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Adventure is worthwhile
Amelia Earhart

Two young men, arms hooked around the other's shoulders, stumble out of the bar. The shorter one with sandy blonde hair trips over his own foot and falls, dragging his friend down with him. The two fall into a heap on the wet pavement, and laugh; what they are laughing about is beyond the knowledge of the world. The two lay on the ground and are giddy, ignoring the disapproving looks of passer-bys.

Tonight they were young and free, and nothing could stop the rush of alcohol in their veins.

The taller blonde pulls himself into a sitting position and rests his head against the wall behind him. In his blue eyes is a look of determination. "My lover" Are all the words that pass his lip. The sandy-haired blonde sits up beside his friend, his emerald eyes staring distantly at the other.

"What of her?" he asks with a slight slur in his speech.

"I want to propose, Arthur. I want to get married." Sighs his blue eyed friend.

In another time and place, Arthur would have reprimanded his friend. He would have stated how 19 was such a ripe age and that Alfred should finish college first and land himself a steady job before even thinking of marriage. He would have told Alfred that a man who can't even take care of himself or manage to pay the electricity bill could barely hope to take care of another. But tonight reasoning was denied entry into his brain, and Arthur finds himself scrambling to his feet and extending a hand towards Alfred.

"Let's go pay your girlfriend a visit then." Arthur's voice sounds far away and dreamlike, and the fact that Alfred continues to sit there and ramble on about why he wants to get married makes Arthur wonder if his words had reached Alfred at all.

But eventually, Alfred takes his hand and the two stumble their way in to the parking lot. By the time they reach the car, Arthur is half dragging Alfred. He unceremoniously shoves him into the passenger seat and Arthur himself falls into the driver's side.

"Where are we going?" Arthur asks.

Alfred drunkenly raises a hand and points forward. "To Canada!" is what he shouts. Arthur gives Alfred a boyish grin.

"A Canadian journey!"

The two attempt to high five and miss, and they both end up giggling. Arthur starts the car and Alfred says, "Got your seatbelt on?"

"Bollocks to seatbelts" is Arthur's reply, as he puts the car in reverse. They both succumb to laughter once again as Arthur starts to drive out of the parking lot. They are both chanting, "North, North" eager to begin their Canadian journey.

Two young men were rushed into the hospital. The shorter one with sandy blonde hair would leave the next morning, shaken and bruised. The other would remain in the emergency room, and how long he would be there was beyond the knowledge of the world.