Ablewhite."

Walking out of the office, Kurt sat at one of the benches to open the package, and pulled out the map. Not only was Dalton huge, naturally, but it consisted of three different academic buildings, as well as many different dorm buildings. Luckily, the commons were in the main building, the one he was currently in. Memorizing the path, as to not be the new kid who walked around with his nose in a map, he headed towards the commons.

Reaching the doors, he realized commons meant cafeteria, and there was a rather large buffet of snacks accompanied a ridiculous amount of uniformed boys. Seeing that he had walked through the far doors, he headed towards the stage, searching for curly, gelled hair.

Walking up towards the Warblers and spotting Wes, he tapped him on the shoulder. "Hello, Wes. I'm not sure if you remember me, but-" He was cut off by Wes's enthusiastic grin.

"Hey, Kurt! I didn't know you were transferring." Another boy rolled his eyes and said, "I told you someone from McKinley was transferring, who else would it be."

Kurt paused hesitantly. "Do I know you?"

"No, but I've heard of you. Thad van Heusner, friend of all these losers." Kurt shook the hand he was offered with a "Nice to meet you, Thad."

Turning back to Wes, he asked, "Is Blaine around?"

Thad grinned and said, "What, lover boy doesn't know you transferred?"

Kurt was about to ask what Thad meant by 'lover boy' when Wes nearly growled "Zip it, Thad. And Blaine is right there," pointing towards the mob of boys headed over from the snack stand.

The moment Blaine saw him, he stopped in his tracks. "Kurt?" The tenor walked quickly, but smoothly up to the boys and enveloped him in a hug.

"Hey!" Kurt said cheerfully, hugging back. He saw Wes put a hand over Thad's mouth.

"Since when are you transferring?" Blaine asked, excited and happy at the prospect of Kurt being at Dalton.

"Oh, Blaine, did I neglect to tell you," Thad began, having clearly bitten Wes, if the way Wes was holding his hand to his chest was any indication, "the Ohio Show Choir boards talked about someone from McKinley transferring last night. A goldstarsinger88, to be exact."

"Rachel," Kurt said with a grin.

"And you neglected to tell me this?" Blaine said clearly annoyed.

"I thought I told you. I told everyone else. My bad." Though by the smirk Thad was giving him, Blaine knew he had purposely told everyone but him about Kurt's transfer. He refrained from commenting, however much he wanted to, and simply rolled his eyes.

"So what classes are you taking?" Blaine asked, taking Kurt's hand and leading him over where is was a little quieter, as Wes and Thad began arguing about, it appeared, Wes's hand.

"Here." Kurt handed Blaine the copy of his schedule from where he had already placed it in his messenger bag.

"I though you took French?" Blaine asked curiously, seeing Spanish III as Period C.

"I'm fluent in French, and nearly fluent in Spanish. No French IV classes were open, so I went into Spanish III as more of a chance to make friends than anything else." Kurt explained.

"Stop being so smart. Woah, AP Calculus?" Blaine asked, shocked.

"I'm good at math," Kurt responded offhandedly.

"Apparently, you're good at everything. We have next class together," Blaine said with a smile.

"Well, the headmaster said I should shadow someone my first day, because I don't have my books. He suggested you."

"Well between Wes, David, and I, I would pick me too. I love the pair to death, but they are some of the biggest disruptions Dalton has ever seen." Checking his watch, Blaine said, "We should probably go now. AP Gov is in the Clerik Building, we wouldn't want to be late, though I have the excuse I was helping the new kid. The real new kid, this time." Blaine said, clearly making fun of Kurt's attempt at spying.

"Oh, shut up." Kurt said with a smile, before allowing Blaine to pull him to his feet.

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