Meet Cute: An Impromptu Occurrence


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Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rated: K+
Language: English
Length: wc/313
Characters: America/England/Britain
Status: Complete


In which New York City seems bigger when you have no one to spend the holidays with. But, maybe this year, Christmas might not be so terrible after all.


Christmastime in New York City is the most magical time of the year. The neon bulbs line the streets of downtown Manhattan with a glow never seen anywhere else.

Arthur's grown to love the overdone holidays of the young nation. And Christmas has become a favorite.

Except this year.

Christmas Eve, and Arthur doesn't have a single person to spend it with. He hasn't received a call, a letter, a package, nothing from the one person he's been praying for.

He walks around Time Square, looking at the Christmas trinkets stacked in the windows, and gives a chuckle. Maybe he'll buy a few.

The sky opens, and Arthur can feel the excitement ripple through the air as the people around him whisper about the snowflakes drifting down, standing out so perfectly against the inky black sky. He lets out a breath and admires the way it freezes and crystallizes the air. He chuckles, and stares at the tree in front of him.

Time Square's legendary Christmas tree: a magnificent sight to behold. Adorned in absolutely every color imaginable, Arthur can only imagine the people of the stars can admire it from up above.

He'll remain strong. Somewhere, a clock chimes. Five minutes to midnight. Five minutes to Christmas. The snowfall picks up, and the wind rustles Arthur's hair.

"Look, mommy! It's a soldier!" Those five words make Arthur's heart clench, and he dares himself not to move.

Unsteady footsteps approach him, then stop. Green eyes slowly turn and lock with blue, and he finds himself unable to breathe.

"Hey, I'm back." The clock chimes once more. Midnight. Christmas. Slow tears begin to fall down his face as the other shifts awkwardly on a leg as he limps closer. And Arthur grabs hold, wanting to never, ever let go. He connects their lips in a kiss, and the other chuckles. "Shh now. I'm home."


I'm sorry for the excess amounts of fail in this, specially the title. But you know. I FELT LIKE WRITING A CHRISTMAS FIC IN APRIL, YEAH. BECAUSE I'M JUST THAT COOL.


Bask in it.