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Chapter 10. Simple Love

The following morning, Misaki awoke with a a fuzzy head that suggested the final assaults of her fading headaches.

As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she realized that it must have been very early the next morning, considering she had gone to sleep the previous afternoon. She decided to take advantage of the fact that she had arisen early and took a shower before changing into her school uniform; it felt strange having worn it for the entire weekend, and the fact that it was now Monday crashed over her like a tidal wave.

She groaned in her head but nonetheless began to get ready for school. By the time she had finished breakfast, her mother had already set out for work and Misaki soon found herself walking up the hill toward Seika High.

As she arrived at her shoe locker and greeted her friends, she could not get her mind off of the past weekend.

As they walked up the stairs to their homeroom, Misaki kept her eyes open as she looked around for Usui, but she saw no signs of him and felt her heart sink slightly as she sat at her desk and class began.

"Alright, fine. I'll let you off the hook this time." Misaki addressed two boys who's shirts slightly rebuked the dress code.

"Really?" The two airheaded males smiled, relieved that they would not have to face the wrath of their President. "Thanks!"

"Wow! She's been in a good mood recently." Another boy murmured to his companion at the edge of the Student Council room before they left; Misaki had not only let several cases of disobeying the dress code slide, and she had also given back confiscated items earlier than she had promised. "I wonder if something happened to her." The boys continued to chatter, quietly but not quiet enough to elude the girl's sharp hearing. "Or maybe she's sick?"

The comments continued to be exhcanged, but Misaki ignored them all; it was true, she was feeling very content that day and she relucantly admitted that she knew why. It's all that Baka Usui's fault. She complained in her mind. I can't believe how stupid I'm acting today...

She was being cheerful and lenient on the outside while she was at war with herself on the inside, half of her wanting to avoid seeing Usui for the next few days in order to calm her flustered heart, and the other half of her yearning to see him again as soon as possible. She knew that logically, she wanted the first scenario to be reality so that she may get her mind off of him and gain her focus back, yet emotionally she was praying for the latter situation, for she could hardly contain the feelings that made her face flush at the thought of the handsome blonde boy.

Geez this is so troublesome. She thought as she sat at her desk and began organizing papers into respective folders, though her mind was only partially on her work. Is this...what it feels like for everyone who' Admitting the four letter word to herself was demeaning, but she was not an idiot who was going to deny her feelings any longer; she was hopelessly in love with him and it was blatantly obvious, so she was not going to keep running away from the fact anymore.

Or so she told herself. However, she knew that when Usui showed himself, she would never be able to keep control of her composure.

"Alright." Misaki raised her voice as she leveled the papers in her hands. "Finish up whatever you're working on and let's head home." She called out to her co-workers within the Student Council. The boys in the room stood gratefully and began exiting the room one by one until Misaki was left alone.

She went around the room, collecting the papers off of each desk before compiling them all together. It was hardly surprising at all when she heard footsteps coming from behind her.

Misaki felt strange, having anticipated to see him all day long. She felt as though she should not be be so excessive over him, and that she was acting like one of those ditzy girls whose brain was made of fluff since she could only think about him.

She turned to face him with a helpless look on her face, asking him with her golden eyes 'why am I feeling this way right now?' She expected him to smirk his trademark smirk, but instead, Usui's face remained unchanged as he entered the nearly vacant room and walked over to her.

She placed the papers down on the desk and looked up at him, trying to convey her feelings of confusion to him without speaking, since he could obviously read her like a book like in past situations; and apparently, this one was no different. He lifted his hand and gently touched the side of her face. She recoiled ever so slightly before leaning into his palm, closing her eyes.

"Are you okay?" he asked quietly.

"Yes...?" she replied, then sighed. "No...I don't know."

"What's wrong?" He asked, but he was certain that what had been ailing him from the previous night was also what was bothering her.

"I've...missed you..." she mumbled, not because she was being stubborn; for once she was actually just being the puzzled, high school girl that she was.

"What a coincidence. I've missed you too. A lot." He smiled softly. "How much did you miss me?"

"A lot more than you missed me."

"I highly doubt that."

"You wanna bet?" She challenged, then sighed again. "Are we really arguing about this right now?"

"I guess so." He admitted.

"I don't even understand these feelings...I mean...I do but, maybe I just...don't want to admit it even though I already have?" She debated with herself, soaking in the warmth of his hand.

"Misaki." Her heart skipped twice as he said her first name. "Do you love me?"

"Of course I do, Baka Usui." There was no stutter in her voice. "Do you need me to prove it?" She offered, smirking slightly.

"Would you like to? Then be my guest." He concured.

She strained to get onto her tiptoes and kissed him briefly, not wanting to get carried away and have even more conflicting emotions later on. Instead, she left a kiss that he returned gently, both pulling away with that delightful tingling feeling lingering on their lips.

"I'm sorry." Misaki apologized out of the blue. He assumed it was because she was being strange, but he did not push the topic, but rather, he changed it.

"Let's go to work, shall we?" He offered her his elbow. She smiled and slid her arm through his.


Once they arrived at Maid Latte, Misaki's ambiguous mood had dissipated and she was now her usual cheerful self as she served her customers.

Usui watched her with affectionate eyes from his position in the kitchen, always chasing her with his eyes until she was out of sight. Even amongst the din of the customer's chatter, he could always pinpoint her voice above all others, and he soon found himself wondering if this tidbit came along with the package of being in love with someone.

The hours of the evening passed by gradually and Usui was just finishing up the icing of a chocolate cake when the curtains to the kitchen fluttered and Satsuki appeared.

