Hey everyone! This is my final authors' note for this book. I hope you enjoyed all 89 chapters of it and the three months of near constant updating. I have some quick things to say before I end this story completely.

1) A big, fat thank you to everyone who read this story and an extra thanks for everyone who reviewed. I enjoyed all your comments and, just so you know, some of them made me laugh aloud and inspired me to write more. Some of you gave me ideas which, I did use. However, I forgot who to credit... (oopsie).

2) THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANKYOU! To all the people who drew fanart for this story. I have to say, it made me so ridiculusly happy that I think you deserve your own point in the thank you section.

3) There will be a sequel called 'Criminally Insane Just Got More Legal'. It might not come out for a month or two since I plan on writing a different story in between. However, I will, eventually, come out with the sequel.

4) Um... Yep. This is the end... sort of.