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Chapter 1. Sleep Away

"Ugh. What a miserable day..." Misaki murmured to herself, her shoulders slightly slumped as she trudged through the doors of the school entrance.

The sky was shrouded with thick, gray clouds, looking burdened with rain and about to burst open at any moment. They casted dark, threatening shadows onto the world below and Misaki felt a little bit more active as soon as she entered the brightly-lit building.

As she went to her shoe locker, she met Shizuko and Sakura, the latter of which seemed depressed and downcast due to the groggy weather.

"I love how the weather affects our moods," the pink-haired girl said to her friend after a brief greeting. "Because on sunny days, you're always so full of energy. But on crappy days like these you just want to stay in bed and never move again, let alone come to school."

"Tell me about it." Shizuko grumbled, also obviously not content with the gale that hovered above their school.

"Oh come on, you guys. Don't be so glum!" Misaki tried to sound as energetic as possible when in truth she was feeling just as exhausted, even though the day had just barely begun.

"You know, I admire you, Misaki." Shizuko sighed. "You sort of have to be full of energy and hype every single day in order to keep everyone in this school under control and you deal with delinquents and total jerks day after day. How do you put up with it?" Her voice sounded like just talking about all the things that her friend did was making her want to take a long nap.

"Well it's not so bad after the first few weeks." Misaki told her, putting her shoes into her locker. "You just gotta knock 'em around a bit and show 'em who's boss from the start and then you halve all you problems right there!" Even putting the extra little burst of zeal into her tone was a bit much for her at the moment, but despite that, Misaki forced herself to cheer up and get ready to yell at some ruffians as soon as they arrived at their homeroom class; which was, sadly, exactly what she had to do.

As she and her two companions ascended the staircase, a girl with brown hair came racing down, nearly colliding with the three of them. "Woah!" Misaki steadied herself and gripped the railing so she would not fall to her untimely demise by snapping her neck. "What's going on?" she asked the panicked girl.

"M-Misaki-san! Quick! T-There's a fight going on in the classroom!" She squeaked.

"What?" Outraged that this was the first thing she needed to be dealing with on a Thursday morning, Misaki pushed past the girl and raced up the steps, stopping at the top to call down, "You three go to the office and let them know what's going on!"

She did not even stay to watch if her order was obeyed or not before she spun around quickly and dashed toward class 2-2's room. Even from the end of the hallway, she could hear the definite sounds that signified a fight coming from up ahead; the terrified shrieks of girls as they tried to stop the fight, the deep, disgusting hooting and chanting of other guys to 'fight', and the crashing of desks and chairs against one another.

Misaki made a final sprint and slammed the door to the room open. "Hey!" She hollered. "What the hell is going on in here?"

Immediately all of the girls in the room whipped around to face her and relief washed over their strained faces. Several of the boys muttered curses as they realized their fun had been spoiled, but a few still chanted and watched intently as two of them faced each other, glaring and snorting like pigs. There were no teachers or staff around either.

"Misaki-san!" One of the girls ran over to the Seika High President.

"Are any of you hurt?" She asked, glancing around at the assorted, small number of female students. They all shook their heads, yet she could easily tell that they had never experienced something as barbaric as a high school fight amongst boys.

"Those two...they were just arguing about the stupidest things, I-I'd just kind of drowned them out, and then the next thing I knew they were at each other's throats!"

"We tried to talk some sense into them!" Another girl piped up timidly. "But they just wouldn't listen!"

"Okay. You girls get into the hallway and wait till the teachers arrive." Misaki said quickly as she shoved aside several desks that had been misaligned.

"But what are you going to do, Misaki-san?" One of the girls asked.

Misaki gave the worried bunch a confident grin. "Whenever they get like this, there's no use trying to talk some sense into them." She explained. "At times like these, the only way is to smack some into them." She finished with a dismissive tone that the girls obeyed and exited the room.