"Usui-san?" Her tone was unusually low but she still beamed the usual smile. "She's looking a little pale. Maybe you could go out and convince her to call it a day?" Their manager often consulted Usui when the stubborn maid needed to be dealt with before she overworked herself into exhaustion.

"Of course." He nodded, leaving his dish and going out into the cafe.

He leaned against the wall and waited for Misaki to walk by; she glanced at him questioningly, but before she could ask what he was doing, he had already grabbed her wrist. Pulling her into him, he lifted her into his arms. Misaki's face turned red and she was about to shout at him, but she obviously thought better of it, lest it draw the attention of more customers who had not already seen the scene.

"Usui!" She hissed. "What do you think you're doing? Do you have a death wish?"

"Not unless it involves death by kissing." He grinned, slipping off into the back of the cafe into the employee's room. When they were finally out of earshot of other people, Misaki let her grievances out.

"Didn't we have an agreement about this sort of thing? Like, how you would only do this to me in public if I was sick or something? And don't give me any of your technicalities again." She added on quickly.

Usui stopped walking and just held her there, which was even more infuriating to her considering it would have been that much easier to escape him, but she still could not.

"Sorry. This was a special request from the boss." He shrugged. "It couldn't be helped." He carefully let her down and she crossed her arms, huffing.

"You people worry too much. I honestly think she was just making stuff up so that we..." Misaki did not finish, but Usui knew where she was heading; their manager did very much like cute, lovey-dovey, moe things after all.

"So she was probably just-"

"No! Don't say it!" The embarrassed girl covered her ears.

"-Trying to give us an opprtunity to be alone together." Usui concluded.

"As if we haven't had enough of that recently..." The annoyed girl mumbled.

"What? Are you saying you didn't enjoy it?" He could not help but chuckle. "Come on now, don't lie, Ayuzawa. It's not good for either of us." He leaned in closer, expecting her to step back. But Misaki stood her ground this time and met him halfway- literally.

With a look on her face that said 'I-really-wish-I-could-resist-you-right-now-but-I-just-can't', she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into her. She kissed him quickly but before he could even begin to enjoy it, she stopped and stepped away, letting her arms fall to her sides. "Ayuzawa?" He queried, tilting his head to one side.

"I just...feel weird right now...I don't know..." She rubbed her arm in an embarrassed manner. "Is..." she stole a glance at him and he locked his eyes with hers. "Is this...what it's supposed to feel like?"

"What?" He prompted, though he obviously knew the answer; he just wanted to hear her say it aloud.

"Is this what it feels like someone...?" She asked slowly. "Why do I feel so...conflicted and mixed up inside?"

"That's just it, Ayuzawa." He smiled, moving a bit closer. "It's the weirdest emotion of all and you never know how it's supposed to make you feel. So I guess...if you're confused about it, then it really is love."

She smiled at his effort to cheer her up and clear her mind.

"Then since I'm extremely confused..." she swallowed her pride and stepped closer to him. He understood her silent will and embraced her and she gently hugged him back. "Then I guess this must be true love, right?"

"I couldn't agree more." He whispered, kissing her head.

He could hardly believe it; the past few days, only about a week had been so eventful in terms of their relationship that it was surprising. It all began with her being injured in the squabble at school, and then his failed attempts to be alone with her in the nurse's office, in the Student Council's room and then here at Maid Latte. But he had gotten compensation for the latter two presently, and he considered that the two nights he had spent with her made up for far more than whatever he had missed the previous days.

In such a short amount of time, they had learned so much about one another, seen one another in their times of strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they acted in casual, homey environments. And so quickly, they had learned more about themselves and their individual emotions.

But more than anything, they had strengthened their bond and feelings of unyielding love and passion.

Presently, he pushed her shoulders back slightly and kissed her again. Her fear that someone might walk in on them vanished as she thought, Oh screw it! and kissed him back ardently.

The world was soon swirling around her slightly, but not because of her headaches; this was the good dizziness.

Usui deepened the kiss and they both melted into it like hot chocolate. He could smell her distinct, plumb-like scent and heard the tiny cute noises that managed to escape from her lips.

He truly loved her with everything he was worth and more, and he knew she felt the same way. He did not want to let go of her; the intimacy shared between them was so comforting and wonderful that he could barely stand another moment away from her, let alone thinking that they would have to live in different houses, sleep in different rooms...

"I love you, Misaki." He murmured, pulling away for air. Misaki gasped as he called her by name again but quickly covered it up by making it appear that she was just retrieving oxygen, but he still saw through her little embarrassed act. "Do you love me?" He wondered, curling her soft, black tresses in his fingers.

"Baka Usui." She breathed, pulling his shoulders closer. "Didn't I already answer that?" She kissed both of his cheeks sweetly and he touched his nose to hers. "Of course I love you, Takumi." She giggled at the look of shock on his face and as his gorgeous emerald eyes widened.

"I love you more." He insisted, moving his hands to rest on ether side of her waist.

"Are we really going to argue about this?" She asked. "Because I think there's something much better we could be doing."

"You're right." He agreed instantly. "We'll have to make up for not being together last night right now. Every day we'll have to make up for the time we lost the previous day like this."

"Sure you won't get tired of it?" She questioned.

He smirked and pulled her forward before catching her swiftly in his arms as though at the end of some professional, romantic dance.

"How could I ever?"

She smiled up at him and blinked once; the things filling her eyes were emotions too vast and diverse to name.

"So every day, we'll make up for lost time like this." He clarified.

"Sounds like a deal." She agreed, closing her eyes as he kissed her again.

She grasped his shirt, clinging to him tightly as he pulled her close.

The couple stood there as the perfect and flawless embodiment of love itself.

And as their lips connencted in another kiss, it was silently and mutually vowed between them where they would be for the rest of their lives;


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