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*Chapter 9*

Jack whistled,"Oh, this is nice, Ianto – very nice." he stood openly admiring Ianto's spacious walk-in shower enclosure as Ianto entered the room.

"I'm glad you approve, sir. Hate to have to renovate again because it didn't met your approval."he mocked.

"Don't get cheeky, Ianto." Jack lightly slapped Ianto's bare arse, eliciting a grin and a breathy moan of approval from the younger man.

As Ianto reached in the shower and turned the knobs, Jack plastered himself to the Welshman's back, kissing and biting his neck, his hands caressing Ianto passionately while they stood waiting for the water to come to temperature.

"Ah, Jack, that feels so good." Ianto moaned and leaned back against Jack, letting his head fall back on Jack's shoulder and turning his face away, giving Jack unencumbered access to the smooth expanse of his neck.

Jack's husky voice murmured in his ear, "Ianto … so good " He kissed, sucked and nipped at Ianto's pale skin while his hand stroked Ianto's cock to immediate hardness.

Ianto tested the water quickly, then dragged Jack in behind him, slamming him hard up against the glass wall as water cascaded down over Jack's taut flesh, the clear liquid running in small rivulets, tracing muscles along the way down his torso. The sight of a wet Jack was breathtaking, always turning him on no matter what the reason and right now the sight ramped up Ianto's existing arousal more than a few notches. And so, quickly and completely overrun by his desire, he crushed his mouth to Jack's, forcing his tongue between his lover's soft lips, relentlessly conquering the warm cavern.

Jack's desire increased ten-fold as his Welshman became uncharacteristically aggressive in his ministrations, reeling from the raw need that was rolling off of Ianto in waves. 'An aggressive Ianto is truly a sight to behold, but a wet Ianto- ' Jack thought, his cock hardening almost instantly as he watched the water running over Ianto's body, but was most entranced by the pearly-hued water slowly dripping from the tip of Ianto's hard cock. He dropped to his knees without a second thought, urgently taking Ianto deep in to his throat in one swift motion, needing to feel the warm weight on his tongue, taste the sweetness of Ianto's release.

"Bloody hell, Jack!" he cried out, his hips bucking forward of their own volition, the move driving his thick cock in Jack's mouth balls-deep and slamming Jack head back into the glass.

Much to Ianto's surprise, Jack took him in in his entirety, never gagging once, instead moaning deeply and swallowing rhythmically, his throat closing around the head again and again milking out drop after salty-sweet drop of pre-cum. Jack moaned with almost every downward stroke, enthusiastically bobbing his head up and down the steely shaft as he circled his fingertips around Ianto's tight pink pucker.

The feel of fingers teasing his arsehole nearly did Ianto in, but instead only caused him to fall forward, barely catching himself with a bracing arm on the glass. Once again, the sudden forward push drove him deeper into the hot depths of his lover's eager throat, causing him to lean against the glass and moan loudly. Jack groaned as well and he worried he'd hurt him as Jack suddenly pulled back, the swollen cock-head slipping from his lips with a soft pop.

"Did- did I hurt you?" his concern showing clearly on his flushed face between panted breaths while reaching a shaky hand to cup Jack's cheek.

"God, no - loved it, Ianto – please fuck my mouth." he pleaded with lust-darkened eyes, down on his knees with water sluicing down his tanned hard body as he licked it from his swollen, red lips

The combination of his words and the thoroughly needy and wanton look as he'd asked them, went straight to Ianto's cock, ripping a guttural moan from somewhere deep inside him. Gripping his cock, he guided it between Jack's parted lips, encasing himself in the warmth. He felt Jack still in anticipation of what was to come, and though he himself felt more than a little apprehension at the moment, he was emboldened into action by the sight of Jack on his knees eagerly awaiting the plundering he desperately desired.

Warm water cascading down over his heated body, the tentative and shallow thrusts slowly began, his pace increasing as did the depth of the strokes and before long, Ianto was ravaging Jack's willing mouth. The sensation of using Jack this way and the fact that Jack was letting himself be used, even encouraging him in his pursuit with enthusiastic moans of delight clearly exhibiting the level of intimacy and trust Jack had in him was dizzying and had Ianto approaching his orgasm quicker than he ever had before.

One of Jack's hands was fondling and caressing Ianto's tightening sac, as his welcoming mouth was ruthlessly abused while his other furiously stroked his own weeping cock in a punishing rhythm. While continuing his own race to oblivion, Jack released his grasp on Ianto's sac, running his fingers back to the flexing pucker, circling the twitching opening a few times before inserting a single slick digit to the hilt, his fingertip grazing the small bundle of nerves hidden inside.