As Misaki turned back to the scene before her, her eyes scanned the room briefly for any signs of a certain, blonde boy who might have assisted her, but came up empty handed. Whatever. I don't need him. Her face flushed red but she told herself it was because she was about to charge into battle.

"Hey!" She shouted, infuriated at the two fighting boys. "What's all this about?"

"Shut up!" One of them spat. "I am so not in the mood to deal with your stupid crap! This is a fight between men!"

"Well excuse me but do you realize where you are?" She snarled back. "If you really must fight to vent your anger, take it outside and off of school property! You're inconveniencing everyone here!"

"Shut up!" The other boy shouted at her. "I frankly don't give a crap if you're the President or whatever!" He tightened his fists and Misaki immediately changed her approach to the issue; if she could stall them long enough, the teachers would arrive before anything else had to be thrown.

"Hey." She did something she did not often do and softened her voice a bit, lowering her tone. "Whatever it is, you can talk it out but there's no need for this. I mean, do you really want to ruin your reputation and high school career like this? Think for a minute before you go charging into things."

To her relief, the guys standing around the room were all nodding slightly; at least they had some sense in their stupid skulls. Even one of the fighters loosened his fists and let out a long sigh.

Misaki put on a small smile as she took a step forward. "Come on. Let's just sit down and-" she placed her hand on the other boy's shoulder but never got the chance to finish her sentence. He must have snapped just then, because he glared intently at her, obviously blinded by rage in the moment and could not stop himself.

"Just shut up!" he hollered.

Without warning, he raised a large fist and struck her in the chest, between her collarbones, sending Misaki flying backward into a desk that slammed against the wall with the impact. Immediately, mutters of shock and despair went up around the room as the other boys told the attacker he had gone too far; he blinked as though freed from a trance and stared down in horror at the Student Council President.

Misaki could not take in anything at the moment; her back had hit the edge of the desk before her body had slumped down, causing herself to slam her head against the metal seat. She was vaguely aware of the murmured curses and fearful comments about the room and even from the hallway. Her eyelids would not open at the moment and she just tried to focus on staying conscious.

Suddenly, heavy footsteps raced into the classroom and she heard a familiar voice call her name, but it was not Sakura or Shizuko with the staff.

"Ayuzawa!" he shouted, quickly making his way over to where she lay awkwardly on the floor, slightly propped up against the desk. "Ayuzawa!" his voice said again, only an inch from her face now.

Her head was spinning but somehow she managed to blink open her eyes and gaze down at the floor. She was a little more than startled when she saw the scarlet drops on her skirt and wondered why she had not tasted the blood sooner.

"U...sui..." She wheezed almost inaudibly. She felt his warm hand on her shoulder and felt a tiny wave of comfort slide past the numbness that was currently controlling every part of her body.

"Can you stand?" he asked softly. It was odd; she had never heard him so strangely calm before and it made her feel somewhat happy while at the same time concerned.

"Mm..." she managed a small sound of negativity as she shook her head from side to side. Her ribs were throbbing and only now was she realizing just how difficult it was to breathe. Her jaw hung slightly open, dripping with blood, and she gasped shallowly for air.

Then, more footsteps entered the room, followed by mass amounts of chaos; horrified shrieking and worried cries, outraged hollers and demanding voices, but Misaki tried to drain them all out except for one.

"What happened?" She heard a teacher ask from nearby. She heard the students answer for her, saying how she had tried to get the two boys to talk things out when one had suddenly punched her without warning. "Is she okay?" The teacher asked.

Misaki felt completely helpless as she slouched against the desk, her head drooping forward as she panted for breath.

"I think he knocked the wind out of her pretty badly." Usui replied. "She must have hit her head and bit her lip really hard. I'll take her to the nurse as soon as she gets her breath back." His reply seemed to satisfy the teacher who then went over to begin interrogating the boys. "Hey, Ayuzawa?" Usui's voice was directed at her once more. "Just listen to me, okay? Try to take deep, slow breaths." He murmured.

