Her tears had slowly faded away, the farther down the tracks they got. It was like they were making themselves useful elsewhere- trying to keep her feet moving so that step-by-step, they would be father from "home" and closer to…whatever city her brother said they were heading to. Albany- she believed.

They hadn't shared a word in over an hour. At least, she thought it was an hour. However, it had gotten dark and time had slowly starting slipping away. How long ago had they walked out of their house for the last time? How long before that did the bankman tell them they had nothing? Nothing? Their parents had done nothing but good things for their neighbors, helping anyone and everyone they could…and they were left with nothing.

Finally, after the hour, two, or five that had passed, Jacob spoke up, "C'mere," he nodded his head towards a small slope, "Let's take a break." He said quietly. She couldn't have said it better herself. She was pretty sure her feet were going to up and leave her for someone else.

They headed down the slope; their belongings together in one suitcase that Jacob carried. He was four years her elder brother. She had just been about to start Cornell, and he was just near graduating… And it had all gone up in smoke when two cars had collided….

They took their places at the edge of a creek. They removed their shoes and waited. Finally, Nora decided to speak, "Don't you wish we could just ride into the wind?" she asked wistfully. Her heart hurt and her legs ached. How could things get any better? They had nothing, no life, no family…

Jacob looked over at her. "Maybe…" he replied slowly. "But we'll get through this…we'll figure something out," he promised quietly. Just like Jacob. He was going to watch out for her until the world caved in and the angels came down from heaven…and maybe even after that…

Nora nodded, looking down at the water in the moonlight. And that's when they heard it. Chugchugchugchugchugchugchug…. It caught Jacob's attention and he stared at the approaching light intently before quickly turning back, "Put your shoes on…" he said, as he did himself.

Nora quickly grabbed her shoes and began to put them on, "What are we doing?" she asked, attempting to lace as quickly as she could.

"Do you want to walk the rest of the way?" he stood up, a half-smile appearing across his lips; a foreign sight. He held out his hand and helped her up and they were off. They waited until the train passed them and then they began to run alongside of it.

Nora was anxious. She didn't know if she could jump onto a moving train. But suddenly, Jacob had took hold and hoisted himself up. But he laid flat on his belly and held his hands out for her. "C'mon!" he yelled over the noise of the metal beast.

Grimacing she threw her arms out, took a hold of her brother and he pulled her in with one strong heave. They tumbled backwards into the train car and breathed heavily. Nora was just glad they were in one piece…even if they'd lost their suitcase. "Thanks…" she said breathlessly. But Jacob did not have time to reply. Suddenly she was yanked off him and he was pulled up by the scruff of his shirt.

"Get off my sister! Let her go!" Jacob fought.

"Woah, woah there Blackie…" a lantern slowly swung its way forward. "Now would you look at that…."