Jack slid the digit in and out with varying speed while adding a second, then brushing the sensitive bundle on every single stroke, keeping the rhythm just erratic enough to tease and draw out repetitive moans, but not consistent enough to aid in pushing him over the edge. Three more moaning thrusts from Ianto with constant pressure to the Welshman's prostate by Jack at the last second and Jack felt the hot gush of sweet release flooding his throat, delightedly consuming every last drop while his own release simultaneously painted the shower floor.

Now, his back against the glass, Ianto panted out between ragged breaths, "Fuck'n hell … that was-"

Jack beamed as he stood up, his eyes twinkling mischievously. "Amazing? Fantastic? Stupendous?"

In his post-coital haze, he was unable to find the right descriptor, "Indescribable, haven't the words ..."

Jack lovingly teased him, "You can't find the words? With as many languages as you know? Wow."

He chuckled then grabbed Jack and pulled him close, "Shut up and kiss me now, Jack."

Jack looked him up and down and leered. "So bossy tonight, Ianto. I like it!"

They kissed unhurriedly, well unhurriedly that is until the water suddenly ran cold on them, with both men jumping aside as if burned and emitting similar girlish yelps. Ianto quick shut the knobs, cutting off the freezing deluge and exited the stall, pulling Jack out of the shower gently behind him. Now at least temporarily sated, they traded many teasing touches and kisses to exposed skin as they each took their time in drying the other off. Ianto then rather playfully snapped the wet towel lightly at Jack's bare arse, eliciting a shout from the older man before he chased his young lover to the bedroom.

Jack caught Ianto around the waist when he was about a foot from the bed, pulled Ianto's back up tight against his chest and then tackled him on to it. They landed together harshly, Ianto on his stomach and taking the weight of the fall, with Jack on top of him. As they landed, Ianto felt Jack's rigid erection pressing against him at the crack of his arse and couldn't help the needy whimper that rose from inside him. He heard Jack snicker by his ear when he heard Ianto whimper, then felt him immediately grind his hips down, rubbing his aching cock against Ianto's bare skin.

Jack whispered hotly in Ianto's ear as he rolled his hips, "That what you want, Ianto? My cock? You want me to slide it inside you, to fuck you?"

Ianto let out a deep moaning sigh, pushing his hips back eagerly to meet Jack's, while Jack's mouth attacked every expanse of skin within his reach. "Yes, Jack. I always want you. Only you. Now, fu- aahh!"

Ianto's words were abruptly cut off as Jack slipped his throbbing cock in, gently breaching the relaxed ring, grateful that Ianto was still quite open and delving deeper until he was in to the hilt. His pace was slow and steady, in no hurry was he to rush the exquisite bliss he always felt when buried deep within his lover. Again and again, he lovingly entered Ianto, gently brushing his sweet spot, drawing moan after soft pleasured moan out of the man wriggling beneath him.

Ianto reached back with one arm to curl behind Jack's head, clutching the soft hair there while his other hand groped Jack's thigh and arse cheek, desperately trying to pull his love closer. Indescribable pleasure was all he ever felt when he had Jack inside him, whether rough or gentle, always pleasure with tonight being no exception. Jack expertly drew out moan after delicious moan with every stroke of his cock and Ianto, as always, was the immeasurably grateful recipient of Jack's near-century of 'practice'. While Ianto still panted and moaned beneath him, Jack suddenly stilled his movements.

Confused and worried, Ianto turned his head to look at Jack. "Wha- What's wrong, Jack?"

Jack simply smiled at him, his eyes shining full of love, "Nothing, nothing at all. Roll over for me, Ianto. I want you to see just how much pleasure you give me and I wanna see your face, see the pleasure I give you. "

Ianto turned over underneath Jack, his legs falling open wantonly, a silent plea for Jack to settle there and resume their lovemaking. "Please, Jack, I need you inside." His added whisper of, "Feel so empty without you." was almost lost in the air, except at that moment, Jack had settled back between Ianto's heated thighs once more and had moved forward to kiss him, catching every heartwarming word.