His advice perfectly contradicted the rapid, shallow breaths that were currently flitting away from her lungs, but she tried her best. He placed his hand on her back and soothingly traced circles there with his palm.

After a few moments, Misaki regained her breath to an even pace and finally forced her eyelids all the way open. "Better?" he queried.

All she could do was nod her head once, but even that small motion made it ache.


"Sh." He cut her off briskly. "Don't talk. Just breathe." Her only response was a small, pitiful noise like that of a puppy who had been smacked.

With careful effort, Usui secrued his arm around her back and waist and gently lifted her arm across his shoulders. Her head rolled to the side limply as she bit back a wail of pain. He gradually stood up and Misaki struggled to put her weight onto her feet. But the elevation gave her a rush and she was overcome with intense waves of dizziness and stumbled, Usui just barely managing to hoist her back up again. "Take it easy." He said softly, taking nearly all of her weight now.

As he stepped forward, and Misaki attempted to do the same, another intense wave of pain exploded in her temples and she staggered, letting out a small cry along with several drops of blood. "Ayuzawa!" he gripped her waist tighter, supporting her and spreading his fingers, but not wanting to make any contact with her ribcage. Had she not been bleeding from the mouth he would have carried her bridal style, but the possibility that she could choke on her own blood was simply to despairingly horrifying.

Eventually, Misaki began to make steady progress as Usui led her to the door and out into the hallway, the shocked and horrified gasps of her friends reaching her ears. She wanted to look up and reassure them all, but her head was in too much pain to for her to lift it and her eyes were slightly glazed over as she focused on where she was placing her feet. She wished she could speak, but for some reason, her vocal chords seemed to be null and void at the time. Panting through her mouth, she tried to swallow back the blood but often let it stain the tile floor.

She was aware of Usui denying the girl's offers for assistance as the two of them continued slowly toward the nurse's office, all the while, Usui cursing distraughtly under his breath.

Usui sat beside the small bed that was set up in the nurse's office, and the winded, stunned president lie on her back, her eyes currently closed.

The nurse had treated her injured lip and checked Misaki's ribs and chest for any signs of fracture but hand discovered nothing. She eventually diagnosed that the worst of Misaki's minor concussion would be severe headaches along with, stomach and back aches for the next several days. She had left some medicine on the table and asked Usui if he would want to return to class but he politely denied. "Sorry. But I just don't think I'd be able to concentrate whatsoever. And besides, I want someone to be here for her when she wakes up."

The nurse had smiled and nodded knowingly before taking her leave for her lunch break.

Presently, Usui sat, staring down at the black-haired girl, her chest heaving slightly as she breathed, but not as bad as it had been before. She had remained awake for the entire checkup the nurse had given her, but as soon as she heard the diagnosis, the president had fallen unconscious.

Usui sighed as he reached forward and brushed her soft hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ear.

"I swear, you're going to be the death of me." He murmured. "And I can't even ask what you were thinking, because for once, you weren't being reckless and jumping into things headfirst. You actually tried to talk it out peacefully, and then he ends up giving you a concussion. Geez." His eyes flitted around the empty room for a moment. A breeze coming through the window ruffled her hair slightly and he reached forward again to fix it. "And the worst part of it all is, I'm finally alone with you, and yet it's like this..." he sighed to himself, disappointed.

"I...heard that...you pervert." He looked up when she spoke, a grimace on her lips as she blinked her eyes open slowly.

"Sorry." He chuckled. "How are you feeling?"

"Like that cliché phrase. What was it?" She mumbled.

"Like you got hit by a truck?"


The two of them smiled briefly.

"So knowing you, I bet you want to go back to class now." Usui guessed. "But let me just tell you now, I have no intentions whatsoever of-"

"Usui, chill out." She laughed lightly. "I...I really...don't want to go back to class right now." Her words made him blink in surprise. "I just...kinda...want to sleep right now..." she whispered, sounding slightly embarrassed as her eyelids closed again.

"Alright then." He smiled, running his fingers through her tresses, and she was soon out like a light again. "Sleep away."

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