The whispered declaration brought forth one from Jack in reciprocation, "Me too, you make me whole, Ianto. For the first time-" he paused for a moment to steel himself for the next words. "Ianto, I lo-"

A hand wrapped around the back of Jack's neck, strong fingers squeezing tight as they pulled him forward to deliver his lover's soul-infusing kiss to his immortal lips. Lips crashed together roughly, tongues wrestling frantically while arms and bodies tried in vain to melt together as one. Ianto cried out into Jack's mouth in ecstasy, his back arching and his eyes rolling back as he felt Jack's warmth slide home again, deep within his body, soul and heart – where he belonged.

Jack's deep loving strokes continued as they kissed and tasted, tongues lazily mapping every crease and curve of the other one's mouth, committing them to memory until the urgent need for air forced them apart, both men gasping and inhaling deep lungfuls of air.

"Oh, god. Jack, please. " Ianto writhed beneath his lover, his body a giant mass of over-sensitized nerves, every feeling magnified by the deep emotions running between the two men.

" What do you want me to do?" Jack loved this man, loved to hear him beg to be touched, kissed carressed and desire swelled in him as he began thrusting into his lover in earnest.

"Don't stop, never stop." Ianto wanted this feeling to go on for eternity, this overwhelming sense of completion and unity he felt while with Jack like this to never end, never change … never die.

" Never, Ianto. So damn good. Only you." Never in all his long life before had Jack ever felt such an all-encompassing sense of fulfillment and wholeness as he did while making love to Ianto or being made love to by Ianto.

"Faster Jack! oh fuck, so fucking good … so clos- Unnh! " Ianto's body arched up off the bed violently in the throws of his orgasm, though his eyes incredibly stayed locked on Jack's, nearly drowning in the unadulterated bliss he saw there – bliss that his body had been responsible for putting there.

"So right. Feels like … hom- Ugh!" Jack's eyes locked with eagle precision on Ianto's as their orgasms overtook them, reveling in Ianto's face which was a mask of sheer ecstasy as his chest heaved and his body trembled – trembled for him. No, because of him.

The love they felt for one another clearly projected across their faces and no words needed to be spoken as each pair of eyes pierced the other as if seeing into the other's soul, while wave after wave of intense orgasmic pleasure crashed over the sweat-dampened bodies in tandem, each man's hips stuttering out the unique rhythm of his own spine-shattering release. Jack exploded while buried deep inside Ianto, filling him well beyond capacity, his essence over-flowing as Ianto's cock, which had been pressed almost painfully tight between them was expelling his own copious release, generously coating both of their torsos.

The lovers lay as they fell, spent once more and tangled in a heated heap of flesh and fluid, both breathing deeply in an effort to calm their racing hearts. Once Jack caught his breath, he started to lift up off of Ianto and pull out, but before he moved more than an inch, Ianto had clutched his hips and pulled them back down tight and essentially locking them together.

Ianto internally chastised himself for acting so needy, but still spoke the words as he looked away embarrassed. "Jack, no. Please. Stay?"

Jack smiled genuinely as he turned Ianto's face back towards him, stroking the flushed cheek lovingly with his thumb. "Always."

They lay there still connected for long moments until Jack eventually had gone flaccid and slipped out, producing tandem moans of disappointment at the loss. Jack slid down to the bed, laying close beside him instead, with his head propped on his elbow and watching Ianto, wondering again how he ever got so lucky. When he let out a wistful sigh, Ianto turned to look at him and blue met blue, "Ianto, I..."

Ianto stopped him with a finger to his lips, "I know, Jack, me too."

Jack laid his head on Ianto's chest, wrapped his arm tightly across his waist and settled his leg between his lover's as Ianto softly carded his fingers through Jack's sweat-dampened hair. More to himself than anything, Jack muttered almost inaudibly "I wish we could be like this forever."

Ianto felt his chest tighten at the sorrowful tone in Jack's voice, not knowing exactly how to respond. He stroked his fingertips up and down Jack's arm absentmindedly as he thought of how best to soothe his lover. "I can't promise you forever, Jack, nor can you promise me forever. You said yourself the Doctor can't explain your immortality, if it will ever 'run out', as it were, but what we can promise each other is now."

Jack lifted his head and saw the truth of what Ianto had said shining in his eyes. His heart clenched painfully with the knowledge that he would most definitely lose his beautiful Ianto long before he was ever truly ready to, but Ianto was right, they had now and even though it wasn't forever, it would have to be enough. Pushing the painful thoughts away, he simply pulled Ianto closer to him as again he wondered what he ever did in his long life to deserve the love of this man - a man that had truly stolen his heart.

* The End *